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              JUNE 09, 2014




              FROM SALVINGTON

































Broadcast Note:

My reception of this broadcast began earlier this morning as I began responding to questions from others, and it quickly followed that Salvington was on line.  This broadcast informs of the Deity Investiture of the Three Thrones of Authority, and each Throne represents one feature of the rulership of this planet we call both earth and Urantia.


The Investiture Ceremony is a solemn and moving tribute to the rulership of God on earth, and it is meant to convey the seriousness the Deities hold to maintain life on a planet and to provide its sustenance.


This Broadcast is a little unusual because I asked permission to add two graphics to its presentation to each of you.  I maintain that sometimes a picture is essential to either convey what something really looks like, or to suggest what something looks like that has not been revealed to us otherwise.  I wish to convey my thanks to Michael of Nebadon, Mother Spirit, and the Trinity Teacher Son, Margul, for their patience as I built up these pictures to display to give the reader a sense of the dignity and the power of God, even as the three chairs or thrones are now empty, awaiting the Investiture of God to take place when Jesus returns and is able to physically participate within the Temple as he dedicates it to the Universal Father that fateful day.


This Broadcast was not to all Salvington or even to Urantia, for it was dedicated to me personally for wanting to understand the need of God’s children to have a place to hold dear, and to hold well during the crisis we will all suffer together on Urantia in the coming days.  Broadcast Two was specifically designed to tell me how the various authorities would sit and rule for the decisions that would guide Urantia into Light and Life during the Magisterial Mission.


The document herein is a rehearsal for another Broadcast planned further down the road of the new fifth epochal dispensation to be declared within a short time, and of the Opening of The Magisterial Mission, discussed as the subject of Broadcast One made one week ago from today.


For the next ten years, the chairs will be presided over by Machiventa Melchizedek and the twelve receivers, who are now on Urantia, and who have assumed their duties as the first Receivers in the history of Nebadon to rule over a planet no longer declared in default.  Urantia has now a Melchizedek Government as opposed to the Seraphic Government narrated in the Urantia Book as Paper 114.  Because Paper 114 is so outdated by the changes the Melchizedeks have instituted, a whole new era of Urantia Papers will be forthcoming to diagnose the workings of the new Melchizedek government on Urantia, and to explain why these changes had to be made now, even before there is a formal recognition of their replacement of the Seraphic Government now disbanded.


As explained by Salvington, below, Jesus will, when the Temple is dedicated in his presence, sit in the middle chair assigned to the bestowal Son of the planet receiving the Father’s Morontia Temple.  I explain this early on, because some extraordinary things are then scheduled when Monjoronson/Serara, formally accepts the first chair on Jesus’ right hand, and an empty chair remains at the left hand of Jesus for now.

You will learn from the Broadcast below, there will be at least two dedications of the Temple and why it has to be done that way as the Magisterial Mission winds down and the Trinity Teacher Son invokes cloture to the Magisterial Mission, declares a new epochal dispensation, the Sixth of world-wide inclusion, and the first Stage of Light and Life is invoked in the name of the Paradise Trinity.


I have allowed myself some leeway in writing, because I am not usually asked to portray things that come up within my own mind.  However, when I asked the Father on Paradise to help me understand why the Temple will have an empty chair for an eternity after the final Investiture of God within the Temple, He kindly explained that the empty chair is an honor, a monument, to those who lost their lives because of the Lucifer rebellion.  I immediately thought of the empty saddle on  the horse in the Kennedy assassination, and I publish its picture, below, as it walked solemnly down Pennsylvania Avenue without a rider and the boots turned outward and the sword breasted in black on that horse’s flanks.  The riderless horse and the empty chair in the Temple are a tribute to those that have fallen in the line of duty; to worship God for his mercy, and to realize that even death need not be eternal, as I have spoken with John Kennedy these months past.  He is gloriously alive, and to our utter amazement, those humans who were imprisoned to die after their death in caves and grottoes of Urantia to hold their souls until they rotted–  these are the nearly 30 million children of God, that have been resurrected in spite of soul death and are alive on Salvington as a new Order called the Briltadorian.


It is now time, dear reader, to hear these pronouncements from Salvington as given to me this morning before noon, and to be prepared as a formal presentation to Urantia sometime within the next forty to forty five years when Monjoronson feels these facts should be given to the general public.


I am Ron Besser, frequently referred to as the Scribe or as Receiver in these Broadcasts, with the dictated Broadcast below to begin.





















The Temple is here!  I am Michael broadcasting from my seat of authority on Salvington, and I wish to repeat, the Morontia Temple dedicated to our Paradise Father is on the earth of Urantia, located on the East Coast of America, where it will stand for all time on Urantia as an evolutionary planet, and as an architectural sphere, when that day comes.


Our work to bring the Temple to Urantia commenced in the year 2002, when I was present at the dedication of the foundation.  The foundation is of normal stone harvested from the sea floor about thirty miles outside of the continental shelf.  The stones are granite blocks shaved off the continent of Africa when it first brushed by what is now the American coast line.  The foundation is thirty feet high and lays upon a fine mesh of stone brought up from the sea,  near Little Rock, Arkansas, and it is of a very fine marble found only in that place in America.


In our estimation, the sea floor near Raleigh, North Carolina, would have been our choice for the Temple location, but it has one problem we cannot yet solve, and that is it will be inundated briefly by the rising sea levels as America stands ready to protect millions who flee the sea from the western part of the United States and north from the Canadian shield into the Mississippi River.  These coming times will be terrible and the loss of life unavoidable, so then the Temple had to be placed in the safest part of America possible, and that was found on the coast of Rhode Island.  It stands in one of the most isolated landscapes possible and is hardly ever visited by people even today.


The Temple, when fully finished (it is about two-thirds finished as this is written), there will be twelve stories in all.  Each story will be one hundred feet wide and thirty feet tall.  It will have monumental floors of stone and ash from Mt. Saint Helens deathly explosion which killed, by our records, one thousand five hundred people, and destroyed over 1 million acres of conifers, plus millions of fish and other wildlife.  The floors are in the memory of the loss of life in America and also around the world for eons from volcanos from Italy to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and India and all the places in China and other countries who have suffered such devastation.  Ash from all of these countries is in the floors of the Temple, but Mt. St. Helen’s predominates because of its beautiful grain when polished.


The new Temple dedicated to the Father of us All, is meant to bridge the gap between those who have no idea who God is, or where God lives, but to all who need God, in spite of this ignorance.  Each of the twelve floors has table and chairs of great beauty to rest upon to either meditate or just to sit and take in the magnificent glory of rock crystal and hard bits of carbon you call diamonds on Uranita.


The first four floors of the Temple are welcoming everyone who wishes to view them.  The next five floors are off limits to all except those who serve on the Magisterial Mission and the Michael Mission for the second return of Jesus.  The top three floors are dedicated to morontia ascenders only, and they must be morontia to enter these chambers as these floors are embellished with the grandeur of the mansion worlds on high and to mortals in the flesh, the rooms would appear empty.


When entering the Temple, all must remove shoes and socks and wear the slippers we have prepared for this experience.  The slippers will kill all bacteria and cleanse any extraneous materials caught on the feet.  When the feet are placed in these slippers, they automatically assign the ascender to the room he should first visit.  They are intelligent slippers and have mind reading chips in the toe area or front of the slipper beneath the real cloth they are made of.  The slippers do not direct the wearer, but the wearer is directed by what Salvington calls a “life beam” located in the ceiling of the hallways, and it directs the decision taking areas of the mind complex to follow its proscriptions.









The Father's Temple will lay dormant on Urantia until Jesus arrives to dedicate it to Urantia.


Jesus, when he mounts the twelve steps to the Temple door, will enter into the doorway that is embellished for all mortal eyes to see, and he will enter the sacred placement of the Sacraments, which consist of a prayer cloth and a cup of water.  Here, he and all who enter the Temple take this drink and prepare themselves to be moved to the directed room the life beam has prepared for them, which is almost always the room to pray to the Father.  Jesus will pray to the Father and ask for his thoughts and decisions concerning the Temple’s dedication ceremony to follow.


With the Father's approval to Michael, as only Michael can hear the Universal Father in this Temple dedication ceremony at this time, and Michael/Jesus,  upon receiving t he Father's ascent to continue with the ceremony, Jesus will place himself in the center chair of three chairs aligned in a horizontal row to face the assembled audience in front of, and below, them.  The audience chamber is not large, but it contains at least room for 50,000 morontia ascenders and perhaps that many mortals to sit and listen.


The three chairs are the places for the rulers of Urantia to sit upon, as even in spirit, forms bend to be able to do what humans call sitting, and when Michael sits down in the middle chair as Jesus, there comes into the Temple to the right side of the sitting Jesus, the Paradise Avonal Son, Serara, and he will take the seat next to Jesus.  Serara,  then opens a book he carries in his right hand, and gives it to Michael to sign as Jesus, and as the titular ruler of Urantia.


Next Serara, will sign the book.  They then place the open book on a small pedestal located some distance in front of them,  slightly to Monjoronson's right side, and await the entry of the Most Highs which can not be seen by mortal eyes. 


The Most Highs will enter from a place off stage to walk to the right side of Jesus as well.  The presence of the Most Highs is known to mortals, because a small flame erupts above the dais (also called the pedestal), and the flame burns clear and blue over the head of anyone who moves to speak from the dais,


The third chair, which is on Jesus' left side, belongs to the Most High, who now represents the Finaliter of Choice, who will be designated as the Chief of Finaliters on Urantia.  This Chair has no Finaliter, as the Finaliter of Choice to fill this chair is none other than a Perfected Mortal who made the choice to be among the people when he served on Urantia, and that is the will of the Father, that Jesus himself, when activated in the Circle of Infinity on Paradise, and who takes the oath of office to serve the Father and the Trinity forever more, will take his place in the third chair later in the century to follow the investiture of Serara as acting bestowal Son for Urantia, when Jesus assumes the role of Finaliter in the last chair.


When Jesus ascends as a perfected human and has found the Deities as all ascenders must do to be able to take the Oath to the Trinity and serve them and the Father; Jesus will become a Finaliter as a Finaliter Company of One, and then he will travel to Urantia to take his place on the empty third chair in the Temple on Urantia.  He will serve as the presence of the Father and the Eternal Son on Urantia.


Jesus will be promoted on Paradise and becomes a Finaliter of record on Salvington and on Paradise, and Edentia, and all other Systems and Constellations in all of Orvonton, the seventh superuniverse of his habitation and Creator Sovereignty.  Jesus leaves the middle chair as the bestowal Son to Urantia, and in doing so, signals to the Father, that the bestowal Son for Urantia is not only Jesus, but Serara too.  When bidden, Serara will leave the planet Urantia for the Isle of Paradise.  There he will take the Oath of Office in the Temple Garden also located on Paradise.  The time elapse from the time of leaving Urantia to Serara’s return, will be about 30 Urantia days.  On Paradise,  and in the Temple Garden on Paradise, Serara lays a wreath at a crystal marker planted there by the Deities of the Realm, personages who are not revealed to Urantia mortals ever.  The marker recognizes and empowers Michael’s Sovereignty on earth, Nebadon, and Paradise, as a Creator Son of unusual abilities and of courage far beyond the call of duty in any universe known today.   “Michael's Sovereignty on Paradise”.***


(*** “Michael's Sovereignty on Paradise” - it is a phrase not revealed as to meaning or as to its effectiveness on Urantia or Uversa or Salvington or the Constellations of all places in Nebadon and Orvonton.  It is a sweeping indictment of the power of God to right the wrongs of rebellion and sin, and it will be placed in visible form on Urantia when the Temple is rededicated on Urantia when it begins its first eras of Light and Life at the conclusion of the Magisterial Mission.  “I am Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son of record for Urantia's first ruling Son from the Trinity, and I assign to all who read these pages that Urantia will then begin huge and sweeping changes that will come forth as we change gears from a Magisterial Mission to a Trinity Teacher Son Mission.  I am Margul, and I represent the ten Trinity Teacher Sons already stationed on Urantia to fulfill our duties as ruling Sons of the Trinity.”)


Upon the return of Serara to Urantia, the Temple will be rededicated again, and a wreath of bronze and crystal will be laid on the dais where Michael now speaks as the Finaliter of Record on Urantia, and as Chief of all Finaliters on Urantia, representing the personal appearance of the Universal Father to all beings who serve on our planet.  Serara now sits in the middle seat to fulfill Michael’s request that he represent the bestowal Son in the Temple in place of Jesus.  This act of Sovereignty by Michael to place Serara in the chair of the bestowal Son in no manner negates Michael/Jesus as that Son, but prepares Serara to become the acting head of bestowal Sons of Nebadon on Salvington.


The empty chair vacated by Serara, is now confirmed as the empty chair for all time, forever more, as Urantia becomes the first planet to show and empty chair for all of those lost in the Lucifer Rebellion.


(Ron:  I am given the solemn picture to my mind of those events all those years ago when we lost John Kennedy to an assassin.  I remember, in those cold days of November, 1963, in the Pennsylvania Avenue procession, a single horse, being taken in hand down the barren scene of weeping mourners, with its empty saddle, and the feeling of the emptiness of humanity without compensating words for their loss. 


The empty saddle is a universal recognition of a fallen leader who is greatly missed and lamented as to the folly of war, whether war in heaven or on the Marne of the First World War.  The empty chair is an iconic gesture representing loss and grief, and Michael himself asked this of the Father himself, so as to show that all the universe mourns the loss of life of the divine Sons, the angels, and of orders we do not know the names of yet.  The human toll of loss of life is not estimable, but it is at least 30 million souls who became trapped in the Urantia grid, died ingloriously when their soul energies could not reenviciate their soul lives on mansonia.  The empty saddle, the empty chair,  is not the last word for the Temple, but it serves poignantly to remind us that the life of one ascender,  or of one angel or of a divine Son,  is irreplaceable. 


The empty saddle, the empty chair, will be redeemed someday in the Temple itself, but for now there is only the empty chair to remind us that dying is without glamor, but when serving with Michael and to die for the cause of spirit sovereignty on any planet, such is the worth of the promise of the Michael banner, that we all will become one in the living God on Paradise.   I am given this solemn picture, and then Michael's words to record among my own words as I tell you of this experience given to me this day of 9 June, 2014.)



The Kennedy Assassination, State Funeral,  Riderless Horse Passing By Mourners, Nov 25, 1963


























The Father's Temple will prevail on Urantia for more than a millennium, but at the end of that time, and in its place, there will come another magnificent edifice ordered by Michael himself as Sovereign of Nebadon.  The Second Temple is now ordered for a future time on Urantia to commemorate all lost souls, morontia ascenders, angels, midwayers, and a host of other orders not known to you, plus a universe of thirty million ascending souls now reclaimed by the Father to live again.   These souls are repatriated to a special place on Salvington, and not on the mansion worlds as one would expect.  They live on perpetually to ascend to God and are classified as survivors under a new Order, called the Briltadorians. 


Your Scribe writing these words has spoken with them, and he was asked to plant the plant called a Caladium, a plant that has a leaf shaped much like an arrow and comes in various colors.  The Briltadorian who came to Ron, asked him to remember them with a Caladium in his garden that had a white leaf speckled in green.  The plant was found and planted and a little metal post placed behind it with the message, “In Memory to the Briltadorians."


The Briltadorians lived on Urantia for a brief period of time to access memories they left behind as children of God on Urantia, before they were annihilated by Caligastia in the caves and grottoes and byways of the Urantia landscape.  The Scribe knew of their existence for years, but was never allowed to learn the details of who they were until now.

[Ron: I would ask all who read these heartfelt words to recall that Lucifer and Caligastia destroyed so much life on Urantia, the children of God, like the Briltadorians, and a whole host of other similar beings on Urantia, that only God truly knows the total number lost.


One of the most touching moments I have ever had in this mortal life was to be approached by a spokesman for the Briltadorians, the last day of May, 2014, to tell me this was a glorious moment for him and his fellow ascenders of this new Order.  He told me that he and his family of Briltadorians were being released by a decree by Michael jointly issued with Nebadonia, our Mother Spirit, that they are to be ascenders once again from Salvington, pending the fusion of the rest of them not yet fused already, and that they would never return to Urantia for many dispensations from now.


It moved me to tears and I wanted to do something for them, something personal and as a gesture between these lost generations of men and women who led mortal lives as Neanderthals humans and Cro Magnon humans as well as Andonites, and some other mixed races lost to history today.  Their leader asked of me to plant, in their memory, the plant in my garden described above.


In turn, I ask you my readers, to take to heart what the Lucifer rebellion has done to us, and to give some memory to those who were at first lost to Lucifer and Caligastia, and find it in your heart to plant a Caladium in your garden with a little handwritten plaque of wire and wood, saying, “This treasure of nature is dedicated to the memory of all lost to the planetary rebellion.” 


They will know, I assure you, They will know!]


I now close this UNIVERSE BROADCAST, OF THE URANTIA SERIES NUMBER 217457; NUMBER TWO, June 09, 2014, made from Salvington and broadcast only to the Scribe.  He is to release this as a favor to Michael of Nebadon; Serara, our Avonal Son, and from Machiventa Melchizedek, who tears if he could to see the touching memories associated with the Briltadorians, as they served under him for nearly one hundred years of universe time, and now have been returned home.