Recollections of My Life on Urantia - Part 9 - Michael of Nebadon - Praying with Hope - Aug 08, 2014 - Philippines Teaching Mission

Recollections of My Life on Urantia - Part 9
Teacher: Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Evan Mariano
August 8, 2014 at 7:38am

Subject: Praying with hope

I will continue my life story.  When I was preaching in the hills of Judea there was a man who was covered with sores or lesions as you call it these days.  He approached me and said, ‘Master, would you be so kind as to look upon me and have mercy on my affliction?’.  I felt a deep respect and regard for this man who by faith knew I had the power to heal and help him.  It was with gladness that I took his hand and with certainty, looked up to my Father and prayed ‘Lord God of all creation, I know You are generous and loving. I have this man in front of me who has believed in me, and because I have shown him what You are.  Now by your kindness and generosity, I lift him up to You and beseech You to heal him first in his spirit and then in his body.  

Father, I know You will do this because You promised that no man shall go on living with any affliction so long as he comes to You with a sincere trust that only You can save him from his ills.  I thank you Father for all You give us and I thank You for sending me here to Your beloved children and My children, My brothers and sisters.‘

There are many ways to pray.  The prayer of faith is the most efficacious because it springs from hope and trust that your future relief will be provided by God.  Strengthen therefore your spirit with hope.  Make it stronger and stronger as hoping is the same as wishing.  When you wish for something you cannot think about it, do not let it just linger in your mind.  Keep it vibrant and full of energy just as something you use to enlarge a small fire.  Keep that fire burning inside you and as it becomes stronger you will see that the universe (and all creation) is suddenly awake and Father’s love, which is energy surrounding you, will be attracted to that flame you have created.

Do you see the energy of love that creates and is impelled to act on your sincere appeal?  As you feel it in your heart you will receive it first in your soul and it will manifest in your world.  Pray my children and pray with deep longing for your wishes and it will be granted unto you.   I leave you with this thought and my love.  I am Michael.