11:11 Progress Group, Illawarra District, Australia,

Cherubim Frank and Alice, Teacher Samuel.

Subject: "Access to the Mind."

Received by George Barnard.

November 26, 2002.

Cherubim Frank: "Where two or more of you are gathered in His name, you will also find us, the rowdiest and most ebullient of the lower angels. We truly consider it a special occasion for us "to drop out of the sky" and visit you in your new abode, as well as watching at close quarters the colorful emanations that wildly flare up from your brain and mind. Will you now try to settle down, comrade? I will shortly hand you over to your esteemed lecturer for this evening, and Alice and I will stick around."

"You finally concluded that the reason for your new Friends to all appear in azure blue is that they are wearing, and one might even say, advertising perhaps, the color of fashion of some millennia in this local universe -- Michael's color. Those snug fitting suits become them splendidly, whereas I prefer the tuxedo and bow tie.

"Let us now hear from another. This is Frank, always loud and Frank."

Alice: "This is Alice. We both love you, our dearest brothers and sisters."

George: "We love you right back, ma ChPre. I have long wondered about my dear little Friend, and Companion (Morontia Companion), and even though we sadly shared so very little time together, we did share much about our pasts. I miss him something dreadful, since we inexplicably bonded in a most powerful way. We became friends for life.

"My request is for you to pass the message up the line, that I feel towards the little Guy a closeness that is rarely matched. Yes, I miss him a whole bunch, and maybe I might get to hear from him."

Frank: "It is received and passed on."

Samuel: "This is teacher Samuel. We would be correct in noting that the spiritual climate on this, your planet, is "hotting up" somewhat. We find that the Paradise Hierarchy, for so long, but now newly and closely involved in the affairs of the planet heralds well for the immediate and long-term future of the unsettled worlds. And it is with delight that we are receiving now, and will be receiving from them in the future, much more in the way of support, hints and advice of a caliber so extraordinary, that we can view any major conflagration as just a minor problem indeed, from our perspective.

"It is our dearest wish, hope and prayers that there shall be peace on this earth, although there is much saber rattling at the present time, and, yes, a great deal of excitement has already come my way, compared to my past which I call normal, peaceful though mundane, and which you tend to describe as exceedingly boring, or dull in the extreme, although we on our world learned much about yours from the many entities that long darted in and out of your cordoned-off and isolated planetary group.

"Look forward to your careers as they will pan out well into the distant future, for even in dealing with minor calamities in your sphere, and as you now exist in your mortal shell, these difficulties represents the boot-camp courses to prepare you for your existences in the future, in advisory roles and troubleshooting. And on the basis of what you have learned here, you will be able to scale hurdles of vastly increased sizes considering the greatly advanced mind endowments you will be gifted as a matter of cause.

"Fear not in the least the near-impossible problems you are meant to solve in this sphere, for this earthly training ground will well prepare you to acquire more determination to later succeed, and that resolve will never leave you as it is more than an innate part of your personality, but an additional, acquired feature thereof, becoming ever-strengthened as you now apply this earthly resolve for what is to come.

"I do not know what my future will hold, but in the many years I've been your teacher, I've grown ever closer to you, and with the direct access that you and others have granted to the workings of your minds, not excluding spiritual input, we have learned a great deal, and we would expect that some time in the future when you are no longer with us, that we would be able to implement in the service of like personalities, that which we have learned from your minds in this way. "It is with a great advantage that we do this work with minds that can be reached. And it is with a great disadvantage that some of us (Teachers) will ask the Destiny Guardians for access to mortal minds, and to better understand and therefore to better teach, that we find this access to be denied. Bring to awareness these "optionals", these wonderful opportunities, of a better understanding between the Celestial Teachers and their mortal students.

"Personally, I rejoice in experiencing the opened book of the mind, as I know would many others (Teachers) if given such opportunity, and although I appreciate your thoughts that we Teachers can hardly be perfect in many respects, it is my guarantee that the additional knowledge gained will never be abused. I thank our dear friend, Kalson, for having acted on that opportunity, and of his own accord and volunteering, to bring this to the attention of the many.

"Pass this message on, my dear friends, brothers and sisters. This is Samuel."

George: "Thank you all. We love you. Signing off."

Notes: Samuel refers to a large number of Paradise Personalities being at their (our) service. See "The Fifth Epochal Revelation."

His remarks about access to the human mind deals with "Curriculum Vitae". See http://1111publishers. com/list7.html.

It appears that it was Kalson's idea to act on information, to volunteer for getting approval, and to be given the task to obtain this approval. Kalson's communication was extraordinarily clear. a talented Friend!

"I'll be Frank" and Alice are Cherubim. Samuel is a former mortal. The azure blue clad Friends are "imported Midwayer Helpers" from other, advanced planets.

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