Recollections of My Life on Urantia - Part 7 - Michael of Nebadon - Graceful Living and The Kingdom of God - Aug 05, 2014 - Philippines Teaching Mission

Recollections of My Life on Urantia - Part 7
Teacher: Michael of Nebadon
Lesson on Graceful Living and The Kingdom of God
T/R: Evan Mariano
August 5, 2014 at  7:43 pm

Michael of Nebadon:  When I was here in Urantia going about my Father’s work in Palestine,  many people would come to me to ask what they should do to be able to enter the Kingdom of God.  They were rich and poor alike, noble and ordinary and even Pharisees and Rabbis – all wanted to know what I was preaching because these teachings were not the usual ones taught in the synagogues.  The idea that God had a Kingdom was held as highly preposterous by the Jews,  because their first and foremost teaching is about the righteousness of God and not what He was like.  This is why the commandments of Moses and the rest of the laws found in the Old Testament became the principles they taught and their followers strictly adhered to.

The whole concept of morality and of defining right and wrong revolves around beliefs and teachings that evolved from different prophets and teachers from the time of Adam and Eve down to the ages.

The thread that the universe is woven from is love and goodness.  It was never of punishment and retribution.  Primitive man would not have been able to comprehend such a concept of love and goodness by himself if it were not planted in the minds of men during the early times when Caligastia was the Planetary Prince of Urantia.   It was Caligastia’s role as Planetary Prince to do this but he did nothing to instill the concept of love of the One God to the population then.   During those early times primitive man had no inkling about moral values.  They needed to survive the harsh jungles and instinct played a major part in his everyday life.

When Adam and Eve arrived as Material Son and Daughter, they were to impart knowledge about the Universal Father as a Creator of All, singular and absolute, with the end in mind to counter balance the effects and strategy if you will of the Lucifer Rebellion.  The advocates of this rebellion used provocative and highly deceiving arguments that denied the existence of the true nature of Divine Consciousness and won many beings over to their cause.

They even succeeded in thwarting Adam and Eve’s mission.  After the many years of tribal conflicts since Adam and Eve until the time of Abraham, the human population was fundamentally slavish and civilizations merely relied on beliefs their ancestors handed down.  But things started to change when Machiventa Melchizedek came to Urantia and started to disseminate the true basis for other religions to begin.  In this era the concept of one God became widespread and many places worshiped their deities according to their beliefs.  Machiventa and his associates reached far and wide in Urantia and he did his work so thoroughly that humanity gained a foothold for the promise of eternity.  Caligastia and his cohorts were unable to stop Machiventa’s influence in the world.

I will continue with the evolution of Urantia in relation to the Kingdom of God in the next Part 8.