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Group: Nashville, Tennessee

Teacher: HAM


December 5, 1999

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham speaking now. I am filled with gratitude and love and am humbly grateful for your presence here tonight. This evening, we shall discuss love and abundance.

Many times humans naturally fear scarcity. You fear scarcity in the future and so you worry and fret and hold onto what you have for fear that it will not last. So it is with love. Sometimes you fear that love will not last into the future, that you must guard it and protect it, and not give away too much or else you won't have any left. We have spoken of this before and I do so again because this is an unconscious attitude that is hard to recognize.

Whenever you are confused or uncertain or flatly afraid, you inner instinct is to close off the love and keep it. Often times people fear loss and so they hold back their love because they're afraid of losing the person or the thing that they love. But it is not the love that causes pain, it is the fear that causes pain.

There will always be losses in life and, difficult as it is, it is even more difficult when you stop the flow of love because of a loss, then is when you really feel isolated and alone. If you can keep your love flowing, transferring it to other beings and even other objects, the loss becomes just a part of your life without it being a major tragedy of immense proportion. So long as you can keep your love flowing, you can go through loss and change with balance, and equanimity that others will wonder at.

Love is abundant everywhere. Love is flowing to you from many sources and it is flowing through you out to many sources. When you keep this love flowing always and forever refreshing itself, you are more in tune with your indwelling spirit. When you lose a source of love, something that you gave your love to, and you close up inside and stop loving, you are also cutting off communication with your inner spirit and, yes, this is a terrible feeling of aloneness but it does not need to be that way.

How abundant is love in the universe? Love is infinitely abundant. Love is literally everywhere in everything, surrounding you, comforting you, guiding you. Love is all that is real. Even that which seems to be inert matter is in reality made of love.The Father desires that you move through this lifetime loving everything and every one but depending on him as the true source of all love. It is a mistake to think that you are only allowed love from one person or a couple of people and that they are the source of your worth. The love of God leads you through many relationships during your lifetime, many experiences of intimacy and love and always this is reflective of your relationship with him for God is the source of you love and your loving feelings for others and the power by which you accept love from others.

Often people have other people who seem to hold up a mirror for them and this other person who holds the mirror becomes a source of that person's self-esteem and self- worth and one thinks because you see me as being worth while I am worthwhile. But, when that person is removed somehow, if that person dies for example, the other is suddenly left with no self-image, no sense of worth or self. And then, that person looks for another mirror in another person and begins the cycle over again.

Children, you are all worth much more than that which you can humanly see reflected from another. You must each find your true source of self-worth, your true source of love, your true source of comfort and then you will love but not be dependent or attached to that love. And yes, you will love more deeply and more truly and more completely because you are depending upon the true source of all love.

I hope this helps your understanding and gives you something to ponder. It is unfortunate that my vocalizer, Rebecca, has not been present to give you my words every week but nonetheless my children, I am with you and I watch you and love you and note your progress and your problems so that when we do speak we can have productive conversation. Tonight, I wish to focus upon the children that are here and not take any outside questions. Let us begin with Brodan. Son, how have your weeks been.

[can't type and talk]

Yes, I can see that you are overall better adjusted in your life, more well rounded in your approach to problems and calmer within. I am always heartened to see my students sincerely attempting to put into practice the lessons we are giving and you son always do that. You are doing very well my son, be at peace.

And now we will continue, Amalain, how are you feeling lately?I'm feeling much better now that you are back. I walk a fine line between self-love and self-hate. I have been working consistently as you student to receive my teachers. So, if you feel like commenting on that, I consistently work to better our communication.

Ham: Yes, my daughter, you are opening up to much communication and thought you have some insecurity about receiving this love and tenderness from the beings who watch over you and who in fact are part of you, this insecurity is beginning to go away and you are feeling more available to yourself, more complete within as you reach out to the greater love in the universe. There was a time when things did not reach you except on the surface, where people were kept at arms length even God was kept away because of your inner fears and daughter, I want to tell you how great your progress has been, how much you have truly opened your inner self and are truly learning to love yourself slowly but surely because you are an infinitely loveable child of the most perfect Father. Most of your imagined inadequacies are fictitious and have been planted in your mind by an over sensitivity to others that you compensated for by being kind of all of and a little callous later on as self-defense because you are so sensitive.

Know that you are love beyond measure and that your sensitivity is loved and your vulnerability is loved and that all parts of you are loved. Say to yourself in the mirror, "there is no part of me that is not lovable or is not loved". Do this until you learn to believe it. You do very well my dear and are very courageous in your searching. Go in peace and be at ease for you are as always fine, well, and good. Is there anything in particular you wish to discuss?

No thank you Ham, that is abundant. Thank you.

You are of course, very welcomed dear.

Ham: Ricallo, son, you are also making great strides forward and your love for Almalain has helped to reassure you and to comfort you. You are in fact a much stronger and less damaged person that you think you are. After having been through many difficulties and addictions, you have focused on this side of yourself in order to heal it. But now, it is time to look beyond this and grow past those times of life and to know that you have come through a great trial a strengthened man rather than a weakened one who must constantly remember and focus upon that weakness. You have been given a new life and you must walk into that new life and in a sense leave behind the old ways and the old thinking as you embrace the new and accept God's love and God's healing. Walk with the Father now son, he will lead you unto all righteousness and you will know the way. Do not be afraid of the way or that you will not know it. Be at ease with your new self. And now, I would like to ask you how you have been feeling lately?Hopeful. I am quite aware of what you are talking about, the old and the new. Sometimes I feel like I am slipping back into the old and it worries me. For the most part, to answer you question, hopeful, somewhat enthusiastic even.

Ham: Yes, son. I am very glad and I want to reassure you that you are not slipping back and that you will not slip back. You have nothing to fear and everything to look forward to.

I would like to say a word to Jarad even though he is upstairs. Son, you have much ahead of you and deep within you you are afraid of carrying so much. But, I want to reassure you that the Father gives you only that which you can carry. He would not give you this unless he were certain that you could receive it. So, be at ease my son, for you are doing very well. Practice the stillness, accept the Father's love.

Vontiss, how are you doing?

I think I am doing very well, I feel that I have been in a bit of an accelerated growth process recently. Exactly why I don't know, I am working my way through this financial catch 22 that is an enlightening experience and I am feeling good about that. I am feeling good in general, progress is being made, I am feeling a little better about myself. I am up and down about how much I like myself and I go through periods where I get self-critical and I think I am doing fine. I need to practice the stillness much more than i do. Somehow through the day I talk to the Father but I don't spend time in a way that I think would really help me.

Yes, son. You are making good progress and yes you have a block about what you deserve and you feel that you always deserve very little. That you're not worth the standard comforts and peace of mind that most people have. And gradually this block is beginning to crumble little by little as you see that you are a good man, that you are worthy of God's love and his protection. As you begin to see how much the Father really loves you, you will also come to understand that you should not block his love, that you are worthy of this love. As his son, you are worthy of a life lived in righteousness, peace, and comfort. Pray, therefore, that you can receive his love completely, that you can begin to see yourself as the Father sees you, which is perfect, complete, and a focal point of his infinite love. Be ever at peace for you do well.

Is this helping?Yes, it helps a lot, thank you.

Ham: Kellan, son. How has your time been?

Pretty good. I think I am starting to get some of this. I think back on the first question I asked you 2 ½ years ago and I realized it was a fear-based question about the Hale-Bopp comet wiping out the planet and now it seems so immature and far away that it indicates my progress in opening up to this wisdom and truth. I feel like I have a connection to the Father that seems to be more real to me all the time and that it doesn't seem to wax and wane like it did earlier in my life. It dawns on me through the day that all is fine and God is here for me. I am trusting that the universe will unfold as it should and I don't need to control events and not worry so much which is one of my real weaknesses. I stay stirred up about my work and where to channel my creative energy yet on the other hand I have a lot of energy. People like me and I get a lot of positive feedback from my associates. I feel a little guilty that I don't work with Lisa anymore. I used to turn to her in times of stress and trouble but I don't feel that way so I think I need to find a new way to relate to her. I made some dietary changes this summer that have helped my physical being and if I could lose 30-40 pounds I would be a happy camper. I really appreciate you help.

Ham: Son, you are indeed making good progress and are much calmer and dare I say happier than you were even a few months ago. You are opening yourself up to greater joy and also greater wisdom. You have always been a seeker but now you are seeking within you to the god you lives there and are reaching to him directly and this is fine and good. Lisa is still associated with you and stands ready to help you in any way that you should require. When you are ready, she will be there. You are learning to love yourself little by little and this is making most of the difference in how you are perceiving the world. As you learn to love yourself even more, as all the old attitudes and opinions of yourself fall away, your life will change even more for the better. Go in peace my son. Know that you are concerned with righteousness in general, with the state of righteousness in the world, as you practice it in your own life. This is good and is part of your path.

Yes, are there any other questions before I get to Rebecca?

Q: Ham, I want to apologize for being late. I hadn't been here so long that I thought it was 7:30 instead of 6:30. I wonder if you have any words of wisdom for me?

Ham: Of course, my son. You are also walking a steep path that is difficult and perceived to be treacherous and you are doing very well. You do not perceive your progress but it is apparent that you have come very far in a short period of time. As new things open up and new opportunities present themselves, remember to pray for greater knowledge and guidance and it will be forthcoming. As and you shall receive, knock and the door will open. These are eternal promises which stand for all time. Rely not upon your own understanding. Lean upon the master and allow him to guide you. Allow the Father to illuminate your mind with greater wisdom and you will find your way easily. Fear not the changes which are coming. Be always open to the Father's leading. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, thank you very much.

Ham: Rebecca, you also are stepping forward into new areas and new commitments. There is much ahead that will tempt you to neglect the stillness and to neglect your spiritual reserve because when you are excited or anxious you tend to plough ahead forgetting your own spiritual needs. You must learn that the spiritual is the most important thing you can do, you must make it a priority, every day without fail. Transmitting is not the same as stillness time. Your creativity will increase so long as you are open to receiving the Father love. You also feel you are not worthy of taking this time for yourself, your precious time with the Father. Again, I tell you this is not to be neglected. Yes, you have come very far also. But, remember daughter, these lessons are for you as well, my love is for you as well. You are infinitely worthy of my love and the love of a vast universe. Do not push it aside. I mean it. You have my blessings my daughter, but it is not only for you to serve me but for me to serve you. Understand this in your heart and go in peace.

Q: My brother Mark asked if he could have a personal message.

Unfortunately, I have restricted this meeting to those who are present. My love is with him and he is doing well.

For those who are not present, my love is ever with you and I know your struggles, your triumphs, and your failures.

Go all of you in peace and know that the Father's love is beaming upon you at every hour of every day and there is nothing that that love cannot triumph over, cure, or defeat. Commit yourselves to his hands and all is well.