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Group:  Woods Cross, Utah

Teacher:  HAM  


JUNE 22, 1992

Humility is the true attitude of the soul in its open and receptive form. Humility is becoming to all, for it shows the willingness of each person to be God-led, God-directed, and God-revealing. Humility is the essence of true religious faith healing. It is the beginning of the truth of the wise knowingness, for without the tender shoot of humility these branches of wisdom will never be. Humility is the correct and only correct attitude of the one child toward the one Father.  

When we are faced with human difficulties and emotional turmoil, the attitude of humility is stifled and covered over by attitudes of fear, anger, and aggression. Hard then is it for God to direct this child. His attitude is one of concealing the inner part of self and directing an outer aggression. It is at once defensive and aggressive. The attitudes of aggression and defense are stifling to our correct seeing of the way - showing of the inner spirit. It is the only way of knowing that you are receiving truth, to look within your own heart and to find true humility. All other attitudes tend to cloud or shade spirit leadings in ways of your own willful choosing.  

This is the way of Jesus - to show true humility. Humility before all creation, even His own. Truly He walked humbly with God. Truly He was willing to be led by God, even to the end of His human life. Humility is at the core of this understanding, even if it seems beyond your understanding. If your leading seems to be incredible and even strange and impossible, beyond your human understanding, it requires the attitude of true humility to walk that path. All other paths are erroneous. Even if your insight into destiny may seem beyond your present grasp, remember, it requires humility to reach that point. You cannot walk the way of God without, in true humility, taking the hand of God and allowing yourself to be led.  

Our Father is no respecter of persons. He is a Father to all. It requires humility to open your heart to your Father. It requires setting aside of the childish ego and taking the mature attitude of humility. It is often thought that humility is weak. It is not weak! Humility is the true mature choosing of divine strength. No human strength can touch it. No human ego led position can near it. No human institution has even come close to acknowledging this great and noble truth. It is the wisest and most mature act in life. It is a part of laying down your life, laying down your ego, laying down your self-centered interests, laying down your worries and your cares, which is in utter and true humility; to open yourself to greater understanding, to open your heart to God's understanding and begin the true and enlightened path toward Him.  

All other worldly deeds mean nothing compared to this. When you lay down your life for God, is the moment when you truly begin to live, truly begin to walk the path of the way. Jesus laid down His life in fact, in truth, only to pick it up again and begin the ascent to our Father. His entire existence is the way.

QUESTION: In trying to be humble and feeling resistance to letting go of defenses or position, what would be the best way to succeed at being truly humble?

HAM: Release is a word to remember. Release yourself. Release your cares, your worries or defenses. Who can harm you? Who can truly harm you? Do you see? Our Father, he who cares and protects and watches over you, is more powerful than any perceived threat you may have. Release these cares. Release these defenses. Allow yourself to commune with your Father, allow this.     At times it feels that there is a need which must be fulfilled. And this need, which is gnawing inside, is one which can be filled not by doing, but by being, being with your Father, enveloped in love and light and in releasing. Allow the hand of Father a chance to wipe away the creases of worry on your forehead, to dry the tears from your eyes and to hold you in His arms as a child. You and all beings, all require this and need this.  

All of you, who are ascending, all of us, are children to Father. Even they who are eternal from the first, from Havona, are children to God. It is our great love, hope, joy, and reason of living to just be with Him for awhile. When we reach the great Paradise, the eternal goal of the ages, then will this communion be complete. Yes. Until then, we must take some time away from the world. Take some time, enough time to allow ourselves this releasing.  

This, indeed, is the most wonderful way to control your emotional self. To allow this emotional self a release within the secure-ness of Father's grasp, you will then be able to bring this security into your life, your daily living. This security will do wonders to change your emotional stability and even of those around you. Yes. This intimate communion with Father is the most important thing that each of you can do in your daily lives.