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Group:  Nashville, Tennesee

Teacher:  Ham

Topic:  Message From Michael

August 23, 1998

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham who is speaking. This week we must all give thanks to our Father and brother in the highest sense, Michael of Nebadon. It is only through him that we are given our beingness, our existence. His love and ever present mercy are bathing us throughout this time and space adventure. It is through his presence that we feel at home in the universe, it is through his steadfast guidance that we are shepherded into higher realms. And it is by his grace, truly, that we are saved from the long night of nonexistence.

What is following is a message from him for you on the commemoration of his mortal bestowal.

Michael: Children, let me gather you together and offer you my loving protection. My arms reach out around you. You can rest your heads upon my shoulder. Allow yourselves to be as helpless babes in my arms, allow me to lift you and carry you to the farthest reaches of my realms on your journey to Paradise.

Know that I see all the suffering and the pain and the anguish in this world and would gather all my people, all human beings, together under my protection even as a mother hen gathers her chicks. I would refresh those who are weary and nourish those who are hungry. I would wipe away the tears and bind up the hearts of those who are sorrowful. This and much more will I do through you as you each are gradually trained to go forth and proclaim the good news once more for the benefit of all my many children who suffer and are lost in this world.

I would bring peace to the nations of this world, I would sow the seeds of understanding among the diverse peoples who are awash in hatred and rebellion. I would bring good order and justice to the many nations. I would raise the downtrodden and lower the mighty so that all may see that you are all indeed brethren.

You who have begun your service in these mighty works have been given much through the kind ministrations of my teachers and thus much is expected of you in return. My sons and daughters, you are asked to go out into the world even as I asked my apostles of old to do so. You all have a different task, no two are the same, but many will work together in small groups or in pairs as you go about my business in this world.

And though this responsibility is great and the work can be difficult, I want you all to take it with a light heart. As you take responsibility, take an equal measure of joy and happiness. This is not a heavy burden for you to carry, but one of gladness, gratitude, and humility before our Father in heaven.

Know too, that I am walking beside you and that my ear is always open to your prayers and your pleadings. Know that you can trust me, that you can trust my subordinates, and that you can trust your own hearts as you are led in the spirit by the Father and his angels.

The long night on Urantia is passing and low and behold the dawn is upon us. It is time now to take up your tools and to labor in the garden. Low and behold, the long Winter of isolation is ending and the Spring is upon us as my circuits have been reestablished. Look about, do you not see the glorious budding of new spiritual growth all around you? Remember too, that the Lord our Father requires nothing of you but that you should become more and more like him.

With such fine workers, with such a devoted teaching staff, with such a loyal and resplendent planetary administration, the work of the correcting time shall not fail. Do not become discouraged by seeing the world as it is with all the suffering, sin, and iniquity that is still very much a reality. As you gaze upon these things, even though your hearts may suffer, know children that this is passing and that the seeds of a truly resplendent and glorious civilization are even now being planted.

Think not of yourselves. Let go of your self concern and allow yourselves to be filled with the love for your brethren, love for your teachers, for the mother spirit, and for myself. And as you work in the world, think not that you do so only for yourselves, but that you do these things in my name, with my blessing, and with my oversight.

Children, before I leave you, I want you to know that I am well pleased with your actions, with your thoughts, and with your prayers. Go in peace, my teacher Ham will now address you again.

Ham: Greetings children, this transmission has come to you from Michael on Salvington and I want to tell you something about myself in connection with this great and glorious being. Before I came to this planet, I was summoned into Michael's presence on Salvington and I have had no experience to equal this one in my many years of existence. I cannot portray in mere words the awe and splendor, the humility and glory, the transformative effect that this experience had upon me.

 For many many years, I had prayed to become worthy to eventually behold the Creator Son in this way and I did not expect that it would come so soon in my universe career. To say that my cup runneth over even now as I ponder this, the greatest moment of my life, is a vast understatement. Each of you also on your journey to Paradise will one day stand before the Creator Son as he gives you his blessing to go on beyond this local universe. I have had many wonderful experiences, many times when I was completely in awe and overwhelmed by emotion, but none can compare with seeing the Creator Son.

Now as his circuits have been reinstated, your creator father will be sending more and more of his glorious power to aid his suffering children on the darkened worlds of time and space. This is a time that has been long awaited in the highest spheres of Nebadon and beyond. Rejoice, and humble yourselves before him to be part of this time when all things will be made new through his very being, through his will as it is the will of the Father.

Generations from now, they will tell the story of this brave band of human beings who responded to Michael's voice and heeded the call of Melchizedek to go forth and to share the good news with all who would listen. Therefore children, look well to your hearts that your motives are pure and your hands are clean. Even as the son, as he sojourned on earth, sought nothing for himself and did everything for the Father, so must you seek nothing for yourselves and do everything for the Son, for Michael.

I will not at this time take any more questions for this evening. I want you to write your letters to Michael, if you have not done so. I want you to ponder the words of our Master this week, hold them close in your hearts, even as I hold his words close to my heart that he told me that day on Salvington. My understanding is that the meeting next week is canceled due to work that the Bynums must tend to. Until the following week then, my love and my prayers are with you each.

Q: Thank you Ham

Ham: You are welcomed son. You indeed have a special place in my heart, as you all do. Farewell.