NEC #68 - Machiventa Melchizedek - The Ultimaton - Balance of Power - May 02, 2016 - Colorado,  Daniel Raphael

New Era Conversations #68 – Life Plan; Ultimaton; Organic Democracy – May 2, 2016
Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


  1. Proposals
  2. The Development of Co-creative Plans
  3. A Question on the Red Race
  4. Life Plan
  5. Question on Reincarnation and Life Plan
  6. Spirit-personality
  7. The Vibration Rate of the Ultimaton
  8. Determining the Eminence and Presence of the Creator
  9. Gaining Endowments and Gifts of the Spirit
  10. Eco-settlements
  11. Balance of Power and Distribution of Power
  12. More Clarification on the Life Plan
  13. Organic Democracy
  14. Election Candidates and the 6 Core Values
  15. Using the 6 Core Values in One’s Own Life
  16. Cultural Identity
  17. Seti:  the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence
  18. The Ever-present “Hope”

 TR:  Daniel Raphael, Ph.D.
Team members:  Roxanne Andrews, Michael McCray, M.D., and a Student

May 2, 2016

MACHIVENTA:  Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, welcoming you to another day.  I am open for questions, if you have any, please?


Roxie:  About 6 people so far have sent me their proposals, the ones you asked for in our last session.  What are we supposed to do with them at this point in time?

MACHIVENTA:  I would like you to hold them, please.  These are good ideas; I do not wish This One to see them until we are ready to open them, so to speak, and address all of them at one time.  It is good that you have received these; we appreciate those individuals who have submitted them.  Placing them in a holding file or folder does not in any way make a statement about their ineffectiveness or effectiveness, but simply that we have asked for them and we will address them when the time is appropriate.

Roxie:  Are our Guardian Angels, Thought Adjusters, and Midwayers watching over our shoulders while we put these proposals together so that you know what we are thinking about?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, it is also helpful for us when individuals who are making a proposal, ask their Thought Adjuster, Guardian Angel, Midwayers, and Melchizedeks to assist them in the development of those plans.  This gives us permission to participate through those individuals who are working with the mortal.

Roxie:  Does anyone else have questions on this topic of our assignment? (None)  Machiventa, do you have anything you would like to add?

The development of co-creative plans

MACHIVENTA:  As you know, the Correcting Time is a thoroughgoing co-creative effort, and any developments that we would enact on Urantia has the requirement of being co-creatively developed and co-creatively evolved, using mortals in those plans.  We have been working with This One for over 4 decades, for the development of an organization, which would be an organization to facilitate greater citizen participation in their governance.  It does not abrogate or remove or eliminate any democratic processes that exist in the United States Constitution, or the Bill or Rights, or other Amendments.  We have had a continuing development in the evolution of these social-political-economic institutions through This One; we have found that there are very few individuals who are able to work with us on the evolving development, or the development of evolution of social institutions, which is necessary for the development of your civilization toward the Days of Light and Life.

It has been a point of much difficulty for This One to be the “point person,” and exposed to the public socially, that to develop these plans, his humility has not allowed him to aggrandize this as he does not want to be self-aggrandizing, though it is necessary, of course, as you might obviously become aware and discern, that at some point in time, your societies, your cultures will be ready, and in fact, their readiness will necessitate that these plans become known, expressed and implemented.  Monjoronson has been discussing this extensively over the years, and my part in it has come to the point where it is necessary for me to become much more expressive of what is going on.  As you are seeing from the global situation in your own national political situation, there is much need for these developments to become known and to become institutionalized, or expressed and implemented.  You are seeing that there is a readiness and anticipation for something reasonable and sensible.  There is also the unexpressed awareness, which we hope that you will express, that the old system is not working, that it is inherently flawed, and that people have revulsion for recreating the same mistakes again and again in history, and in their own personal future.  This kind of awareness is what we hope will become endemic to “democratic nations” throughout the world.  There must become disgust with the former failures of your societies and social institutions.  And, there must be anticipation of what works much like a system of systems that is integrated and makes sense, and has the values that support that.

I have put in a nutshell all that we have been discussing in the last few months and last few years with Monjoronson.  It is concise; it is tight and succinct.  What we have also initiated is the means by which we can implement these plans on a pragmatic basis with individuals, co-creatively operating organizations, and particularly those who are attuned to spirit and to the stillness who engage in those activities on a daily basis.  We anticipate that these organizations and corporations will have an executive core of individuals who are attuned to spirit.  You know and we know that the egotism of the male executives is so dominating and eventually so destructive as to create the demise of even good intentioned operations.  It requires a daily meditation of individuals to become good executives, co-creative executives with us.

Student:  Thank you, Machiventa.  So, therefore, I have really been guided toward the educational part on this Island, and I have had all kinds of ideas coming into my mind.  I have no idea where to start, and I would love to work with somebody.

MACHIVENTA:  We would suggest that you write down your ideas, and that you have them on a piece of paper—hand written, if you wish—and examine what is developing among these things.  We invite you to ask questions regarding your educational programs in this NEC forum, if you wish.  We would recommend that you do so.  You are in the forefront of the effort to re-educate your culture, both within the Island and within the United States, and other democratic nations.  It begins with awareness; it begins with accurate information, and then educational processes with individuals who would appreciate learning about these new ways of bending the culture of your nations.

Student:  Thank you, Machiventa.  I will do what you say because beforehand, my problem has always been in my thoughts about giving accurate information and unscrambling my thoughts so that what I say will make some sense.

MACHIVENTA:  When you use the values of your species that have proven themselves to be effective for a minimal span of 40,000 years, you can trust that when you build your ideas and educational concepts on these truths, these values, that what you propose will become integrated and whole, and truthful as well.

Student:  I just hope I know where to start; I will know where to start. Thank you.

MACHIVENTA:  Please continue.

A question on the Red race

Student:  May I ask a question, please?  This is to do with the indigenous people of today: do they still carry the “Red race,” mentioned in the Urantia Book?  Do they still carry some of the concepts of the Dalamatia Teachings today?

MACHIVENTA:  Only as it exists in the DNA records that are within them.  This is a very remote source of information that is not readily tapped into except when a person is in meditation and asks for the assistance of their Thought Adjuster, Guardian or Midwayer to resurrect those memories.

Life plan

Student:  You said I could try again in asking a question, which we didn’t do last time, so I am going to try once more, please, and if you don’t think I should ask it, please tell me.  As a child is raised, and as they experience the general perspective of the world, there are personal predispositions, personal preferences, personal interests that come into them in life.  This is all part of their life plan that they came with, that was brought with them by their genetics.  Would you please explain this a bit more?

MACHIVENTA:  There is really not too much to explain, but yes, you are correct in that these predispositions are a part of their genetic code.  That is how the Celestials, Melchizedeks, and Life Carriers are able to predict generations ahead the arrival of an individual with particular traits and abilities who could make a difference in the progress of your nations and societies and civilization.  These are well known to the Life Carriers and in their laboratories; they have an intimate knowledge and are able to actually “read” the coding of the gene structure of an individual, and are able to know and identify those predilections, those preferences, those abilities, those skills that each individual carries with them.

With some individuals, these express early, as you have seen with some infant savants and others that express later.  Usually these preferences and abilities and skills come into awareness by themselves, and others during their preadolescence and in their adolescence.  When those are nurtured by parents, they become expressive and become adept, part of that individual’s life.  There are occasions where parents do actually suppress the abilities of a child and adolescent [not] to develop those skills, which are so important to their life mission.  Sometimes this suppression, or squelching of these abilities lasts for a lifetime and they are never expressed.  At other times, at other occasions in other individuals, they do not become developed and expressed until later in their life when they become independent of their parents, and after family obligations and responsibilities.  These become the accouterments, the support skills for the accomplishment of an individual’s life plan, which is carried by the Thought Adjuster, and in the life of the individual.

The life plan is an overlay upon these skills and abilities of the individual.  Those skills and abilities support the expression of the life plan.  If the individual has an accident and they are brain damaged, this eliminates the ability of the individual to make moral decisions.  The Thought Adjuster then vacates that individual and the life plan is not expressed.  I hope this helps you understand the juncture or the working relationship between innate skills that are in the DNA and the life plan of the individual.

Student:  Yes, thank you, Sir.  I have a question: it’s only since I have come here, that I have really found that I am finding my life plan, in a sense, and I have come into myself.  Is that possible?

MACHIVENTA:  Myself and several around me, who are here today say, “Hooray!  Welcome aboard!”  (Much laughter in the background.)

Student:  Oh, thank you so much!

MACHIVENTA:  We love early bloomers; we love midterm bloomers; and we love late bloomers.  Blooming is better than no blooming at all, so you can become highly expressive, and in fact, much more useful even to yourself because of the skills you have developed in your lifetime, and your knowledge and wisdom and capacity to reflect and gain wisdom of your life experiences and apply them to others.  Thank you so very much for coming into this awareness.  Now, you can work so directly and powerfully with your Thought Adjuster in the expression and implementation of your life plans.

Student:  Oh, thank you so very, very much!  I have no more questions.

Question on reincarnation and life plan

Roxie:  I have some questions from one of our readers on the same subject of the life plan.  He asks that “We are taught that reincarnation is a false conception, yet when it is stated that ‘your life plan that you came with,’ or ‘your life plan before you were created;’ this is a bit confusing.”  My question is, “How was I able to make and agree to this life plan prior to my birth in the flesh.  What part of me was pre-existent to my soul?”

MACHIVENTA:  First of all, I congratulate you on your excellent question.  It was well stated and concise and easy for us to grasp.  The choice that you are concerned about would focus on the capacity of self-will.  Self-will does not come into existence until you are born.  The life plan that you carried has been carried by your Thought Adjuster prior to your arrival.  You were known long before you were born; your personality, a gift from God the Creator, and in conjunction with the life plan carried by your Thought Adjuster, which is a fragment of the Father, the Creator, these two were determined to be with you in this lifetime as the best expression that you could have in being a co-creative, co-creator with your Thought Adjuster and with Christ Michael’s plans for this world, and for the universe by the Creator, for the highest good and contribution to God the Supreme.  If you disagree with this life plan, you are welcome to abandon it at any time, though we encourage you to adhere to it and pray for its expression and submit your will to God’s Will to do this.  Your question in some ways creates an irony that is unresolvable in your mortal lifetime.

Roxie:  He says, “Was it my pre-mind personality gift of the Paradise Father, since mind is the bridge between spirit and matter?”

MACHIVENTA:  Let us defer this question, which is a good question, until a later time.


Roxie:  In this next one, he bring up a separate thought:  “Since personality is a spirit-person, unrealized without experience, did my Thought Adjuster and my spirit personality make these life plans prior to my birth in the flesh, and my soul representing my memory experience repository of my spirit-personality working out my life plan downloaded into my material mind, the bridge between my Thought Adjuster, while my budding personality and new identity as a human being tries to remember my life plan?  Please feel free to straighten me out here, Machiventa.”

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, you have the right inclination toward the topics that you are discussing.  Your question is overly complicated, but we totally agree with the first part of your question, that your Thought Adjuster, your life plan, and personality were conjointly acting together before you were born.  And yes, the great mystery of your life is to will to do God’s Will, which allows the God’s life plan to be expressed through your life, through your own willing participation, and co-creative participation in these developments.  You have hit upon the mortal journey, and the ascendant journey in one question.

The vibration rate of the ultimaton

Roxie:  Here are some other questions he sent in on a different date.  He says, “Sometimes I feel I am breathing liquid air, and the animals in the sea are breathing the same liquid air, but at a slower vibrational rate called water.  My question is:  Is pervaded space a very high vibration of liquid vapor air, upon which stars and planets kind of float in, and water a very low vibration of this same special energy with the air we breathe, a higher vibration of liquid water and gravity, that unseen force that holds it all together?”

MACHIVENTA:  Generally, and in the largest parameters of your question, we would say, yes, that there is no vacuum in the universe, except in the most outer reaches beyond the four outer space levels.  The only truly existent vacuum in all the Grand Universe lies beyond the fourth space level, and in places between the space levels within this infinite Universe, the Grand Universe, all space is pervaded with this energy, which you have alluded to.  It is of the vibration of the ultimaton, which also pervades the infinite Universe.  It is this, which your scientists are striving to discern and identify at the CERN Laboratory in Europe by way of the Hadron Collider.

Determining the eminence and presence of the Creator

What will evade all of their recognition, even after they have identified the Higgs Boson ultimaton, as they might call it, is the vibration that emanates from it throughout the Universe.  They will also never identify all of the states of existence of that particle, as it can exist as a vibration, has mass, has pre-mass, has gravity and [does] not have gravity.  These states of existence have been pre-determined by the Creator, with the Universe Architects.  There will be scientists who will secretly, and some will even publish courageously the probability that there is an “ultimate Creator of the Universe” that has imprinted the “ultimaton with the pattern of the universe and its expression and development.”  This will be the closest that the scientists will be able to discern, the eminence and presence of the Creator.

Roxie:  I’m not going to ask his last question from this date because I think you have already answered it much more fully than what he asked.

Gaining endowments and gifts of the Spirit

Here are some more questions from STuTe on a different date.  “When mortals turn their faces toward God, seeking to know God, sincerely desiring to be like God, desiring to do God’s Will, literately seeing ourselves as sons and daughters of the living God, why do we not gain new endowments and gifts of the Spirit, like extended vision and hearing, so we can communicate with the midwayers and angelic forces on the planet, by upgrading the mental software, [an] increase of spiritual and mental intelligence while still in the flesh?”

MACHIVENTA:  When you have expired the larger potentials within your existent mortal capacities of mind, hearing and your other senses, and there is attendant growth in your morality and your Christ-likeness to warrant this; and if you ask for this to come to you, these sub-morontial enhancements will come to you in a way in which you would not be overtly aware.  You do think in a new way than you did when you were 13, do you not?  You will also see and hear more differently than you did before.  You are exploring the development and the expression of the potential that you brought with you.  When these abilities have been expired and used so that they are honed and expert, then you, as I said, will be given new abilities when you ask for them.  Of course, attendant to that will also be new responsibilities.

Roxie:  He says, “It seems to me, I/we could be of greater service to the planet on the material, morontial and spirit levels of the planet if we had these new endowments.”

I think you have addressed that already.  He says, “I feel like a gifted child being held back from my expanded potential in an average class.  I feel like I am in this world but no longer a part of it, a spiritual alien among my friends and family members who don’t understand me.  It’s an interesting kind of loneliness.  I want to see and talk with my morontial and spirit family members on the planet, but I cannot see them, nor can I hear them.”

He named several individuals that he thinks have already earned this expansion of their mental powers, and I think he’s curious as to what he has to do to earn them himself.

MACHIVENTA:  We will defer answering those questions.

Roxie:  The next questions I have come from our Russian friend(s).  He says, “Many thanks to Machiventa and his team for his teaching answers!  We would like to continue exploring our previous topic.


1)    “Machiventa, my intention, of which you previously asked, is to create a socially sustainable community, in the form of a network of eco-settlements (e.g. every eco-settlement is approximately 700 people,) each of which is able to live independently in respect of energy, water and food on the basis of modern technologies, and where people have a common goal, common interests.  Each eco-settlement can be represented as one cell of the greater organism in the scale of civilization.  The initial eco-community can be of three eco-villages in the uninhabited areas nearby, which could be as a template, a role model and the experience will be copied around the world.

“You said that the new society must be created nearly from scratch to re-invent it.  In my engineering work, to invent a new thing, I usually think about a perfect mechanism, the existing best ideas, and then it helps to combine these ideas to a working variant.  Therefore, I’m curious to learn about the perfectly correct organization of control within the eco-community, which would be objective itself and would not depend on the negative influence of any subjective person.”

He didn’t really ask a question, so I am assuming that he is looking for your comments.

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, you have discerned this community and its organization quite well.  Too, as you know with mortals, there is no perfect social organization; there is no one perfect individual.  What you must design into the community process is a process of participation in the social evolution and organization of that community, larger and smaller as it exists.  What you will be seeking is the social evolution of the whole community that it is qualified by the criteria of the 6 core values of social sustainability.  These act as the constant validators for the participation and outcome of decisions and implementation of those decisions in the community.  What you are seeing then is a design for a community that has two operating systems within it.  One is the organizational operation of the community and the second is the social process of the community qualified by the core values.  When you have these three components interacting, then you will have a community that can enter into the Days of Light and Life eventually.  We hope that this explains more thoroughly and enables you to begin this process.

It is important that you understand that each individual must as well be socialized, enculturated in the community fundamentals of these processes, as well as the values and morality of social sustainability.  If you do not do this on an ongoing basis, generation after generation after generation, then you will end up in a quagmire very similar to that of this nation’s democratic society, government and economy, and its distribution of power and finance, money and resources.  This requires that the “perfect” development you are seeking is a process.  It is a means of individuals participating, but within each individual they hold within their socialization and enculturation the values that can assist the whole community to stay integrated, and to progress and evolve.  Thank you for your question.

Balance of power and distribution of power

Roxie:  He says:

2)  “The last time you said that the optimal balance of power and distribution of power and its concomitant responsibilities are on the individual and family level, and it has not yet been explored in our societies.  I find it hard to imagine how it looks and develops the symbiosis of responsibilities and benefits between society, its government and the individual and family.  Maybe you said something about this in the questions above, but I would like to ask you to go more deeply into the subject, if it is possible.”

MACHIVENTA:  We will defer answering your question directly, but recommend that you begin to understand the morality of social sustainability more thoroughly, as that is the morality of individuals and the morality of social organizations, whether it is your society, social organizations, or government, and political organizations or financial/economic organizations.

Roxie:  That’s all I have at the moment.  Michael, do you have any questions?

More clarification on the life plan

MMc:  In my reading somewhere, it was mentioned that relatively few of us have a life plan.

MACHIVENTA:  All of you have a life plan.

Organic democracy

MMc:  Okay.  Would you speak to us a little more about the development of an organic democracy, utilizing the 6 core values?

MACHIVENTA:  Simply put, the 6 core values become invested in the operation, decision-making processes and the organizing documents, and the ultimate values held by that design of democracy/democratic government.  Your democracies that exist in the world today have endured for so long simply because the values stated in the organizing and founding documents are so similar to those of your species.  When these values, these 6 values are consciously invested in the intention, vision and operating philosophy and mission of your nations, governments and their societies—but particularly for your question—invested in their form of government decision-making processes, then there will be a oneness between the values of your government and the values held by your species.  In other words, your democratic government will become an organic extension of the value system of your species.

Election candidates and the 6 core values

MMc:  You said that in the future, candidates will be chosen by their proven capability to demonstrate a balance of the 6 core values.  Are we still to use the 6 core values to judge the work of candidates, even though none of the candidates in this election cycle demonstrate such a balance?

MACHIVENTA:  Please repeat?

MMc:  Can we still use the 6 core values to judge the work of candidates, even though none of the candidates in this election cycle demonstrate such a balance of the 6 core values?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, you could do that, though you, as an individual doing that would have no political leverage by yourself.  Your use of the 6 core values would only have political leverage when you are organized with thousands or millions of other individuals to enact a process for evaluating candidates.  Our statement earlier of the candidate process and selection process was based on supposition that individuals or citizens would eventually gather together and choose to decide to select their candidates using these values.  That is a completely social developmental and evolutionary process, which has not begun, but which we are striving to initiate with you.

Using the 6 core values in one’s own life

MMc:  My question is based upon why I wish to adopt the 6 core values in my own life to make choices.  I believe that other people should make choices based on the 6 core values also, and I’m asking, is it possible to use those 6 core values in a way of making choices not only about what I do, but also people that I use as my authorities and the people that I look up to.

MACHIVENTA:  You forget that you are already using those values in your life, in the expression of your life.  The difference is that now you are conscious of those values and can consciously think about those values as you make decisions.  The factor involved is that of consciousness.  These values were only discovered in 2008, and must now become part of the consciousness of democratic nations, in a conscious process of making decisions involved in social, political and economic policies.  Does this help explain to you, or answer your question?

Cultural identity

MMc:  Yes, thank you.  You said last time that our sovereignty must be that of a cultural identity, rather than a nationality, that we should do away with the boundaries that divide our world.  Would you talk to us please about the ramifications of this?

MACHIVENTA:  It is useless to think about the ramifications at this early date, as the sovereignization of your world is still very strong.  Richard Buckminster Fuller discussed that in his book, “Spaceship Earth” in the concept of “desovereignization,” where there is a process of desovereignizing the boundaries between nations.  The ramifications are that your world will become “one,” that national identities in 1,000 years will be pretty much erased, but there will still remain cultural identities.  Cultural identities are more attuned to the nature of humankind and their ethnic roots, rather than nationality, which is an artificial construct of boundaries identifying geographic features or borders.  What you would better spend your time at is designing social organizations that permeate other national boundaries.  This is already begun with your commerce and economics, and in monetary policies in trade and commerce.  These are the forerunners of desovereignization of national boundaries.  National boundaries will be one of the last identifiers of nationality, which will disappear only after numerous centuries have passed.  As we have discussed in the Urantia Book, the national boundaries and sovereignty are the primary cause for wars.

SETI:  The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

MMc:  Thank you.  I’d like to change the topic again, if I may.  SETI, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, has been going on for some years, and they have never had a clear indication that there is extra-terrestrial life, yet we have been told that universe teems with life.  Would you help me understand this contradiction?

MACHIVENTA:  There is actually no contradiction whatsoever.  It seems ironic to us that you would have a SETI program for searching extra-terrestrial nations and societies and cultures where in fact, you have been visited and you have photographs of what you call UFO’s, and the crop circles are evidence of their presence.  This is an irony, which is in our celestial view, laughable if we thought it were a joke, but it is not a joke.  Do you see the irony of the inconsistency within your culture?  You are searching for terrestrials but they are all around you and the evidence is that evident.

MMc:  SETI uses radio waves.  What you are saying is there is a better use of technology by photographs and other indications of the extra-terrestrials [that] are all around us?

MACHIVENTA:  What we are saying is that culture is ignoring the reality of the physical evidence that is all around you.  The Roswell incident so long ago in your culture is real; the presence of extra-terrestrial tissue is real; the presence of their technologies is now integrated into your own technologies.  You are ignoring the fact of the reality of that evidence.  You do not need to rely upon radio waves to gain evidence of the reality of extra-terrestrials and millions of inhabited planets—they are all about you.

MMc:  Thank you.  I have no further questions at this time.

The ever-present “hope”

MACHIVENTA:  Let us bring today’s session to a close.  As we view you, and as we travel among you, we have a sense that many of you are holding your breath, waiting for the next opening or adventure or development of your world.  There is that holding of breath, so to speak, about the almost inevitability that whatever comes into the world will be a developing reiteration of former failures of your societies, governments, organizations and nations.  And yet, there is that ever-present “hope” that seems to effervesce within most of your populations, hope that what does develop will be better and will work and will end the long history of failures in your civilization.  But a change from perennial failures to perennial successes, development and social evolution hinges upon the acceptance upon who you are, and what you are made of, and the values that what you use to make decisions and have made decisions all throughout your lifetime, but now to be conscious of them, and to think of them everyday in your own personal life.

What does increase the quality and value of your life?  “Does this bigger car improve the quality of my life?”  Or, “Will a smaller car that costs less do the same work and can I improve the quality of my life in other ways?”  “Or that of my children, or that of my community?”  You are beginning to socialize yourself to accept these values in your decision-making.  You have begun to enculturate yourself with this decision-making process in your institutions, and this is where we are most enthused about the progress that we make with you.  This is the juncture of the plans of the Most Highs, with Christ Michael’s plans for the upliftment of your planet, that through the organizations of mankind and of your humanity that your societies will be uplifted and enabled and empower many more individuals to lead more peaceful lives and productive lives.  And yet, it begins in the lives of individuals that all of these changes begin, and so we begin with you—you individually, you in your families—and this is where Christ Michael and your Thought Adjuster has always begun—with you.  You are important to the outworking of all good within your world, and into your ascendant journey, and ultimately for the completion of God the Supreme, and the final ascendant stage of Finality of the Grand Universe.  It is here that you make participation effective or not.  Are you part of the problem, or are you part of the solution?  It is our work to help make each one of you a part of the solution.  Thank you and good day.