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Council of 24 - InterSpecies Alliance and Granting Interviews - Nov 12, 2000 - Gerdean, Butler, PA


The Council of 24 From Jerusem


  1. Midwayer Interest through the "Inter-Species Alliance"
  2. and Policy Granting Interviews In the Future

T/R: Gerdean

November 12, 2000

COUNCIL: This is coming to you from Jerusem, this broadcast from the Council of 24. We speak as a board, as a body, in response to a matter of genuine interest to you in your planetary evolution which has to do with the emerging recognition of midwayer personalities, which personalities have been the permanent residents of your home world Urantia.

We are aware of your interests and yet while we observe with keen interest upon your doings, we are not going to get immediately involved, as you can understand. We however will be in complete support of any and all of your efforts in "Inter-species Alliances" and other associations in keeping with the format of making announcements or contracts or formal commitments to work of the realm.

We understand there are going to be many questions. The Teacher Corps is apprized every morning in a briefing about your emerging perceptions of the cosmic connections enabled as a result of encircuitment, and so while it may take a motion and a seconding of the motion in the Teaching Mission elite itself, it will come to pass that the questions can and will be asked, answered and aired throughout your local system as preparatory to advancing into the next natural endowment of advancing light and life.

Our inclination is to acknowledge the broadcast motives of some of you who have chosen to pronounce the good news in a manner in keeping with the media of your realm, to grant an interview. It will be conducted by a representative or assistant of the Resident Governor General of Urantia and will be presented in a formal fashion of one question at a time and that then allowing a response at a later time. In this way there will be less possibility of error and better opportunity for appreciation and absorption of that which may be intelligently conveyed in the communications.

That will be all.

Transmitted 11/12/00 to the Board of Harp of God/ Light and Life Journal T/R: Gerdean