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Corelli - The Teaching Mission Is Growing Over The World - Jul 04, 2002 - 2002 IC02 Conference, Estes Park, Colorado



Teacher: Corelli (TR Stella)


TM Growing Over The World

You Have A Beautiful World

The U.S.A. and Its Ideals

Greatest Good for The Greatest Many

This Is A Just Universe

July 4, 2002


Good evening friends. This is Corelli. I am a long- time acquaintance of Stella, who we were glad to say, agreed to transmit. She is a reluctant transmitter, however, will agree to transmit. We greet you at this wonderful place at Colorado; there are thousands of us here. We all volunteered from various planets, now that the circuits are being opened. This was under the direction of Christ Michael and Prince Machiventa.

The ideas for these transmissions took place many hundreds of years ago, after Jesus’ death on the cross. The idea was that this world needed much spiritual upliftment. There were many attempts during the past thousands of years, ranging from the Prince Caligastia One Hundred, who arrived on the Persian Gulf, to Adam and Eve, Melchizedek, and even our Lord Jesus. These were successful to a certain extent. However, we felt that possibly the best way would be to reach people on a personal level.

And we are happy to report that the success of the Teaching Mission has gone even beyond our expectations. We now have contacts, not only in the United States, but also in Canada, Mexico and it is happening in the Orient and in Europe. Many of these people are astounded, as you were, Stella, when they are contacted. Some refuse to go along with what they call this "strange phenomena," but some do agree and we are so happy to welcome them. There are thousands of transmissions, all with the aim of spiritually enlightening the human race.

Your country includes many of various religious faiths; all of them are good to a certain extent. However, many of them still preach the doctrine of "blood atonement," that God is a "wrathful master" and is eager to seize on any wrongdoing. We hope that with these individual contacts, that these erroneous ideas are laid to rest. This may take many, many years because many people are very reluctant to leave their old traditions. Much of this is due to fear that if they question God or the holy writ with which they have been brought up, that somehow God will be displeased and will punish them in some degree or another. These punishments, they think, take the form of the death or loss of someone, of a loss of jobs, a lack of money, lack of education. But these are not the results of God ’ s wrath; rather they are the results of human greed, or not caring enough for their fellow man.

God gave you a beautiful world. It will be up to each and every one of you to bring about a better world of love and kindness to one another, to participate in your government so that you have a government responsive to your needs. There is no need for this great suffering, this hunger, disease, lack of homes, corruption in business and in government. You must all be vigilant. God cannot do this; He can work through you, He can suggest paths of endeavor, but it is strictly up to you.

As you know, many people still blame Satan for the wrongdoing that they do. In reality, these actions that may be evil or corrupt, stem from their own innate reasoning or acting. So we beg of you, go out into your communities, be loving to all those who are in need; help them as much as you can in your circle of friends and in your communities, but also look at the larger picture. This larger picture is influenced by your actions on an individual level. What you do, what you bring to your community, radiates out of your particular area, and people will recognize that what you are doing is for the good.

One of the greatest teachings on your planet is doing the "greatest good for the greatest many." As you start in your own way, this will radiate out to others and eventually, it will encompass the world. Many of you are still afraid that the world will end with Armageddon, End of Time, that some Anti- Christ is out there — none of this is true! God and Jesus never taught such erroneous ideas. The God that sent Jesus is a loving God, and it is a "Just" Universe. You may feel you are suffering greatly, and many of you are, but with the help of fellow man, this can be eradicated. But never, never believe that God was the instrument of this ugliness that exists in many parts of the world and in your own country.

We are reassured that there is a growing awareness that we are responsible for our brother ’ s keep, and for our sister’s keep, and for our children. And we must all work together to create this better world, which is the first step in ushering in the Age of Light and Life. Our Lord Michael, sends greetings to you all. You are loved, more than you can believe. And do not be afraid, any one of you, that somehow your little missteps will jeopardize your Eternal Life. All that is negative will fall away from you. And if you but choose Eternal Life, your rewards will be great, you will have an opportunity to do that, which you failed to do in this life, or were unable to do because of circumstances beyond your control. But know one thing — you are loved!

This is a Just Universe; Christ Michael will never allow the world, the planet of His birth and death to be destroyed. Man is too puny, too small in the cosmos to destroy something that was created by Christ Michael. Certainly, there is much you can do; your air, your water, your land, your forests — they must all be preserved. And we can see people who are very concerned, and they are working to preserve a world that future generations can enjoy.

We thank you for the privilege of being here. There are many, many watching in this room today. They love you, they are so eager to contact you. So do not be afraid, if by chance, you should hear a little voice some day, say, "This is So- and so. I would like to contact you." So please do it. We love you and we send you our love. Good night.