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Group: Nashville, Tennessee

Teacher: HAM


September 12, 1999

Greetings, children, I am Ham and again I greet you warmly and express my delight that you should come here this evening and take part in our discussion session. Tonight our discussion shall center on happiness and well-being.

Often have I spoken on this subject of human happiness. It is something that each person must develop in life. The ups and downs of living the rugged life you live here is not naturally conducive to happiness. Every human being is faced with a number of difficult choices to make in life. Every human being is buffeted by the storms of living and these, what you term, "slings and arrows of fortune," cause each person to become rather unbalanced, rather easily prone to depression and discouragement in their striving.

He who is without spiritual solace, without the living spiritual connection, the living faith touch of God, easily drifts further and further into despair and discouragement. He who lives for himself, and who increasingly pursues the wealth of the world, mistakenly thinking that this is the source of happiness, never fails to become increasingly disillusioned and increasingly depressed over time. The man of faith lives not by the ups and downs of life, the man of faith lives by that faith touch of God which sustains and feeds the true spiritual hunger of that person. His life may take many roads, many detours, reach many highs and many lows, but through all this, through all the sorrows and all the disappointments that discourage those without the spirit, the man with the spirit increasingly becomes happier. And this increasing happiness is directly proportional to his living faith contact with the spirit entity which lives within, God the Father.

The man of the spirit turns toward the spirit for spiritual comfort for every minor disappointment, every tiny misstep, every time there is potential for discouragement. And in so doing, he saves his soul from going down. When you turn to the spirit, turn to the Father, and feel His immediate comfort, His immediate encouragement in the heart, you are strengthened and you are given that which you need to go on, to go forward through any misfortune, any difficulty which may beset you. So the life of the spirit led mortal does not especially change outwardly, but the spirit led mortal changes within, and his life grows in purpose and he is increasingly happy with himself and his life no matter what befalls him.

It is said you can choose to be happy, but he who can choose to be happy, does so because he has the source of happiness within him and he is tapping that source. You each can choose to tap the source of happiness and be happy in any circumstance, be sustained through any difficulty. Soon you will find your lows are not as low as they were, but your highs are just as high, even more so, because you are accepting joy, you are accepting happiness into your life. You are dipping from the pool of everlasting life, and this pool of cool, sustaining comfort quenches the thirsting of despair and relieves the sorrow of disappointment.

After some time you will find that the little things in life that used to bring you discomfort, no longer touch you, no longer bother you. And you are not prone to fits of anger or jealously or despair. No longer are you discouraged by things that would have once given you great discouragement and profound disappointment. No, you able to take these things because you are tied in with the source of all things, who sustains you through everything. No longer do you fall into the pit of despair because you are held up by the spirit of the Father who loves you and is constantly pouring out His comfort upon you. It is up to you only to turn to that comforting source and allow yourself to receive it. This children is what is referred to as the "secret of life." Increasing happiness is always the lot of those who are certain of their contact with the Father. And increasing happiness always comes to those who turn to the Father at all times. You must know that you do not need to wait for a shattering experience to turn to God. Turn to Him every day. Ask for His comfort and you will have it. And the Father's comfort will reach into your heart and sooth your anxiety. He will dry your tears and smooth your fevered brow and it will be immediate and it will be lasting if you will but turn to Him. When you are worried about your future, in those moments of increased anxiety, turn to Him. You don't need to take on the worries and the work of the world alone, turn to Him. When you find yourself worried about making ends meet, turn to Him. When you find yourselves worried about your relationships with others, turn to Him. Let Him comfort you, let Him show you the truth. And the truth that will set you free from all worry, and all anxiety, is the one most profound truth. He is with you and you can feel His presence any time.

You have not suffered alone in any time in your life. God has been with you and suffered with you. He has been with you through every sorrow, every change, all your joy and all your laughter, and all your tears as well. He has been there. When you go back to those times in your mind, and you revisit childhood traumas, etc., envision Him with you. Envision Him sustaining you, loving you, holding you through all things. Even through mistakes you have made, He has been with you, forgiving you and loving you through all of it. And now that you know this, now that you know that the Father has been with you through everything, know that He is with you now, that He is always there and that His gentle love, His kind comfort, would overwhelm you if you could but open your hearts to receive it. And to receive it, you must practice. You must practice it throughout the day when you are tempted to feel lonely and misunderstood. Turn to Him, allow Him to comfort you. It seems to be an easy thing to do, but it is not, it takes taking the focus off yourself, and putting it of Him. You can do this by saying, "I love you, Father, please help me, please comfort me, please show me the better way." When you first express you love for Him, it opens your heart to receive His love in return. So then it becomes easier, because now you have a key that opens a door to comfort and that key is loving God. Taking your emphasis and your focus off yourself for a second and throwing it to the Father, and expressing your love and your gratitude for Him.

I want to ask each one a simple question. Over these last months, as you look back on yourself six months ago, are you happier, are you receiving the Father's love in greater measure now than you could do then?

(All present answered in the affirmative.)

Then you are learning to measure your growth in the spirit, for increasing happiness is certainly a measure of that growth. And you can know for sure that you are making progress in the thing that counts the most in this life, and that is your growth toward the Father. Everything else can crumble and fall. The world itself can turn to ash. Nothing matters, but that.

Are there any questions at this time?

Q. Is there any message for James, Chet Olsen. He wants to know has he met the people he needs to know from your last message. If not, any advise on how to meet them?

Ham: Son, you do well, you are making good spiritual progress and are making valiant efforts to promote the words of truth that you have received. All this is counted in Heaven. All your work, your long years of toil are counted and known. Be at ease for you are entering into a new phase of your spiritual journey, one which will open many doors and change many things in your life. Yes you are meeting some of those people, absolutely, and yes, there are still more to come.

Q: Do you have a message for Charlie Beyer?

Ham: Greetings son, and welcome to our discussion group. You have been making some great decisions and have renewed your commitment to the Master and to the Father lately. This renewed commitment and expression of loyalty and dedication is wonderful to behold. Know that you are greatly loved on High and that these decisions are recorded and written down in the Book of Life. You have entered the third circle and are now joining others in a great crusade of righteousness and truth. Understand that all your efforts will be fruitful and those which seem to be failures are now only success delayed.

Q: Do you have a message for Carol and Jim?

Ham: Children, you are both making good spiritual progress. This is a time of rest before you will enter an intense period of work for both of you. You are coming into a new understanding and a new vision of your lives and this vision will expand and grow in detail as you live and work in the world. Know that you are blessed. Know that Michael has laid his hands upon you and that nothing will ever be the same. Enjoy this time of respite and of relaxation, for you will be working quite hard soon, and this work will be very fruitful.

Q: Do you have anything for Esmiralda?

Ham: Daughter, this illness is passing and you will recover completely. It will take some time to fully recover your heath for your body is greatly weakened. Fear not, all is as it should be.

Q: Anything for Elena?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you search for comfort and security in the world and this is not where comfort and security is found. Heed my lesson this week. Open your heart increasingly to Him who gives you life.

Q: Anything for Rebecca? Ham: Daughter, you do well to follow your joy in creativity and giving yourself time to reflect. Heed my lesson, turn ever increasingly to the Father. All is well.

Q: And for myself?

Ham: Son, heed my lesson. Allow yourself time for communion with the Father, time to yourself to reflect. Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will open.

Q: Ham, do you have a personal message for me tonight?

Ham: Certainly, son. Your spiritual path is winding like a river. You take the path of least resistance most often, and often this is wise, but know, too, that your path is uphill, and there are times when exertion is needed, when strength is required, even difficulty. Sometimes you cannot see what is ahead, and yet within you, you know you must continue. Know that the Father is with you, that He struggles as you struggle, that he suffers as you suffer. Know in the times of loneliness that He feels this with you and is struggling always to express His love and His comfort to you. Confirm your life in righteousness and know that this will not always be easy to uphold, but that the Lord will strengthen you, and encourage you and stand beside you in all your struggles. Fear not. You have passed some hard tests, and you do very well.

Q: Ham, do you have a personal message for Katie?

Ham: Certainly. Daughter, look well to your spiritual growth. Heed my lesson. Allow nothing and no one to disrupt of discourage you from the path you have chosen. The Father is waiting. His arms are open wide. And like a child, you are taking your first steps toward Him. He will catch you. You will not fall. Open your heart and receive His love. Get plenty of rest, for just being tired tends to multiply the difficulties of the day.

Q: Do you have a message for me?

Ham: Absolutely. Yes you are like a man who has been out to sea for a long time, and when you step back onto land, you legs seem wobbly, things seem to be uncertain. But you are firmly upon land, firmly upon the spiritual path now, and you are being strengthened everyday by the love of the Father and by the hand of Jesus himself. Even in the blackest night, there are stars shining. You are carrying a load upon your back that is not yours to carry. It is something you must put down and give to the Father, to the Master. You are coming to the point where you will be able to do this. There is a lot of cleansing and self-forgiveness and self-love involved in this action. Your creativity will be released from the bonds that is has been held in also. Place your whole faith, your whole life, your whole being in the hands of God. Don't hold out any little part that you feel is unworthy, but give yourself completely to the spirit. You are doing very well. Fear not. You are greatly loved and truly cherished. Know this in your heart.

Q: Do you have a personal message for me tonight?

Ham: Yes son. You are greatly loved. The hand of the Master is truly upon your shoulder. This is a time of preparation, spiritual preparation. It is also a time of creative expression, as long as you give yourself the time to cultivate it. Know that your best work is ahead. As you grow in the spirit, so does your creative capacity enlarge and diversify.

Q: Ham, I wonder if you have a message for me this evening.

Ham: Certainly, son. Allow yourself time to sit with the Father every day. Allow His comfort to surround you and sustain you through difficulties great and small. Allow yourself to express gratitude, to embrace comfort, and to meditate upon life and its meaning. You have much within that is untapped and unknown to you. As you open yourself to the Father, you also open yourself to new parts of yourself. And that which was only potential, increasingly becomes actual in the world and in your life. Know that you are safe, that there is nothing that can befall you that can cause you true harm. Grow in strength as you grow in love.

Q: Kari asked if she could have a message.

Ham: Certainly. Daughter, you are increasing you capacity to love and be loved. Only love is real. As you increasingly connect with yourself and discover your true potentials, you are growing in love. Love that which you are and that which you do, and you will find great happiness.

Thank you, my love and my prayers are with you each. Farewell.