Recollections of My Life on Urantia - Part 12 - Michael of Nebadon - My Seventh Bestowal - Aug 21, 2014 - Philippines Teaching Mission

Recollections of My Life on Urantia - Part 12
Teacher: Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Evan Mariano
August 21

My Seventh Bestowal

Michael of Nebadon:
The Urantia Book considers August 21 as my official birth date on Urantia.  It was a special day for me because it was the day when I finally arrived in this world.  This was my personal choice. Urantia was to be the planet of my Seventh Bestowal.  It’s a little planet but one that I loved so much and cared for as the Creator Son of the Universe of Nebadon.  It was so backward and unilluminated that I wondered if I ever would succeed in the mission that my brother, Immanuel, entrusted to me.  It was a huge undertaking and such a big risk because there were so many concerns about this planet that drew the attention of many in the realms of the Universal Father.  But I dismissed their concerns, because you, my little ones, were the faces I saw and heartbeats I heard.  You were far from understanding reality, and yet I knew that one day there would be many who would listen to my voice and heed my teachings.  

The Paradise Father was behind me in my decision and from then on it was all systems go.  It was excruciating because,  although the evolution of the planet was the ideal setting,  there was much anxiety in the existing human kingdoms of the time.  The Jews were under the rulership of the Romans but these people were the choicest group of people who we (Gabriel and I) knew would provide the best backdrop in the plan of salvation.
The Paradise Deities knew my incarnation was a gamble,  and if I could pull it off it would be a dream come true.  Remember,  I was to reveal the Truth about the Living God and this Truth was not something that was going to be simple to spell out to the Jews living at that time.  I took that risk and do you believe that I was able to overcome the odds?  This grand design of coming to your world to establish the Kingdom of Heaven is a dream come true.  

It has taken two millennia.  but Urantia will become the greatest little planet in Nebadon.  I love Urantia – it is the planet of my bestowal and I love you, the people of Urantia.  I dreamt of you for so many, many,  years in order to ascertain my heart with regard to just what had to be done on Urantia, when the health of the planet became blackened and the hearts of the people turned against the spirit of the land.

And now that dream will come to reality with the arrival of the Magisterial Son.  Do you see now how I carefully set out the plan of salvation?  Everything has its place and is a delicate part of the design.  Even your own little lives play out so beautifully in this wonderful drama of love.  You are amazed at the intricate details of your life?  It is my masterpiece of love dear little ones - there are no coincidences.  This is the impetus for the song that was sung in my presentation in the temple as a babe and Simon and Anna the poetess wrote the poem that graced my coming to Urantia:


Song In The Jerusalem Temple to The Babe Jesus at His Presentation


Jesus Presentation Temple Song of <A HREF='' target='_top'>Anna </A>photo PixTemplePresentationofJesussongofanna_zps9fb6abcd.jpg