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Group: Nashville, Tennessee

Teacher: HAM


January 9, 2000

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and again I am glad to have you each here this evening. Tonight our lesson will concern the supreme God, the Supreme Being.So often, humans make the mistake of the erroneous philosophical position that if God is perfect, and he is, that his creation must be perfect. In this way, all human suffering is attributed to God's will and great masses of humanity have resigned themselves to living without hope that their lives could be better because all that is is the will of the perfect Father so that where there is suffering, injustice, and poverty, these things are wished and willed by God.There are, in reality, vast levels of being, of reality, between imperfect humanity and perfect spirit and that which intervenes is time and space. All that is imperfect, all that is growing and evolving toward perfection contributes to the God-Being who exists in these intervening levels. This God is the trinity in time and space. God, the Universal Father, God the Eternal Son, and God the Infinite Spirit exist before or outside of time and space. They created time and space and that part of them which is involved in that creation lives as the Supreme Being in time and space. The Supreme Being is like that threshing floor that Jesus spoke of, taking the good from all the husks of unreality and making that good real, absorbing that good into himself.As you live your lives, you are working with God in bringing out the good, the true, and the beautiful and leaving behind that which does not contribute to these things. The supreme being will continue in this joint work with each living being until every last piece of the beautiful, the true, and the good is brought forth. This is a level of God that is evolving and he evolves as you evolve. He grows as you grow. The more real, the more perfect you become, the more perfect and real does the supreme become.As you exist on this world, there is much that is perplexing, even deplorable. And, in fact, the more of God you become, the more you see to be deplored. But children think what a wonderful experience it is to be a partner with God, to strenuously give to him, to fight on the side of the good, the beautiful, and the true against the partial shadows of evil, confusion, and despair. Even as you look about this room and you see all the material things, your own bodies, these things are partial, they are like the dried husks that envelope the true seeds of reality. And, all that you see here will one day be dust, but that which survives, that which is eternal, is your very own self. Everything that is truly you is good and beautiful and true. And all of this triumph is the triumph of the supreme Being, the evolving God in time and in space.All human beings constantly struggle to find the better way, a way that is slightly truer, more beautiful, and good. As you struggle in your earthly life to find the better way, you can always ask yourself those questions: Is it true? Does it reflect the beautiful and uphold the good? As you do this in your lives, you will find great peace for life is greatly simplified. Yes, there are moral problems and dilemmas. Yes, there are things vexing to the spirit and confusing to the mind. But, if you keep coming back to simplicity, to reflecting truth, loving beauty, and upholding goodness, you will find that forces of the Father are behind you and with you and that there is nothing to fear.Remember, children, you are working not only for yourselves, not only for your own advancement, but for the advancement of God himself in time and space. Every small step that you take in pulling your lives in the direction of the Father reverberates across the universe in the person of the supreme being. For you are not only bettering your own lives, but the lives of countless beings who are also dependent upon the Father and upon the evolving supreme being. For the supreme will not be perfected until every last pilgrim from every last world is safely in the arms of Paradise. He is the personification of how much we are all dependent upon each other. What you do, how you live in this life, effects the lives of all others, not only on this world, but upon every world, not only on this level of existence, but every level of existence. No one is alone, no one is unconnected to the whole. Remember, as you grow in the spirit, as you augment that which is holy in your lives, you are raising the level of all.Q: Personal and self-conscious being at this time or does that come later in the evolution of the supreme being?Ham: Yes, this is a wonderful question. Yes he is personal and self-conscious. He is also conscious of every other consciousness. Like yourselves, he is conscious of evolving, of growth. In a sense, as far as your interaction with him, it is very much one way. You are contributing and he is receiving. Until that time when all pilgrims are admitted to paradise, he is growing in power. When he, his personality and his power are fused, then he will begin a new task in the distant future. For now he is becoming.Q: Is this the Father's way of understanding what it means to grow and experience since as a perfect being it is impossible for him to do that?Ham: Yes, it is.Q: It has recently come to my attention that a dear friend has a bad drug problem and I am trying to figure out what I can do to help her. If you have any wisdom in this area I would appreciate it.Ham: Of course, my dear. These problems are always heart wrenching and it illustrates how easy it is to see a problem for the outside and how difficult it is to see it from inside. Sometimes the best help is not to help, which is hard to do, especially for someone as soft-hearted as yourself. Usually, it is very hard for any human being to admit they are helpless and need help. But, this is a step all humans must take sooner or later. This kind of problem forces it to be sooner, but you cannot give her your understanding, she must gain her own. In general, it is wise never to be accusatory or overly suspicious. But, you can deliver some hard truths without alienating her. Use your wisdom and guidance from the Father and you will find a way. Is this helping?Q: Yes, thank you.Q: Ham, do you have a personal message for me tonight please?Ham: Certainly, my son. Rest, and do not be impatient with yourself. Allow yourself time to fully recover from this illness which means rest. Often times of rest are times of reflection and times of growth. Understand that you will have all you need and it is possible to dwell in perfect peace. Fear not, for you are doing very well and are making good progress. Rest and reflect. Take some time for yourself.Q: I'd like to ask you a question about music. I feel that we seek a higher level of perfection in communicating for the spirits of mankind to deliver the kinds of messages you give to us in this time and place. I need some direction myself on how to find and communicate more perfectly.Ham: Yes. As you grow in the spirit, as you become more and more one with the Father, these communications will increase in perfection. There is no easy road to gaining greater communication for this is dependent upon your spiritual path. When you have a glass that is clean and clear, the water that fills it is seen perfectly. If the glass is dirty or smudged and unclean, the water that fills it is not clear. What these lessons do is to help you become clearer, to help you gradually become a clearer vessel for the spirit who lives within. And, as you grow in the spirit, the more you will reflect the spirit in all that you do. Is this helping your understanding?Q: Yes, thank you Ham.Q: Ham, I am grateful for you to be here with us tonight, is there a message for me?Ham: Yes, certainly my daughter. Like a bee going from flower to flower, you are gathering nourishment and are also giving, pollinating one flower to the next. Then you are taking all this pollen from all these many sources and transforming it into honey that nourishes all who partake of it. This has been the task of many a wise one over many years. Do not fear that this is not right for it is. You have begun the making of this new and wonderful spiritual food and you should continue. Is this helping your understanding?Q: Thank you so much, yes.Q: Ham do you have a personal message for me tonight?Ham: Of course my dear. You are a person of great curiosity, great inquisitiveness. You want to know about the minds of others and how people think as well as how they live. This is wonderful and a joy to behold. Remember, also, that there is much time in life that you don't need to try to cram a lifetime into a year. It is difficult to explain time to one so young for the young are always impatient and striving. But, if you look beyond the immediate present and up into the eternal future, you will relax and realize that there is time for everything and that all that which you truly desire to do will be done.Q: Ham, do you have a personal message for me tonight?Ham: Certainly, son. You also have been somewhat impatient with life and forgetting that life holds a lesson in every moment for the wise who can see. You must find patience with yourself and the greatest gift, self-forgiveness. Do not worry about tomorrow, let the days troubles be sufficient to the day. Trust yourself to be able to make the right decisions when it is time to make them. You don't need to make decisions ahead of time because often they don't materialize. So, stay evermore in the now and you will find increasing peace.Q: Ham, do you have anything for Esmirelda?Ham: Daughter, be at peace. You must begin the task of truly loving yourself. You have made little efforts around the edges of this, but now is the time to begin in earnest. The mirror exercise is appropriate at this time.Q: Elena?Ham: Daughter, you are doing well. You are taking steps toward life that you had always hesitated to take. You are beginning to feel more whole as you experience an inner healing. This will continue. Love yourself as well and be at peace.Q: For Rebecca?Ham: Daughter, you do well. You are finding an oasis of inner peace and you should expand that. Do not fear the future, for you are doing well and should be at peace. Accept the gifts that are given you and do not worry about the minor things in life for they will be taken care of.Q: Jared:Ham: Certainly son. You are also making good progress and have a fine understanding of your self and your potential as well as your limitations. This self-knowledge is very valuable but it does not do to focus upon your perceived weaknesses or inadequacies. Find instead a hopeful balance, a place that is neither too extreme in either direction. For it is this place of balance that allows all progress and all creativity. Go in peace, my son, and fear not for you do well.Q: Charlie B?Ham: Yes, son, you are making good progress and yes have had somewhat of a breakthrough into a new level of understanding. The more you can remain in the now time, the more you will be able to access those levels of consciousness which is know as God-awareness. Embrace the now and release all fears and worries concerning the future and the past. Allow yourself this freedom. Remember you are a deserving son of God and you deserve to have peace.Q: I would appreciate a message please Ham.Ham: Of course, my son. You have had some rocky times lately, some times of growth which often seem like times of confusion. Understand that as you are taking a step forward, this is an inherently unstable condition and this instability sometimes causes fear and especially inner doubting. But in reality, you are making progress and moving forward. Do not overanalyze yourself and above all, do not take on blame. Your frustrations are often directed inward towards yourself so that you don't release too much emotion. There are times when this inner emotion needs to be released and yelling, just screaming, or pounding a pillow, or something like that is a way to do that so that you are not always directing all of your negative emotions within. Be comfortable with yourself and start releasing those emotions and being comfortable with them. Yes, I know you are thinking that you release them on paper, and that is true, but you also need a more immediate and physical release at times. You will find this helping over the next couple of weeks.Q: Ham, do you have a message for me tonight please?Ham: Certainly, my son. Now is the time to "go back to school" and relearn all the things you thought you knew. This is a time to admit your humanness, your frailties, your errors and to find the greater good in all these things. Love is perfect. Love when you allow it in, transforms all that which is imperfect toward perfection. But the mind is like a gate keeper and if the mind says "oh, I am perfect already, I don't need anything" then the mind shuts love out from the places that need healing. But if the mind says, "Father I am a poor pilgrim who is imperfect and in need of your love", then the Father's love can come in and heal any place that remains in need of healing.Q: Ham, do you have a message for me?Ham: Certainly, my dear one. You have a rare combination of a complex mind and an open heart. You have an ability to be honest with yourself that keeps your heart open. This is very rare and is wonderful. As you grow in the spirit, you will find yourself with an increased ability to understand others and to be the grease in the wheels of social interaction. You are growing in all ways, in all areas, with a well balanced approach. Do not worry about the future which is one thing you tend to do is worry too much. Realize that there are some things you cannot control and learn to wait upon the Father's will and to find lessons in the waiting. You are doing very well, go in peace my dear.Q: Ham I would appreciate some wisdom from you this evening.Ham: Certainly my son. You are growing rapidly and are making good, steady progress in all areas. Self-forgiveness is coming upon you gradually. When you think about self- forgiveness, think of it this way. The Father in heaven is all forgiving. He is complete in his acceptance and sometimes you as a child seek to take on his duty to experience shame or guilt or something that exists instead of perfect being with him. You are usurping his prerogative. When you remove yourself and your judgment, you submit this judgment to his higher will and you pull yourself out of the way, then you can experience perfect forgiveness and perfect love. Remember, you don't have the right to judge yourself. You can certainly perceive errors and change your actions, but you don't have the right to shame yourself or condemn yourself to guilt.Q: Ham do you have feedback for me tonight?Ham: Of course, my son. You are doing very well and are experiencing a deepening of relationships between yourself and several other people. You are learning to love first and ask questions later and this of course smooths all human relationships. So often, humans in their immaturity, withhold their love and pass judgements on their brothers and you think that you can judge who is worthy and who is not to receive your love. If you would simply love each other first, without requirements or conditions, the whole world would change over night. This is a lesson you are learning in your life and you would be surprised to know how many others are learning it from you.Q: You were talking about that balance, I was thinking that my dream, my goal for a long time has been to achieve some self-forgetfulness. I was thinking that it might be necessary to achieve some degree some degree of self-forgetfulness before that balance can be achieved.Ham: You are correct. Yes.Q: Would you like to say anything about that.Ham: No, you are seeing things correctly.I have a few words for Amelia. Daughter, you have been experiencing many trials and tribulations. Know that these things exist to temper the metal that is your strength. Remember that there is strength in weakness and weakness in strength. As you find a balance in your life, you will find the strength to open your heart in complete weakness and submission to the Father's loving will. Be at peace for now, for you are doing well.Very well then, until next week my love, my prayers are with you each. Farewell.