Charles; Light; Serena; Jonathan - Jonathan Greets His Old Group - The Essence of the Teachings of Jesus - Jun 22, and 29, 2014 - North Idaho and Lightline

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Subject: No. Idaho Team  2014-06-22
Teacher: Jonathan, Serena
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Jonathan: [Mark] I greet you back, you know I'm here, I am Jonathan for the record but I think it not necessary for those gathered here to know. What's up with me in this moment is a great swelling of gratitude for having been considered and remembered and even perhaps enjoyed. It indeed brings me pleasure to know that our relationship, our association. our fond memories and recollection of each other persists and endures throughout this gulf that appears between us. In truth, we are both coming into the awareness that this gulf is indeed quite small, that in the context of our eternal careers this distance that we perceive at this time, while seeming so great, while standing on one side or the other of this abyss, will be seen as merely another step in our eternal journey, another challenge to be traversed.

But what is so special and magnificent is that through our own desire and sheer force of will, we close this gap at this time. We are able to span the distance because we so choose. During my sojourn on the earthly plane, I was fortunate enough to come into some awareness of this truth and reality and you all will bear witness that we travel great distances when we put our awareness to the task in this regard. We were able to bridge this gap with other personalities and bring them into our group and call them our friends. This was all as the result of the faith that we mustered in this process.

This degree of faith that we had grown enabled us to use it as a springboard and to catapult from this faith board out into new and unknown dimensions. My cherished association with this group was that we were there for each other. We supported each other in these leaps of faith and in these discoveries we made as a result of these leaps. We did not know what would transpire or how it would transpire or under what circumstances and in what time frame. But we believed, we trusted, we exercised our faith that it could be, that it was an option that we had before us. And simply because we pressed forward with faith in these principles, we were rewarded, we are rewarded, ever in this hour.

But these leaps of faith that we made, this stretching of the self, is indeed a trying process for many and in such a life as is first lived on Urantia, episodes of the demonstration of this in action are often fleeting and cyclical. There may be times in ones life where they are strongly motivated to walk this plank of faith and see what comes of it. There are other times in ones life where they are inundated by the trials and tribulations and the demands of life so that not much energy may be left to devote to the exploration of spirit and faith.

There are innumerable life changes which come upon individuals and bump them in one direction or another. For you who witness the ebb and flow of spiritual activity among your brethren and friends, it may be seen to you as though some have gained faith, some have lost faith, some have pursued spirit and some have forsaken it. You may be inclined as mortals do to make subsequent assessments and judgements based upon your observations and determinations but I tell you, one of the basic principles you will come to embrace in your spiritual journeys is that no one is in a position to make an assessment or a judgement on anothers spiritual stature.

It is simply not for you to know of the inner lives of your brothers and sisters. You are able to view the fruits of spiritual growth as they are present and as you witness them. To this degree you should be joyous and happy for them but you are not privy to know the inner workings of your fellows, what they are grappling with, what their needs are in this life, what their tools are in this life, what their motivation may be and why. That's what makes this mortal experience so hard of comprehension for all that you get to see is the outer workings, the material manifestations of ones inner spiritual cultivation. You do not get to see what goes on behind the scenes and underneath the production. You cannot tell what challenges they are overcoming day by day, what obstacles they face, what successes that they have in the process. You merely see the physical and tangible results of their process in motion.

As was mentioned earlier in the discussion here, all that you can do is proceed in your fashion with your understanding and your awareness. Offer as much support as you can manage, bring as much awareness and you possess, offer yourself in ministry as you are so able and simply allow the process to unfold. The only part of the process that is up to you is your process and your interface with the grand process. That is all you have jurisdiction over. To make assessments or judgements about others, what they need, how you might help, what they are doing right or what they are doing wrong, are all just a mental exercise on your part, an attempt to understand, an effort to embrace this reality.

But everyone out there is their own mini-verse of experience, of truth, of understanding and awareness and you cannot know what is within this mini-verse of experience. You can barely understand what is in your own mini-verse of awareness. This is all the task that you should undertake in this life, is simply grow in awareness about your experience. Let others uncover their own truths and have their own experiences. This does not mean that you are not keenly interested in the well being and welfare of others and in so far as you are able to support them in their journey, provide stability for them to utilize in their experience, even provide example that they might wish to choose and follow, these are your areas of jurisdiction, your realm of concern. That is it, that and gleaning from this life experience, all that you can manage to stuff into it in the process. Drink this cup to the full, it is short. Soon enough there will be whole new expanses, whole new arenas to engage in.

So seize the moment, grab the day. Do not be so busy that it slips by you unnoticed. Live your life to the fullest of your ideals and your principles and you will provide for others this inspiration, this desire to take from you those attributes which they admire and cherish. That is the game, a simple one and yet seemingly so layered and complex that it appears overwhelming so much of the time. But you all have heard the phrase that God will not give you anymore than you can handle, and this is true. So when it seems as though your lives are full and even overwhelmed, recall this truth that if you could not handle it, it would not be there.

I simply bring you these reminders today as it is so much my pleasure and delight to maintain this relationship and to be a part of each others continuing experience. I thank you all for saving me a seat at the table and for sending me such a welcome invitation. And now, I bid you all be released into the joy of life, to breathe it in to the fullest and savor this moment and all moments throughout your day. We will be in touch again and it is my pleasure to bid you all a good week. Take care, by now.

Serena: [Cathy] On this occasion of remembrance of a life on this planet, I wish to join in the continuing contact. Our preparations are proceeding and proving most fruitful. When this process of the Magisterial Mission preparation began there was an outline provided by the Father in accordance with the Divine will. Connections were made and energies were modified with the goal of bringing this son to Urantia. All has been most successful and is nearing the proper configuration. The advance group has been with you for some time helping facilitate the union of these two spiritual levels. Your welcome and cooperation made the process easier on all levels. We observe a remarkable increase in light and spirit on the planet. It is a blossoming of the original plan into reality. Continue to live in light, continue to experiment with light and spirit. Continue to spend time with stillness and the Father. Continue to be the love and change we desire. Together we are creating the situation needed for a full connection in spirit.


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Subject: No. Idaho Team  2014-06-29
Teacher: Charles, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Good morning friends, yes I am indeed at a seat around your table that you allow for me. I would take my five minutes to offer my public testimony. I would perhaps distill down this desire to have the simplest easiest technique to help you remember about what is in essence, the gospel distilled by your Master and I don't think I could do any better than his choosing to distill its essence down to three small words. Those three words might eternally be: Do unto others. You can add much solution to these three words causing them to expand over a great many different conditions in your experience much as you would take the bullion and make the soup.

But nevertheless, the essence of the soup is the bullion, is how you would wish to be treated as defined by how you would do unto others. Do those things that you would wish others would do to treat you with fairness, to give you the liberty of opportunity, to grant you the fairness that they would grant others, to extend to you these basic aspects of life as you would so do to others. Truly, these three words can be used to bring you back to this place of awareness because you know within yourselves those things that you crave in this life, the idea that you be given a fair shake, thus extending to your desire to be fair to others, the idea that life is to be pursued and happiness is to be pursued, to be extended to others as you would wish it extended to you. These principles are so very basic to the human condition that not only are they easy to recognize in that they are your own internal desire, but they are also easy to witness when others either extend them or they are absent.

It is really not a complicated process at all and these elements are either present or absent in any equation thereby defining their relationship to these divine values, their proximity to this divine grace. All aspects of life can be run through this filter and seen through this lens. Do these attributes and traits exist in this condition or do they lack one or more of them making your choices in life that much easier by defining for you how many and in what quantity does any life equation possess these attributes.

Truly, your desire to look to define life experiences by these attributes is a fruit of the spirit, is evidence that you are more interested in looking at what corresponds with these core and divine values than what simply may have a short term self serving feature. Less and less will you be content with anything that does not have some elements of these truths as part of its composition. Less and less will you settle for conditions which are devoid of these divine values. The example offered here today of reaching a point where one has to stand up and look for a way to alter the equation by bringing in these divine values is a good and serviceable one.

Often times it is not in the debate over facts, figures, rightness and wrongness; it is more often the intentions and the application of these divine principles that takes facts and debate and argument and changes the definition, changes the very values behind the defining process and in so doing gives greater recognition to the, what you call, core values. It is oftentimes easy to get embroiled in the apparent truth or fact or position that is stated and the accuracy and correctness of the position, thinking that you are winning or losing as defined by how many of these facts, figures and correct assumptions you possess over others.

But in the end it will not be the facts or figures which are remembered and which are taken forward in the process of spiritual growth, it will be how people were treated and what values were used in undertaking the discernment of truth and fact. By aiming high in this process, by attempting to define all these different attributes and aspects by the highest spiritual values you are aware of, you may discern a great change in your approach. No longer will your facts or figures be threatened by another but your values may be imposed upon the equation regardless of positions that are being taken, regardless of truth which may be possessed, regardless of strong inclinations and feelings about these positions.

Nevertheless, these may all be conditioned by the imposition of the greater value of love, peace, grace and the willingness to abide by these higher principles. It is hard to be truly at odds with your fellows while at the same time understanding that love and peace are the overarching values behind your relationship, behind your working with other individuals. Certainly this softens any position you might take when you consider that you are taking this position with or against your brother who has equal passion and caring for their country, for their loved ones, for their cause and is motivated just as you are to be there for the good of their cause.

Suddenly you find yourselves on the same side with simply a difference of opinion as to how to proceed forward and the distance between you narrows further and further as you discern that they are a child of God as you are, a brother or sister to you in the process, a friend of the organization or the group just as you are and that the differences which seemed so vast when argued as right or wrong, literally become rather minor distinctions of passion and of perspective. Try to remember this about those who you judge to be so far off track in your personal assessment. They are equally impassioned to defend their organization, their country, their cause. They simply see their facts and their truth as supporting a different perspective and a different approach but they are nonetheless servants to their desire to stand up for what they see as right.

Acts of loving kindness may go far further towards enabling them to see alternate perspectives than a challenging stance of my way is better than yours. This is perhaps easier to say than to do when you are confronted with those who are acting  unkindly or unloving in their defense of their position. But, I invite you to all see this as an opportunity not to embrace them on their level of passion but to illuminate from your level of compassion, not to concede to their way of thinking perhaps but rather to allow for their way of thinking and to offer different perspectives, an alternative from a place of sharing rather than from a stance of defense.

It is exceedingly difficult but only the master could lay down their weapon in the face of an attack in confidence that the higher way will in fact not need a defense, but rather the higher way is presented, is simply there to be chosen, not to be enforced. This runs contradictory to your entire human history and condition where laws may be imposed, restrictions may be required and entire civilizations have been vanquished to impose new cultural ways of life and different ideas of truth. It will take great spiritual masters to lay down those very techniques and pick up new ones, to be the examples that can be chosen freely rather than the enforcers of a "better way".

I understand that this is a challenge and that your history dictates to you that you must stand strong against opposition or be overrun and I suppose there is some element of truth in that you may be overrun by those whose value systems are devoid of accepting these divine principles but the only true way through this quagmire of the defense of positions on both sides will be the ultimate acceptance of positions on both sides and the laying down of the weapons used in defense in favor of the approach of both accepting these "core values" and divine principles as their guiding light.

There will always be the different perspectives of how to get this done, what is the proper way to proceed and what are good attributes  and bad attributes. There will never be a time where all of humanity thinks with one mind and one perspective. That is not the goal of this evolutionary sphere. The goal is to embrace the awareness that acceptance of these divergent approaches and viewpoints may be not only be tolerated, not only allowed, but may be embraced as part of the character and nature of the human condition. Particularly when mankind is overlaid with these divine principles and values, then these smaller differences tend to become crowded out by the greater acceptances and these wedges of division that you experience now in your human condition become smaller and smaller.

You are far more alike as human beings than you are ever different and yet it is these differences which cause so much of the issues and problems before you. If all of mankind could only be reminded of this simple truth, how very similar you all are. You all desire these same basic "core values" within, so how different can you really be? Surely you see things from different cultural perspectives and perspectives of all kinds, but nevertheless, you all desire these same basic principles condensed down into: "Do unto others as you would wish they would do unto you".

So when in doubt, I invite you to use this simple phrase your Master has brought to this world thousands of years ago now and pick it up as a banner. It is called the 'Golden Rule' for a reason. It is the distillation of the entire message of your Master, simply do unto others and allow that others may feel as though they are in service, making their point and defending their position. But lovingly and gently remind them and yourselves: Is this the way you would like to be treated? Would this rule or law or position, if applied to me, be the way I would want to be treated? This will allow you to make quick and simple judgements.

As has been mentioned in this group, your Master was truly a genius and this gift that he has given all of us is a 'Golden Rule' to live by on which I could not expand any better. Thank you for the opportunity to make my comments. I know now that it is a part of the record and I thank you for the opportunity. I bid you all a good week.  

Light: [Cathy] Love is certainly the answer to all conflict and the lubricant in all social interaction. Love is the essence of the Father, our Creator. Love is the tool that can be used in conflict situations. The companion of love is light. Both come from the First Source and Center as a gift to you, His children. Light brings all conflict and abnormality back to the original plan of the Father. Our encouragement is to experiment with Light as we find opportunity. Bring Light with you as you go through your daily activities. Send Light to those who are in disharmony. Along with the Light, love will flow freely and will be liberally applied. This is the antidote to conflict and anger. This is what you can do to bring balance to the situations. This is your tool to be brought out and used. The basic understanding is all that is needed to proceed. Your skill and speed of action will increase with practice. You will be supported in this action. The whole universe supports you with love.