Recollections of My Life on Urantia - Part 2 - Michael of Nebadon - My Teenage Years With My Earth Family - Jul 22, 2014 - Philippines Teaching Mission

Philippines Mission
Teacher:  Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Recollections of My Life on Urantia - Part 2

  1. (Directions to the Transmitter from Michael)
  2. (My Teenage Years with My Family)
  3. (The Nature of Our Little Family in Nazareth)

T/R: Evan Mariano
July 22, 2014

(Directions to the Transmitter from Michael)
Hello Evangeline.  I shall continue with my life story.  I know you find this quite lengthy but I merely want people to know how I lived during those teenage years of my life.  This is no longer a secret and it was never really a secret although there was just no scribe I could talk to and no one was listening to me talk about it. . . .

(My Teenage Years with My Family)
During those young years of my life, I quite enjoyed my brothers and sisters who were so lovable to me.  I mean they were lovable as well as loving and we were such a happy family.  The years before my father Joseph died, we were always secure and happy.  We never knew want and there was always plenty of food to eat and clothes to wear and everything young people always want to own.  I did not and never owned anything luxurious except a few nice clothes and capes my mother made for me when the weather is cold and new shoes that my father bought for me whenever I needed those to wear.  He never was a penny pincher and always wanted us all to have the best things that life then could give.  In this sense, we were not well off as compared to very rich families then but we were also not so poor to have suffered or felt deprivation.  

Everything was fine with us until the day he died.  That was a terrible blow for all of us because we loved our father very much.  In spite of all that he was, sometimes cranky and severe, we knew he loved us all so tenderly and that was why I loved him so much too.  He took care of us all in a way that most loving fathers do.  He loved my mother Mary so much that he would do anything to please her. She was so happy with him around.  She was the apple of his eyes.  So deep was their love for each other that they would be lost without each other.  That was the kind of love they had and the kind of love we grew up with.

(The Nature of Our Little Family in Nazareth)
I was so happy to have a happy family and I knew that some families had many problems that we never had.  Somehow I knew that many troubles grew out of families that were not loving and caring.  Families need to care for each other and grow in love for one another.  This is basic love learning, the things that every human being needs to have a tender loving family.  Without this basic tenderness children will never learn to know what true love is and it is such a misfortune for children to have to go through life without this kind of tenderness that can only be given by a father and a mother who truly care.

This is a reason why we understand the troubles of persons who did not have a true loving family during their early years.  How could they come to know of love when their parents did not show them or were not able to make them feel it?  Love is given and should be felt within you as a gift of expression.  First you express it with words or actions because the thought behind it is already love.  Then you know by the words expressed to you and the actions that follow.  This is love showing its real colors.  Genuine love is so unique and so strong and unmistakable.  It is there for the receiver to receive and giver to give and it is one complete cycle this gift giving and receiving of love.  It is the most beautiful imagery and cycle – like the sun and the moon and the stars.  It gives of itself in the process.  I will come back