Gorman; Jonathan; Nebadonia; Charles; Light; Tomas - Aug 22, Sep 01 and 12, 2013 - Three Transcripts, Lightline and North Idaho

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Transcript 1
Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2013-08-22
Teacher: Gorman
T/R: Henry Zeringue

Prayer: Mother/Father God, we thank you for this connection, we thank you for your presence here this evening, your presence co-mingled with our circle of love and friendship on this call. We thank you for this opportunity.

Teacher Gorman: Greetings this evening, it is I, Gorman, delighted to be here in this circle, this circle of trust, this circle of faith, this circle which has been en-circuited with the presence of spirit. [I am] getting a growing sense of the relationship you have with the Urantia Papers, [with] spirit and with your individual personal lives, keeping abreast of the current situations in your lives as well as attempting to grow spiritually and to connect with the presence of spirit. When you are grounded in this presence of spirit you it grounds you with an overwhelming sensation of peace, of correctness, of love, of humbleness. It shifts the focus out of the frontal lobes of your brain, out of the right brain and into a  more integrated and mutually balanced energy presence.

This connectedness with spirit is made possible through not only the adjutant but the indwelt presence of the Adjuster and the relationship between spirit and humans. You are surrounded by the presence of seraphim and those orders of beings who may not directly have access to your mind. They are not as personal as the Adjuster which has access your mind and is  personal. But all spirit acts as one so that however you view or imagine spirit, spirit can connect in that sense.  However you can visualize it, it is not unlike a binary system which is a system which uses two symbols and sequencing of those symbols to indicate elements of the system. In that sense you either are opening up to spirit or you are not, it is either/or. So in this sense spirit is tremendously approachable and spirit is ever present.

There are many ways in which you can use spirit. You can ask questions of spirit, personal questions. You can allow spirit to help you with parts of your life, problems you may be dealing with, things that you have to negotiate and manage. In time it can help you with a greater understanding of things. Spirit is a tremendous resource for love. Spirit is tremendously conscious. When mankind and human consciousness focus, the presence of spirit is more discernible. To access spiritual qualities you are using qualified access. Discernment is a quality much as intuition and understanding and these aspects of spirit are qualities. Through the accessing of these qualities you can't help but become more qualified in your own spirituality.

The most important aspect of spirituality is the quality of life that it lends to you. It puts you in a position to pay attention, to discern things with greater depth, to begin to discern the fruits of the spirit and all of those qualities such as patience. You can live a life led by your ego. The insatiable yearnings of the ego mind can pass for a quality of life for a while but it does not have the sustainability that a spiritual life renders to the human personality. Part of the yearning of the mind is to have a sustaining substantial relationship which yields all of the qualities in your life.

It is true, your lives could be more spontaneous, more intuitively led, more intuitively lived. Sometimes life forces you into spontaneity where the human aspect of the mind wants to order things in a certain way, that things never change; but the fact is that it is really important that your mind changes. It is not healthy to stay locked into one particular frame of thought, one particular way of acting because life demands that you respond to whatever it gives you and it doesn't give everyone the same thing. You are all challenged in your lives.

Spirituality does not necessarily make your lives easier. What is does is it makes living your life easier because you are living your life with a greater understanding, a greater knowledge of who you are and who you are becoming. You don't have to freak out at every little thing that comes up in your life. Spirituality allows you to take things in stride. It allows you to see greater ramifications of consequences of your decisions in action so that you learn best how to do things which serve you in the end and all the way through. You never get a sense that spirit is forcing you. Spirit may be trying to show you something and to that end you may have to repeat things several times until you see what it is that you are supposed to look at. Many times things can be happening and you're not paying attention, you are focused on something else but these things happened.

I think in all of the aspects of spirit, probably the most important would be to ground with the presence of spirit. This way, no matter what you are doing you are generally more conscious of spiritual presence once you are spiritually grounded.  It is a lot easier to maintain a spiritual poise to your life. It is a constant situation which must be accessed. It is not something you access once and it's permanent. As you are well aware, spirit is very subtle. There are times where its presence and meaning can be quite strong but nonetheless it comes on subtly. It is like the wind, you are constantly adjusting your sails to accommodate the wind. The wind is not always in the same place, in the same direction at the same intensity, as is spirit. You are constantly adjusting to accommodate its presence.

It's like the old rabbit ear antennas. Sometimes you have to play with them to pull in a channel, you have to adjust them, sometimes you have to move the location and readjust. So whatever it takes, your awareness and your sensibility is always being challenged. Probably one of the greatest detriments in a spiritual sense is doubt. Human minds are doubtful and it is challenging to grow beyond the sense of doubt and begin to have a certainty and begin to trust and have more faith. Doubt is one step removed from faith and one step removed from fear. Faith and trust go hand in hand.

So in your meditations and in your thoughts, bring in the presence of spirit. Ground in its presence until you get a sense. Continue on your paths my friends and continue to know that you are loved and cared for, watched and being led by the great benevolent presence of spirit. My friends, go in peace and I thank you for the opportunity we have had, again to come together on this call and experience the human spiritual presence, thank you.


Transcript 2
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-09-01
Teacher: Jonathan, Nebadonia
T/R: Allene Vick, Cathy Morris

Jonathan: [Allene] Good morning, this is Jonathan. I have been most interested in listening to the discussion this morning between all of you. I wish to tell you that you are living in extraordinary times right now. You have mentioned before that a lot of things were happening but they were underneath the surface and not particularly available for most of you to know about; however, times are changing and much that has been happening is going to begin to surface for more to become aware of. You are truly in the Correcting Time in a magnitude of ways, covering everything on your planet. I look forward to sharing more information with you as we discuss these things. Today I would just like to assure you that yes, a lot is going on and it's wonderful. In our group we have such open minds to be able to be open to some ideas that would be very off-putting to most people, they wouldn't even give it a second thought, they would dismiss it as being totally out of hand.

I look forward to our having more discussions in the not too distant future about some of the tools that I have mentioned and some of the other things that are available to you and are also becoming available to others on your planet in a wide range of areas. This is truly an amazing time. The energies and frequencies that are directed to your planet now are creating all kinds and types of new opportunities in almost every single area you can think about. I might suggest that each one of you take some time this week to think about the areas that are of interest to you and formulate some questions after you comply with reflecting and pondering on what it is that is of interest to you.This might be a better way to start to learn about the new developments on our planet.

I very much look forward to being with you in this new process that is upon us and it is indeed very new. I find these sessions together have the potential to be very powerful in sharing with others to let them know about the new developments that are taking place on the world today, not only with your words and ideas and the things that come from celestials to this group but also understanding the importance of the focus of the energy and love and lightyou know to different areas or people how important that is and how effective it is as a very powerful tool for healing your world and different areas of the world and different problems in the world. This is much more powerful and effective than any of you are aware of at this time so sharing this information to sharing our transcripts from this group is a very important and worthwhile way to share and contribute to the Correcting Time. I assure you this is going to get to be very interesting very quickly.

Nebadonia: [Cathy] My children, I am your Mother holding you in my embrace of light. I am supporting your efforts to experiment with light and healing. I have increased the availability of energy to be manipulated and enhanced. I have systems in place to guide the focus of this energy for the enhancement of the plan of progress. Michael's plan is indeed moving forward and in some aspects is ahead of expectations. It is aided by each input of the light workers. As light workers, you have the ability to raise the effectiveness of the action of light to clear the remaining darkness and disfunction. In your daily interaction with light is the potential for healing the planet and all of its occupants. We of course are always with you in support of your experimentation and application of light.

The question has been posed: Is there a way to enhance the physical body to enhance these light experiments? There is indeed a correlation between the physical body and the ability to use the power of light. Now it is most important to eat healthy foods and get enough rest. The fuel of the body is acted upon on the cellular level. This process is impaired if chemicals are allowed to flood the bloodstream. Since the light energy is acting upon this cellular level too, it is helpful if toxins are eliminated as much as possible so that there is less interference. As each cell maximizes its operation, you will glow brighter as beacons of the light and the light will be able to flow through you in a more effective way. If there is a blocked area in body or spirit, I am able to join with Michael to help you clear this blockage. Feel free to ask for our help with this cleaning of your lens. We are most happy to "clean you up" my children. My love to you as I embrace you with love and affection, good bye.


Transcript 3
Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2013-09-12
Teacher: Charles, Light, Tomas
T/R: Mark Rogers, Gerdean O'dell

Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, share the journey with us, guide us along as we take the steps of faith realizing that we are always in your embrace and that we cannot be too far, too separated, too individual, that we are a part of the whole and you are a part of the whole and therefore we are connected throughout, even our feelings of isolation and separateness. Be with us when these feelings may wash over us. Help us to feel the connection that we have with you by virtue of being part of the whole, the same whole. Help us to be confident in this truth and reside with this reality.Now we approach you in faith that you will  have something that you would share with us through one of your emissaries of light. We now invite you to access this forum, to join us as we approach in faith. Let it be so, even now.  

Charles: [Mark] It is my pleasure to greet you this evening, I am Charles and I would be happy to work with the threads offered here, to weave together some new strands of awareness and understanding. Let us consider what it is to be a part of the whole, a fragment of the total, a piece of the overall, that somehow you are made of the whole, that your part helps complete the whole, that your peace is vital to the whole and your piece is unique in contrast to the whole. You are in fact defined by your relationship to the whole, how much of it you are aware of, how much of it you access at any time, how much of it you portray in your daily lives.

These truly define you because you are defined in context with the whole. Your piece, your aspect that is so unique and individual is an integral part of the mosaic that is simply incomplete without it. And so here you are, this individual vital piece and you are known and cherished and needed and loved by the entire mosaic who all know that without you they are incomplete, that your piece is of significance. In this way you can feel that you are truly connected, even desired, even needed to complete the entire mosaic. In this way you can feel the connection to all the other pieces and parts that make up the whole. In this way you see yourself in relationship to all that is. You are not so much some aspects that you observe and you are more like other aspects that you observe. You can relate to certain features that you observe and be turned off by other aspects that you witness. All of this, all of these settings define you, make you unique and individual.

In order to be a unique individual, one ends up claiming their own territory as it were, staking their own claim to aspects of reality that they either want or don't want to be a part of. In this process they define themselves by what they surround themselves with. This is how you are defining yourselves as individuals, by all the other aspects and your relationship to them. And so, while one is busily engaged in this process of defining oneself though every decision, through every interpretation, every position taken, one sees themselves more and more as separate and distinct, that is not like the rest of everything but unique and separate and different. This is very true and real. The more one defines them self as different from their environment, the more one tends to feel isolated or secluded or cut off. So it is a challenge for you to maintain your assurance that you are indeed part of the whole and simultaneously you are a unique fragment of the whole, an individual aspect. Both can be true side by side and coexist in perfect harmony.

As for this notion of sometimes feeling in or out of the flow, I invite you to bear witness to the fact that great connections are made at the point of choosing to do so, that it is not as though access to anything is limited. What is limited is the desire and the will to participate. If one decides that creating a connection with any flow that is in motion is important, then it is easy enough and a connection is made and the experience is real that one has connected themselves to a certain flow and they are now a part of that flow, part of that energy in motion. This is easily done and it is just as easily undone, it is simply a matter of choosing to engage or simply allowing disengagement. Either way, it falls to the choice of the individual as to what connections are maintained, what flows are you in and what flows are you out of. There are no wrong answers necessarily, it is simply ebbs and flows as the desires to engage ebb and flow.

I believe that should do for my contribution here this evening. Knowing that this opportunity is cherished I will allow for others to access it. I remain in attendance if there are any questions or dialog that would be offered, thank you.

Light: [Mark] I would take advantage of this opportunity provided, I am Light. It is always my pleasure to be given a chance to work within these parameters that we have established here. I am ever willing to offer my services to forge any new pathways, to create any additional methods in this process that we are involved in creating at this time.

As you all know or at least you all have a sense, these are times of great change and great promise and the fact that this is so provides great leverage to be used by those who would take advantage of this opportunity. And so, I approach this group here and now. We are the ones assembled to hear these words to get on the same page as it were, to create the reality of the hour. That is our mission and that is all our mission need be, this hour by hour, choice by choice, creation by creation. The fact that we are sharing these words is a creation, is a choice that we've activated. Now we take advantage of that opportunity and springboard forward and we are able to communicate spiritual truths, even morontial aspects, all because we have ventured forward in faith and desired to take the next step. Always you will find the next step will be provided for you, the next door will be opened when you knock, the next opportunity presented immediately before you.

And so it is we enjoy this very moment of opportunity, this very time we come together in support of such an opportunity. In this discussion of being an aspect of the whole, I cannot impress upon you enough how much the significance of this truth will change you lives. If you consider that as a piece you are a reflection of the whole and that you have access to the whole because you are a piece, that your destiny is to be rejoined with the whole and your journey is one of expression of those aspects of your individual being manifesting and expressing as the colors on the piece that you offer to the mosaic.

Such is the purpose of this life. You are not here to save the world. You are not here to be asked to do much more in this life than to simply tend to your own inner garden and be the best fragment of the whole that you can be, the best reflection of the whole that is possible, even the best portal to the whole that you can envision for many individuals out there may have their greatest experience of the whole when they experience you as the fragment of the whole, you as the way to the whole, as the reflection. That truly is your mission if you have one and all else that happens are just opportunities for you to express the self in different aspects of being.

So, that being said, I invite you to join me in a petition to be the best fragment that we can be of the great whole of which we are all a part, the best piece that we can be, the most reflective of the greatness and goodness of all that is and in this, let us recall the relationship that we have to every one else who is an aspect of the whole, each individual fragment, sacred and related to us. Let us broaden our awareness to embrace these truths as we move forward in our spiritual growth and ascension.

Thank you for the gift of this relationship, may we explore it to its depths. Thank you all for listening to these words this evening. It is always a pleasure to join with those who join together in spirit. We are coming together in this aspect of our relationship and it is a joy and a pleasure. Thank you all, farewell.  

Tomas: [Gerdean] I've been invited by our host who simply issued the word "opportunity" and I was prompted to awaken from my stupor and come forth, Tomas the opportunist. A pleasant stupor I might add, as is always the case of those of us who enjoy the camaraderie of their relationships, the peace and comfort that comes from spending time in a safe environment with those we love and who love us in return. Such a comfort zone is that which all agondonters seek, so it is the antithesis of being in the isolated state of having nowhere to turn but your own faith for succor. Those agondonters who believe without seeing perforce live in the brisk and bracing cold but keeps them alert to a spiritual survival as well as opportunities to serve and what a joy we feel and we feel as we reflect upon it, this comfort zone that we pull over ourselves like a warm blanket against the isolation.

It is said in the text that we languish in isolation and this is the reason one of our first admonishments to you was and remains the practice of Stillness, for within Stillness you develop the connection with the Father/God Fragment that assures you that no matter what the circumstances, you are not alone. You always have that connection with Father/God alive and well within you. The practice of Stillness will keep you connected, yes, even when you find yourself in long range, long term isolated circumstances.

But, relating to the lesson on the part and the whole, you can also become part of that which is, even if it is not the ideal and in fact, that is where the work is, that is the arena where the opportunities abound, in that milieu of humanity where you don't really fit. They are really not enough to satisfy your perfection hunger and so you are compelled to give to the situation since there is nothing you can derive from it that compares to the camaraderie we know as sons and daughters of the living God. And in that we become the whole. We can let down our defenses, we can let down our barriers, we can rejoice in the oneness we share even though our philosophies and beliefs may differ. When we allow ourselves the liberty of splashing in the living waters we have that childlike glee that comes from our faith.

It helps to remember your circumstances so as not to get lost and this practice of Stillness is an anchor for you. As long as you are anchored in spirit reality you cannot get too lost, you cannot feel too isolated because the Father is right there, right there in your inner sanctuary, the citadel of the spirit. Even though you may grow weary and languish in the isolation of not having fellow believers to provide you with strength and encouragement, humor and all those good things of camaraderie and fellowship, all you need is within you and it will carry you until the next wave of sociability, affability, filiality and such comfort as we know here and now comes our way.

There is a saying going around to the effect that a body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest tends to stay at rest and it is the same way with your spirit reality. Your spirit reality when activated moves along at a merry clip and has no need to slow down or stop except for momentary respite and it's up and at it again, living and serving in the light of being. And when it is at rest, when you allow yourself to become dormant for long seasons, it is more and more difficult to remember the connection, how you got from here to there, it is more difficult to renew that spirit reality. It then may require some of your peers to help you along, to remind you where you come from, what your Source is. You can't get completely lost because you will always find your way home, but those moments of feeling lost or strayed can be very debilitating and stressful, particularly as you don't feel well or are aged or uncertain as to your life's circumstances--just at the time you need God the most.

So don't neglect your Stillness time. By the same token I encourage you to not let your prayer life become a habit, for that too is another way of drifting off, away from the vitality of the spirit into some la-la land of feel-good religion. This works fine for a while but you may find yourself wandering off course and so you are urged to stay on course, keep your eye on the prize and allow yourself to be led joyfully and gayly, vivaciously down the path of life.

I'm glad for the opportunity to come in and say hello, to lend support and camaraderie to my fellow teachers and to my students far and wide. I return the platform now to our host. Amen and farewell.