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Group: Nashville, Tennessee

Teacher: HAM

Topics: Contact with ET’s

Teacher Son

January 12, 1997

[We were talking about the comet and the predictions of the Farsight Institute before this lesson.]

Ham: Greetings, children, friends, and I am Ham and I once again do thank you all for coming here this evening. Great and wonderful things are indeed occurring in the universe and there will be swift and major changes in your social fabric. However, those who look for a quick fix to your social ills are doomed for disappointment because it is still the Father's will for humanity to climb the evolutionary ladder rung by rung and though there may be periods of years which, looking back, will seem to be watersheds, these changes and social movements are not necessarily evident for you who are passing through it.

The object in question is not going to be a water shed event. There are rapid changes occurring due to the opening of the planetary circuits which is tending to create spiritual pressure on your physical forms and so there is much seemingly strange information or impressions coming to certain individuals who are sensitive to it. There is, in general, a quickening of the soul to respond to truth, there is an acceleration of social and political change, and so in these times of wandering and searching for truth, it is doubly important to strengthen the humanity of life, the morality, and human values that are truly the most manifest part of the spiritual.

Gradually, your world will become more and more aware of your place in the universe and you will be welcomed into the family or worlds, and the administration of the cosmos. But it is not immanent. First, there must be gradual shift in the values of mankind and this cannot come from outside.

You will produce great works. Your great teachers will aid the progress, but they are you and are among you now. We the teachers are teaching you to be teachers. We the councils want your world to achieve a high degree of unity before there is the physical coming of a teacher.

Q: A teacher son?

Ham: Yes, a teacher son. Ham: And this is projected to be sometime in the future. Yes, your astronomers will find much evidence for other life and other civilizations before that time. Your philosophy will incorporate this awareness before the coming of the teacher. Questions?

Q: What I am getting from what you are saying is that we will not have clear contact with physical beings until we are ready for it?

Ham: Yes.

Q: The fact that there is all this speculation is discussion is not a bad thing since is it getting people thinking about us not being along, and even talking about the urantia book.

Ham: Yes.

Q: Even if most of the exact predictions that they are making will not come through?

Ham: Probably not

Q: Has our government suppressed evidence of space visitors to this planet?

Ham: There has been some military classification of evidence that would be indicative of intelligent life.

Q: Would you care to say more about that?

Ham: No, it is not the central point of the mission or our function here.

Q: I knew that

Ham: Suffice it to say, that you will find greater and greater mounting evidence in the cosmos, but this will not be in the form of a contact because this is not permitted at this time.

Q: You probably know what I was thinking about, there was that reported accident near Roswell New Mexico. That is kind of what I was eluding to.

Ham: No comment.

Q: The Urantia book suggests we try to figure out why there would be an archangel headquarters on this planet. Would you care to comment?

Ham: Once again, I cannot comment any further.

Q: Is there any kind of prediction about how long it will take to find a way to achieve this kind of harmony on this planet to know more about the cosmos and to be shown about it?

Ham: When humankind unites in brotherhood with no malice toward each other, then you are ready to join the family or worlds.

Q: We may observe this event from the other side?

Ham: Yes.

Q: We'll be with Elvis by then?


Q: There is plenty of excitement in the mission, it is better than Star wars.

Q: There is certainly work for us to do.

Q: For us to begin. Q: So, what we can be doing here and now is to help people change their values towards universal brotherhood.

Ham: Yes it is what we must do to prepare for the teacher.

Q: We were hearing a few years ago, that we were going to have the Melchizedek schools starting. Is that going to happen sooner than all of this.

Ham: This is a Melchizedek school, you are being taught higher truth under the auspices of the Melchizedeks.

Q: That seem less than forthcoming.

Q: They were talking about a dozen universities over the planet, actual universities.

Ham: The Melchizedek teaching involves living life within the community of humans, not being taken apart from the community which your idea seems to imply. We want to become a part of your lives as much as possible, not to create a life for you. Is this clear?

Q: Yes, I think so.

Q: More like osmosis than transplanting?

Ham: Yes.

Q: We really do appreciate what you do tell us and you do tell us an awful lot and it is crucial to the progress we do make and we do appreciate it.

Ham: Thank you. Q: I know that were I not a blabber mouth, we would get to hear more.

[the rest was personal questions]