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Group: Nashville, Tennessee

Teacher: HAM

Topic: About Energies

October 11, 1998

Greetings, children, I am Ham and again I want to thank you all for coming this evening. Tonight, we shall discuss energies.

As you live and perceive with the material senses the material world, you are aware of material energy in its various forms. Matter itself is a form of energy. Material energy is always responsive to the gravitational lock of Paradise. All material manifestation is derived from Paradise and conditioned by time.

Gradually, as you grow in the spirit, your morontia soul becomes perceptive. The soul perceives everything the material body perceives and is responsive to spirit energies as well. The material body uses food, material food, to create energy for its beingness, the soul takes on energy directly from the spirit. In your stillness, you can feel these energy transfers taking place.

The soul is attached to the body. It is a part of every living cell in your body. Every material cell has a morontia counterpart. But, the material energy does not transfer directly to the morontia soul. The soul must be fed directly from spirit.

The soul growth that you experience is the morontia self becoming increasingly real. It is fed also by the higher spiritual realities perceived by the mind, truth, beauty, and goodness. These realities also become increasingly a part of the soul so that as you progressively identify yourselves with God, you become truth, you become beauty, and you become goodness. These realities are not longer just experiences in the outer world, but are real spiritual possessions which are an integral part of your very being.

When Jesus walked the earth, he literally was the light of truth. He did not merely know truth or perceive truth, he was the truth. But, he was also goodness and he was also beauty. In order to identify yourselves increasingly with these spiritual realities, it is increasingly necessary to cast out untruth, cast out your perceptions of yourselves that are not beautiful, and cast out those feelings and perception about yourselves that are not goodness.

You each have within you a soul that is growing and yearning and reaching for the spirit and you carry within you the spirit fragment of the perfect eternal Father and it is your mind which is like a porous membrane which lets through the spirit so that the soul may grow. Think of the leaf of a green plant that literally soaks in sunshine in order to grow. Your mind is much like this surface, but it is more for the mind decides for itself how much light it will admit.

All of you have parts of yourself that are unworthy of your increasing spiritual stature: 1 Judgmentalism,

2 Various Degrees of Self-immolation,

3 Various Habits That Need to Be Gradually Changed and Abandoned.

4 You Are All Still Much Too Hard on Yourselves,

5 Much Too Self-judging,

6 and Still Too Judgmental of Others.

You all need to continue in this spiritual purging of the old outworn ideas about yourselves, but let me tell you that you cannot do this by dwelling on your shortcomings, only through reaching to the spirit and bringing the spirit into your souls, can you wash away the old thinking and the old ways of being.

Allow goodness to come into your lives. First, you must allow it to come into your soul body. Imagine, if you will, a golden stream of goodness entering from the crown of your head and washing slowly down through your skull, through your neck, your shoulders, down to your heart and your elbows, down through your pelvis and forearms, out through your fingers and down through your legs to your knees. Now, imagine that all the impurities, all that is not good is now packed into your calves, all the rest of you is light and good. You calves and your feet are dark and heavy. Now, open the soles of your feet and allow this darkness to rush away, to rush out through the bottoms of your feet and down into the ground. Now all of you is filled with light, your heart is bathed in goodness, there is goodness coming out your finger tips, and out through the soles of your feet. There is no strand of hair, no single cell in your body that is not now goodness. You are radiating goodness through the pores of your skin. Your mouth and your tongue now only have goodness and will not tolerate any words that do not reflect this goodness. Your eyes are radiating goodness and they are seeing goodness all around. Your eyes will now tolerate nothing but goodness. Your ears are now radiating goodness. They will not hear anything but goodness. Sit in goodness, think goodness, experience goodness, be goodness. Go over your body with your minds eye, all your inner body. If there are any black spots, any place that is not golden light radiating goodness, change that darkness into light. Allow this warm goodness to continue to stream in through the tops of your heads so that the light is growing purer, whiter, warmer. All that is impure, all that is not good, wherever you sense it, is now changing and becoming lighter, whiter. Your heart center is warming and radiating a goodness throughout all your body. Feel yourself releasing the dark spots wherever there is a tightness, let that release and let the warm light come in. Now imagine that stream at the top of your head is growing wider, wider and wider. You can feel your head opening up. Pretty soon it's at the very edge of your skull and then is wider. Imagine the light coming in now from all directions, from every direction =97 top, bottom, and all around. The light is streaming in. Now if you will repeat after me, I am goodness. I am love. I am purity. I am beautiful. I am giving. I am receiving =97 goodness. This concludes our lesson for this evening. Are there any questions at this time.

Q: For the soul to be receptive to the various energies, do our material sense organs have to remain intact?

Ham: No. Not at all, for the morontia body is even more highly senescent, - the dreaming self sees and yet the eyes are closed. Yes, there is no impairment due to physical disabilities.

Q: Is it ever possible for these soul perceptions to become available to our conscious minds.

Ham: Absolutely. It is the soul that feels the presence of God, the soul that senses the presence of other souls, even those without material bodies attached. So yes, even now, I would say that you are becoming increasingly soul sensitive. In the morontia form, you will be sensitive to an increased color band of light so that colors are more vibrant and beautiful and there are additional colors that you do not perceive through the material eyes. The same is true for all the senses, all senses are expanded in the morontia form. But, the most noticeable, immediate increase is your perception of the Adjuster. In the morontia life, Adjuster communication is greatly enhanced and expanded. Is this helping?

Q: Yes. I was wondering if the soul was able not only to perceive the presence of another person but also their qualities or even their state of mind.

Ham: Souls perceive souls directly and this perception is beyond your verbal communication or body language communication. It goes deeper into the soul of another person.

Q: Is the soul only able to respond to the goodness in another, but also able to sense anger or evil intent.

Ham: Yes, certainly.

Q: Is this is what is happening when some people who we would call psychic are able to read more about another person than would seem possible from the situation.

Ham: Yes, it is.

Q: Ham, this is a beautiful lesson and thank you so much. I have determined that I need to get your lessons early so that I can work on them and study them during the week while they are fresh. Is there some particular area I need to concentrate on this week?

Ham: I perceive that you have some hurts, some heartaches, going on right now. No, there is nothing that you need to work on except loving yourself, giving yourself what you need. You have a tendency to starve yourself out of feelings of unworthiness so you are always thinking you don't need this, you don't need that, and you tend to put things out of your own reach. But, this is changing and you are admitting your needs more freely and more honestly. Keep opening up, these heartaches are in some sense a catalyst to help you through something you need to go through anyway. So, just keep working through what you have been working through. Admit to yourself that you have needs, that you had needs as a child that they were ok, that is was alright to have these needs even if they weren't fulfilled or were fulfilled in the wrong ways. Keep opening up to allow yourself to receive from other people the things that you need. And, all is well.

Q: Ham, do you have a message for me tonight?

Ham: Yes, son, you are doing very well and are continually opening up to new experiences and happiness. Your life is going very well and it is wonderful to see you opening up and allowing yourself joy and love and enjoyment. You have much inner strength and fortitude that serves you well. You are understanding and flexible and yet are very strong at your core and sure of who you are and how you want your life to be. You are very responsible and loving towards others who need that strength and that reliability. All those in contact with you are certain to be uplifted and steadied on their paths by your sure hand. Even if they don't seem to appreciate or understand it right now, in the long run you will see that all you have done for others will bear fruit. Yes, son, you do well. Go in peace and continue to expand in love.

Q: Ham do you have anything for Esmirelda.

Ham: Daughter, you have some continuing set backs that seem to indicate a problem area psychologically that is not entirely dealt with. There is still a feeling of detachment bordering on unreality between you and your feelings about your father and even mother as well. You have peeled back a layer but there is another and many more to go. Consider this lesson and use it concerning your feelings for your parents. Open up the old doors, accept how you felt at the time completely. As a child, you disconnected yourself from your feelings and so it is through that avenue that you must reconnect with your feelings.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Daughter, you are doing well and are also exploring your feelings. Your innermost self is still far from your conscious self and you are likewise peeling away layers. Be at ease with this process and don't try to go faster than you are ready. Take your time.

Q: Frankie?

Ham: Son, there are days when you feel high and on top of the world and then others when you feel overwhelmed and lonely in the world. This is normal and part of your growth process. You are going through some changes, some soul expansion and this is part of the process. Be at ease, for all is well and as it should be.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter, you have much before you, much to do that is involving inner change and inner growth at once. These inner changes will coincide with outer changes. You will find an inner peace through following your inner guidance at this time.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes, Jarad, you also are finding that it is easier to change than it is to resist change. Let go of your comforts that are not serving you well. Exchange old habits for new ones that do serve you well.

Q: Ham I would appreciate anything you have for me this week too.

Ham: Brodan, your life is undergoing some remodeling, just like a house. You are knocking down some walls, rearranging some electrical wiring, putting in new plumbing fixtures. Yes, you have made some great changes and now is the time for the final touches that are needed in this spiritual level. Soon you will feel right at home and be comfortable in this higher spiritual level of living. You have a little bit of a tendency to want to go to a lower level and check what you did then, how you would have reacted then, that kind of thing, instead of going with the new inspiration, a new freedom that exists on this higher level. Is this helping?

Q: Let me check and see if I got one of the main points of your lesson tonight. The soul literally needs to be fed. First, it is fed directly by the spirit. Second, it is fed to the extent that we bring truth, beauty, and goodness into our lives.

Ham: Yes, to the extent that you consciously self-identify with truth, beauty and goodness.

You are certainly welcome children, you are my, for lack of a better human term, pride and joy. I wish I could convey more directly my true overwhelming feelings for each of you. Truly, you make my cup runneth over and I am continually grateful for this wonderful assignment. Go in peace this week until we meet again, farewell.