Recollections of My Life on Urantia - Part 13 - Michael of Nebadon -The Bread of Life - Aug 23, 2014 - Philippines Teaching Mission

Recollections of My Life on Urantia - Part 13
Teacher: Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Evan Mariano
August 23

Subject: The Bread of Life

Michael of Nebadon speaks:

During the last days of my life here in Urantia, there was a kind of confrontation at the synagogue in Capernaum,  where leaders of the Sanhedrin came from as far as Jerusalem and had gathered so they could personally hear me speak what to their minds were blasphemous teachings against the traditional Jewish oral laws.  After making me read the sermon from Deuteronomy these righteous men continuously hounded me with questions about their laws which were meant to trap me. I knew very well what their intentions were and I said everything they wanted to hear and more.

I spoke to them of the hypocrisy of their old ways, their greed for material things, the perversion of their minds and more importantly how they misunderstood the Truth my Father stood for.  They were naturally incensed and their egos decided right there and then that I had to be permanently stopped. This is the ‘ego’ consciousness derived from the Lucifer Rebellion but much of this thinking comes from mortal man’s own twisted sense of what is the true will of the Father.

Whenever you are in doubt, beset by problems and anything that causes you anxiety, come to Me, for my burden is light and my yoke is easy.  Never stray far from Me for I am the Good Shepherd and I will lead you back to goodness, beauty and truth.  I have often and continuously said these things and I say them again to you today.

Did I not also say that I have come to gather the lost sheep?  As I sat there in the synagogue, even as my words repeatedly went against the grain of the minds of those who were present then including my own disciples who were not yet strong in the faith, I also knew there would be millions of lost sheep, of souls, that needed to find their way back to the Heavenly Father and that I will have to work hard to find them.  This is why I said I would forgive and show mercy to all sinners who sin from unrighteousness of mind except one: the deliberate and wicked intent to blaspheme the Father as the doer will not even seek forgiveness but will eternally reject divine Mercy.

The goodness of God is perceived through the goodness of your heart.  The God Spark within you is always calling you and showing you ways and means for you to make a wise decision, for you to choose the higher path.  If indeed it is the harder choice, know that this will lead to even better things as the path of spirit is not always clearly seen.

These words are from My spirit and will give you the true Bread of life.  Heed these words of eternal life and become ambassadors of goodwill, seeking and establishing the brotherhood of men in the Kingdom of God in the coming era of Light and Life.  I am Michael.