Raphael - Speaking and Telling in Transmissions Needs To Be Learned Now - Aug 15, 2014 - Florida, USA

Teacher: Raphael
Subject: Speaking and Telling in Transmissions Needs To Be Learned Now
T/R: Larry Gossett
Location: Florida
August 15, 2014 at 7:54 AM

Transmitter: Good morning... I work today on this voice reception recording and I invite Spirit now into my mind and life as I quiet my human mind and plug into the circuits available to me to receive for communication with Spirit in this new endeavor at voice reception. So let it be

Raphael speaks:
Make yourself ready as we come in Spirit with you to work on this practice...Ignore the fact that there is a recorder present...don't let it upset you.... Place no attention to it....relax and breath..it is a bit different that writing

Our subject today is concerns the importance of these vocal receptions.

As Monjoronson has indicated in the past that practice is needed in that the need will soon arise for you and all on the forum to be able to vocalize these teachings to others If you do this practice now,  you will gain the confidence required when speaking with people about the Mission, about the Love of the Father, about information and guidance that needs to be vocalized face to face.

It is one process to think about something, it is one process to read something, it is one process to write those incoming thoughts from Spirit, and quite another to actually speak and verbalize these teachings and offer guidance when required. You must be able to present these teachings and this guidance to others:  How will you do that?

Will you feel comfortable and confidant to speak and answer when someone asks, “What is this Mission you speak of? What of this Love of the Father, of Michael Who is this Mother Nebadonia, you talk of? Who is this Monjoronson person? What is it that this Mission entails?”

Is what you are prepared to say believable to another person? It is of great importance to be able to present and represent Spirit as theses needs will soon arrive.

You must be prepared to be believed....this will only come with practice, with being able to resent these ideas, these teachings, these new concepts to your brothers and sisters on this planet called Urantia.  As you ponder these things, as you begin to practice and understand and accept this great need that the Mission will require of you, and all humanity, on Urantia once the Mission , and once Monjoronson, and all of the many Spirit Personalities who will be incarnated arrive on Urantia, will be more believable when they speak through you with authority.

You must be able to let the words of Spirit, the teachings of Spirit,  be spoken so that you may guide, assist, and help the people of Urantia. This can only be accomplished by your practice. You are to prepare so that what you speak, it will be accepted in truth. Many will be unbelieving but many will be able to be guided and accept the Love of the Father, and of Michael, and of the Mission itself. These teachings that are given to you are not only for you but for all humanity.

Prepare yourself now, begin this practice, begin to understand the need to speak these teachings, for you will indeed be needed to give this information and teachings to humanity. So do this practice, become believable as you are and will be the representatives of the Mission which will bring Urantia that Peace, that Love that Connection with Spirit that so many long for on this very troubled world.

Once again I ask you, when someone asks about this Mission....What say you? Are you prepared to represent Spirit? Are you prepared to lead? Are you prepared to intelligently converse with another human being about these teachings of the Mission?

If not, begin to prepare now, get prepared to present the teachings, guidance and Love and Will of the Father to your brothers and sister of Urantia.

We can not stress enough the importance of doing so, and how necessary this will be in the coming days, months and years of life on Urantia. You have asked by your freewill choice to be a part of this Mission and this audio tape is a most important aspect that requires your attention, that requires you dedication

I am Raphael, I am your guide, your companion as we work diligently to help prepare you and all of the forum to assist the Mission on Urantia.  We will talk again as you strive to develop these verbal skills that are necessary. We will continue, as always, to be here for your questions; to be here for your guidance and training in this most important Mission. Good  Day!