NEC #37 - Charles, Mighty Messenger - Preparations for 2015 - Dec 22, 2014 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado

New Era Conversations #37 – Preparations for 2015; Value of Mortals – Dec. 22, 2014
Teacher:  Charles, Assistant to the Triumvirate


  1. Preparation for constructive programs
  2. Value of mortals
  3. Our personal responsibility
  4. This point in the history of our planet
  5. God is immensely caring of his children
  6. 2015, a time of change and rebirth
  7. Some of Charles’ history
  8. Remember to meditate

TR:  Daniel Raphael
Team members present:  Roxanne Andrews and Michael McCray
December 22, 2014

Prayer:  Dearest Heavenly Father, we feel your love that never ceases, that beckons us to make the journey from Urantia to be in your presence on the Isle of Paradise.  We are dedicated to making the long journey to become Finaliters, learning and serving you all the way in order to become perfect, as you have commanded.  We thank you for giving us the evolutionary universe to grow in and for all the wonderful teachers and mentors you have given us to help us as we make the heavenly journey.

We thank you for giving us Christ Michael, Monjoronson and Machiventa for this stage of our existence, where we learn about your Will and serve our brothers and sisters, and hopefully, our civilization.  We ask that Christ Michael and Nebadonia be with us to guide us during this session.  Amen.

Preparation for constructive programs

CHARLES:  Good morning, this is Charles.  It is pleasant to be here with you and thank you for your greeting.  Machiventa, who is your Planetary Manager, and who oversees all of the programs on Urantia and participates directly in some of them, has prepared you for the onslaught of active, positive and socially constructive programs.  Almost none of these will be involved in religious activities; that is the choice of mortals to apply them to their religious organizations, if they wish.  Our interest has all along been to prepare Urantia to have a change of culture, and change of heart, so to speak, for all people and all of civilization.  Many considered this a lost planet for so many thousands of years; Christ Michael deemed it to become the “Planet of the Cross,” and his coming here was to inaugurate a salvation for the planets that were in quarantine.

Value of mortals

As you know, these Deities love everyone equally; and love each individual as though you were the only person on the planet, that you are worthwhile, that you have value.  You must ask, “Value to whom?”  First of all, you have value to yourself to become something greater than which you came into life.  Secondly, you are of value to God, to God the Supreme, as an experiential platform for knowing God, to become more perfect as you grow experientially, and to use that growth to understand your place in the universe and how you make a difference.  You are of value to Machiventa and this world because you, as an individual, a planet of individuals, constitute the totality of everyone.  Therefore, whether you are religious, whether you believe in God, or whether you believe there is no God, makes no difference as God, the First Source and Center, has made it possible for you to be invested with a fragment of Itself.  Secondly, you are of value to Christ Michael, as you are one of his children.  Christ Michael has a personal interest in you, individually, to assist you to get to know the universe, to get to know yourself, to learn to live positively, constructively, with growth to become something new, something enlightened, something that is active, not passive.

Our personal responsibility

These same offerings are made to everyone equally.  They are rejected by many, even those who are believers.  There are some believers who reject it as they wish to remain a child, to be cared for, to be nurtured and to be “saved.”  The responsibility of childhood passes as you grow into adulthood, and as you become aware that you are invested with the fragment of the Father your responsibilities become even greater—in fact, they even become burdensome—and it is ultimately your responsibility to save yourself with the offerings that have been given to you.  Meditation and a peaceful mind, living stably and conservatively, being humble, being loving, generous and kind—these are all the markings of spiritual growth, and these are the spiritual nutrients which produces great and grand souls, those individuals who can, and will have made great contributions to your civilization in all regards, whether it is in engineering and physics, or whether it is in humanitarian or social healing arts.  You all have contributions to make.  What contribution are you making?  Even if you sit in stillness and meditate, you are making a contribution.  Your consciousness to humanity has a tremendous influence, and we can say literally that it has already made a huge difference, and that the leverage of positive, constructive thinking together with others of like-mind has made the difference and makes it positive for the Correcting Time to be successful.

This point in the history of our planet

Coincidence, the nexus of so many events that have been gathering and pointing toward the future from thousands of directions, are gathering now at this nexus point in the history of your planet and your civilization.  This is when you can make a huge difference, and many of you are making a huge difference.  Many of you are not strategic thinkers; though it is not necessary to be a strategic thinker, some of you do have a penchant for strategic thinking as well as tactical living.  If you are a strategist, then you have begun to see how these lines of probability are coming together at this nexus point in the history of your planet.  It began approximately 25 years ago and will continue for another 25 years.

This is an era of immense change; this is a time of immense probability where like-minded individuals can bring about positive outcomes, not only in the consciousness of your world, but actually within organizations, within families, within communities and nations.  Many of you are here at this time because your Thought Adjuster knew that you would be here at this time, long before your parents ever met each other.  Your arrival was anticipated; you have an important part to play in this world, at this time, if you choose to do so.  Of all the worlds in Nebadon, there is only a handful that has the capacity to raise experiential mortals with immense capability in their Finaliter service.  The difficulties that you have now on your planet can serve you well to become who you are to be forever into the eternity of time.  You are marked with the Cross because of this world where you began this lifetime.  Your contributions can be immense.

God is immensely caring of his children

Some of you are naysayers; others are cynical; and others refuse to believe that God would be directly involved in the lives of individuals through Its Creator Sons in the way that he has at this time.  Take my word for it, having come from where I have come, and where I have traveled and have journeyed, God is not an uncaring God.  God, the First Source and Center, is an immensely caring God; he cares for each of you.  You are neither neglected, nor forgotten.  You are the one who is needed to remember whose child you are:  You are a child to grow in your spiritual connection with your Father and your Mother-God.

2015, a time of change and rebirth

Returning to my opening sentences, you will see many positive programs come forward into your world at this time.  Some of them startingly and unexpectedly; some, which seem to be totally disconnected from spirituality and the social evolution of your world, if yet they make one small contribution, these organizations will have served their purposes for Christ Michael and Nebadonia very well, and Machiventa is, of course, overseeing those activities and in some he is directly involved.

Be of good cheer!  This is the commercial Christmas of your nations; enjoy the time, the festivity of the times and the season; this is the time of the turning of the year, when the days become longer.  This is a joyous time for mortals of all ages, of all centuries in the past, as they knew this was the winter solstice, the time of change and so it is a natural time to be festive—it signifies a new birth, a rebirth of the times and the cultures.

I am open for questions if you have any?

Some of Charles’ history

Roxie:  You mentioned something in your opening statements about your personal journey; can you tell us more about that?  I think many people would be interested.

CHARLES:  I was born as a mortal, as I said before.  I have traversed the ascendant journey to Paradise and the embrace of the Father, and was commissioned into the Corps of Finality.  I eventually was chosen, trained and prepared as a Mighty Messenger.  I have traveled the circuits of all the universes.  I have been to places that are not yet known to your astronomers.  I have measured the flow of energy in the Outer Space regions.  I returned from those missions, I asked for an assignment where I could be with mortals, to be of service—not necessarily grand service—but humble service, good service, something where I could make a contribution from my history of existence and my training, and so I am here.  Thank you for your personal question.

Roxie:  Thank you!  It is amazing to us at this level, to think of how many experiences that you’ve had along the way that have made you so wise.

Remember to meditate

CHARLES:  Hearing no further questions, I suggest that we adjourn today, that you return to your holiday preparations and let us rejoin each other after the New Year.  As many of you are certainly aware, the influences of the next calendar year, 2015, have already had an influence into this year.  Its influence has what you might call in printer’s type, “bled the boundaries,” and so it has been of influence already.  You should mark your calendars well and remember that this coming year will be significant for believers and non-believers of every nation.  It will be a time of immense change and opportunities for those who see it that way.  For the Triumvirate, I wish you well, good health, good mind, and remember— meditate!  Good day.