Recollections of My Life on Urantia - Part 4 - Michael of Nebadon - The Role of Women in My Time as Jesus - Jul 25, 2014 - Philippines Teaching Mission

Philippines Mission
Recollections of My Life on Urantia - Part 4
Subject: The Role of Women in My Time as Jesus
Teacher: Michael of Nebadon
T/R: Evan Mariano
July 25, 2014

Michael of Nebadon:
Today I want to talk about the roles men and women play in society.  As I was entering my teen years, I knew many girls in our village who I thought were quite pretty but I would just admire them from afar.  It was not the custom to get close to them.  

One time, I was sitting beside some boys who were looking at the girls in our village and I noticed they were talking about a particular girl and laughing loud at the same time.  This girl knew that the boys were talking about her disdainfully because she was looking in our direction with her face showing embarrassment.  I went nearer the group and they thought I wanted to join the fun but I was getting upset because to me their actions were cowardly and unjust.  I knew some of these boys and one of them whispered to me the reason they were laughing.  I immediately told the group to stop what they were doing.  Most of the boys who knew me believed I was serious and stopped but there was one in the group who I didn’t know, came up to me and in an angry fashion asked who I was that I dared to ask them to stop.  I simply said to him that if they wanted to put someone down they should do it in front of that person.  He looked at me angrily but decided not to challenge me.

In those days women were not regarded as equal to men. When I went to Jerusalem for my consecration, my mother, Mary, had to remain in the gallery reserved for women since women were not allowed in the main hall.  I was saddened by the fact that she would not be able to see the whole event where she was.  She wanted so much to see me and I was excited to be there as it was a much awaited event in the lives of Jewish boys.

Today there are some countries where women are not regarded with respect and given dignity.  Every person no matter what race, culture or belief deserves the respect and love of their brethren.  Without this there can be no true equality in the brotherhood of men.   Women must be given their honorable place in Urantia and that is as an equal to men.  The future generations of men and women in the era of light and life will co-exist in harmony and love for one another.  There will be schools that Adam and Eve will establish where the roles of both men and women will be taught as well as the importance of family in a society that upholds the higher truths of the Father.

Honor and respect are qualities that both sexes will learn in relating to each other.  The animal instinct that mortals were endowed with to survive in this planet will no longer rule in the era of light and life.  The evolutionary mortals in other regions of Nebadon that were not involved in the Lucifer Rebellion thrive on the wholeness and spiritual unity between a man and a woman.  They agree to become one because what prevails is the Love they have found within the Divine Consciousness.  Parents are aware of their social responsibilities and know how they are to minister to and raise their children.  The Father’s presence is palpable and goodness is pervasive in the environment.   You will have quite a change in this and many other aspects of life.   I leave you to imagine how Urantia will evolve in its new environment, where cultural and social institutions are grounded in the Universal Father’s love.  I bid you good day. Be in My love and peace. Michael.