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Group:  Nashville, Tennessee

Teacher:  HAM

Topic:  Slavery and Dependence on other than Spiritual Energies

March 20, 1994

Your lives have altered course and are needing affirmation about your correctness. Are you entering upon a life of courageous commitment to goals which are worthy, or are you embarking upon a leaking ship which could strand you out at sea? What is the difference? How do you know? I will help you to understand that goals which exalt the humanly spiritual are worthy of you life's risk, while their opposite, the material goals, are neither worthwhile or worthy of risking your personhood for. Human goals which are in the main materially motivated are tending toward human slavery. Your best instincts and attitudes are enslaved and gradually compromised in the wholehearted achievement of material goals. Whether they are wealth or fame or purely selfish wish fulfillment of any kind, always does its pursuit result in the debasement of higher qualities of the soul. However, there is another way to direct one's life's energies, and that is toward the enhancement of living.

Freedom exists in the enhanced motivations of the pursuit of the spiritual goals in life. When you understand that life is essentially only real because of the spiritual enhancement of your experience, then is it plain that when your achievements are of a spiritual attainment level, then all aspects of living are enhanced and life is meaningful. When your new goals become clear, are you accepting that old things are slowly to pass away, and accepting that your old patterns of life are changing? Largely, the art of living comes in the graceful allowance of these changes. No one here is exactly the same as he was before entering this room tonight. All experience is changing of reaction pattern. You are becoming aware that life is the experience of growing, and this experience involves substituting increasingly worthy goals for inferior ones.

Look ahead and witness the heavens opening to greet you and experience the fact that as God's children, your goals have a duty attached. Living life for God is, in reality, only the acknowledgment of your sonship. Living life for yourself is denying your place within reality, and what price a man not give for eternal life, let alone eternal sonship, which is immeasurably greater? Eternal sonship bestows not only eternal life, but eternal giving. The Father, through His eternally giving nature, allows that you will eternally, completely and infinitely partake of His divine being, His nature. That your state of being is in eternal motion toward the One Eternal Source of Being, and this means that as you progress, step by step, toward the Eternal Father that you will in truth become increasingly one with Him. The eternal fount is endless, His good gifts are Himself and the greatest challenge of life is to allow Him to give Himself to us.

In order to allow His giving to become real, you have to look to Him for all things, in all circumstances, at all times. No, I do not say you must remove obstacles, rather you have to allow Him these obstacles to take away. For example: a man in himself cannot remove his prejudices. In order that prejudice become lessoned, he must look to God, find God's viewpoint; and you see, the prejudice is no more. One could say that a man may reason himself out of prejudice through education, but is this enough? What guarantee does he have that he hasn't reasoned himself into new prejudice?

 The errors of mankind lie in this self delusion: that they alone, through human means can change the world. God can and does change the world with every individual who turns to Him. When all eyes are turned to Him, will there occur the golden age on Urantia, and there is becoming this age within individual hearts today. Freedom and liberty and joy in the acceptance of universal sonship alters the course of every life who accepts this great gift. How is this to happen, worldwide? I say to you that it is happening as we speak. You are witnessing the beginning of the world's great renaissance of the spirit, and question not its reality and its eventual success. Have faith that your life is not abandoned, nor is your world an orphan. No, you are witnessing sparks which will set you world on fire. God's love will triumph!