Recollections of My Life on Urantia - Part 11 - Michael of Nebadon - The Truest Kind of Love - Aug 17, 2014 - Philippines Teaching Mission

 Recollections of My Life on Urantia - Part 11
Teacher: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: True Love
T/R: Evan Mariano
August 17, 2014

Michael of Nebadon speaks: 

What is the truest kind of love in the world?  The truest kind of love in the world is one which brings with it all its imperfections and shows how this is in accord with reality.  What are you if not a body with many imperfections?  When you say you love someone, what do you lay at the feet of your beloved?  Is it not your ‘self’, your moods, your weaknesses, your ills, your present state of mind?  You were created with all the necessary ingredients as it were, your Thought Adjuster, your Truth Spirit, the assistance of your Seraphim and countless Midwayers.  All these beings come to your aid unknown to you but they are there all the same.  You are never alone.  These things are hard to believe but nevertheless they are true.  And yet you will remain imperfect in this world.

So, where does your imperfection come from?  Your mortal-physical constitution is a perfectly working machine, capable of invigorating itself, regenerating itself, healing itself.  You only need a small amount of nourishment and sleep and it is ready to go.  You hardly take notice of this magnificent piece of equipment.   I am not speaking of the physicality of your being whether you have the perfect shape of face, body or torso.  Your physical attributes have no bearing on the depth of your love.  People think that changing the way their nose is shaped or hiding their obesity by cosmetic surgery will make them more lovable and ‘acceptable’ to their loved one.

The intellect and awareness are what makes you individuated – alone and unique.  No one has the same experiential path.  Every different input will create a totally different individual.  What then is the key or secret to a loving and lovable personality?  Is it not the uniqueness of the other that attracts?

You are unaware that growth is occurring in every dimension of your being.  You are never the same at any given time.  The universe slowly proceeds to circulate around their given orbit.  There is always movement and activity in every living being.  No living being stands still and does not evolve.  Everything must evolve and that includes your personality.

Reflect on these things as you relate to your First Source and Center.  It is said that one should first reconcile with his brother before he can lay his gift on the altar of the Lord.  I say to you show mercy on your ‘self’ and accept the imperfections of your body and your mind, and come to the altar of the Lord in thanksgiving and praise as you do not know how great is His love for you in spite of all your imperfections.  This is the love of self that is true – that you know your imperfections and you come to love and accept this as part of your very being which you will not hold against your ‘self’, your loved one and your Creator.

When you say you love someone do not hide behind a façade of untruth.  Neither must you look at the imperfect physical and mental attributes of the one you love.  True love accepts all that is imperfect.  I am Michael.