Recollections of My Life on Urantia - Part 5 - Michael of Nebadon - Adolescence and The Confused Stage - Diet Has No Religious Proscriptions Against Any of It - Jul 27, 2014 - Philippines Teaching Mission

Recollections of My Life on Urantia - Part 5
Teacher: Michael of Nebadon


  1. Adolescence and The Confused Stage
  2. Diet Has No Religious Proscriptions Against Any of It

T/R: Evan Mariano
JULY 27 2014

Michael of Nebadon:   I was a normal teenager in the sense that I belonged to a group, not a gang as some groups are called these days, just a band of like-minded boys in our village.  I was always the leader because I had a strong personality.  We would joke around and play sports-like games and do all the usual fun stuff boys do.  I wasn’t a domineering person but I had a tough stance and demeanor. I was especially wary of those who displayed some kind of superiority and tried to lord it over others.  These types are like the present day bullies you often see in schools and hang out in parks.

A person’s character starts to take form before puberty and as I said depending on how you perceive the world and others around you, you will already have developed a response mechanism to external stimuli.  Psychologists call this stage of adolescence as the self-conscious/confused phase. This is when the reasoning mind is tested against what you now hold as ‘true’ and your sense of right and wrong begins to come into play.  You imagine you’re on-stage and your actions are displayed for all others to see and judge.  What others think of you is very important at this junction.   

Your vibrations are pitted against the vibrations of others that surround you.  This awareness of self and your inner feelings get stronger until you reach full adulthood. Now the push and pull mechanism of your impulses are harder to control; just as your brain is changing the rest of your body is developing.

When problems have arisen out of this life stage and its condition/conditionings, the solutions have been largely left to psychologists and psychiatrists to analyze.  How do you conclude anything from a miasma of ideas running in a quagmire of things past and present within the psyche of the human brain which you have only half understood?

Those who are concerned with the education and wholeness of these young minds should have given some basic lessons for them to understand what is going on in their bodies and minds.  Many problems stemming from this lack of information (addiction, gangsterism and most forms of moral degradation) should have been avoided.

Another fail factor is the lack of parental guidance.  How can parents truly and lovingly guide their teenagers when they themselves lack the basic knowledge and are themselves in need of enlightenment?

My own confusion had more to do with the frustration I felt from the social and religious environment that we lived in.  The Jewish religious practices were strict even ironclad and punishment was forthcoming for any slight offense like eating pork. I wasn’t a meat lover as I preferred cheese and bread made by my mother but I ate all types of food with gusto and which I found flavorful made from beef, chicken, fish and especially pork.  I had tasted this forbidden meat in the house of a friend who was a Gentile.  They ate anything they wanted to.  Pork is off limits to Jewish people because it is written in the Bible.

You should consider two factors around what you put in your mouth to eat: it’s either bad OR unhealthy for your body or it will be good for your health and nourishment or at the very least has no effect whatsoever.  Eating pork and any meats do not and never will defile a person.  Eating and drinking are simple pleasures in life that the Father of All built into the human digestive system for mortal man’s nourishment and pleasure.  Your taste buds consist of thousands of cells each of which are programmed to relay to your brain the wonderful flavor intensities of different kinds of food you discover and like.  They are built in to your physical structure not just to guarantee your survival and need for nourishment but for you to enjoy all the food flavors of the world.

The Mosaic Law or the Ten Commandments never mentioned restrictions about food.  The Universal Father does not have any preference on what you will eat or drink.  Common sense dictates what is healthy for your body.  Certainly, you will be careful to avoid that which is not good for it like too much salt, fats etc.   

I tried to teach all these details to everyone in Palestine.  Beliefs grounded in years of conditioning from traditions are imbedded in the subconscious and difficult to uproot.  The Father’s love is unconditional and unfettered.  This comes from His Perfect Love which holds no man sinful because of what he eats or drinks.

With those thoughts I leave you today My children of Urantia and with My Love and Peace, I bid you good day.  I am Michael.