United Midwayers of Urantia and Their Associates - In The Company of The Lord - Aug 21, 2013 - Felix, Caro - Everett, WA
August 21, 2013
The United Midwayers of Urantia and their Cousins from Abroad


How great thou art my Lord! How great, powerful and loving you are indeed! How beautiful it was to walk with you those days long past in the lands of Palestine. How special it was to spent time with you, to listen to your words, so full of love and the wisdom that only a God made man can possess. You were my greatest source of inspiration to serve, to be loyal and to love without measure then, two thousand years ago, as much as you continue to inspire me today to continue my service to you today, my dear Lord, and in the name of the Universal Father.  What an honor and a privilege it was to serve you, the Creator of an entire universe, as you walked, as you served and taught. How sad it was to see you suffer at the hands of evil mortals! How painful was, oh Lord, to see you in great suffering shed your sacred tears, your holy blood!

How inspiring it was, however, your continuous attitude of love and forgiveness while being attacked and hurt. But you forgave, dear Lord, because you are a true image of our beloved Universal Father, whose mercy is indeed infinite when tested by ignorance, of which those priests and soldiers, and that mob had. We suffered with you every wound inflicted to your sacred being. As you made your way to the site of your ignominious death, how sad it was to see you carrying such a heavy cross, and with it the sins and evil of all humanity. We so much wanted to help you carry such a terrible and heavy material burden, but we were allowed not to interfere with your wishes and the Will of the Universal Father. What a sad day that was, dear Lord, a day that will remain burned in our memory, even as in a distant day we ascend to the Glorious presence of the First Source and Center.  What a silence full of pain we witnessed in the heavens as all of your celestial children witnessed the moment that you gave up your life in that dreaded cross. We never doubted your promise of resurrection as it was in our nature to be certain of it, but the wait was indeed full of reflection and silence.

But after experiencing so much sadness and sorrow how great and glorious was that Sunday morning, oh dear Lord, when you vanquished death with your resurrection! You resurrected and graced us with your glorious company, if only for a few weeks more. Then, as required by your bestowal mission, one day you left, and we were left here, full of happiness and expectation, since we were certain that you would fulfill your promise to return and once again grace us with your loving company.

Dear Lord, we have served you faithfully for two thousand years, seeing the ups and downs of civilizations on Urantia, seeing how some mortals attempted to comprehend your message and live by it, while seeing how other mortals chose to betray your message instead in the pursuit of the fulfillment of empty personal goals. We have served to the best of our abilities, given the difficult spiritual situation of this beloved planet of yours. So many still do not comprehend the true nature of what you came to achieve here with the incredible privilege of your bestowal. In your name and that of our Universal Father we continue to attempt to help humanity to sow the seeds of love, but sometimes the heart of man seems so dry, so barren, that it makes our work very difficult.

But you, dear Lord, are about to fulfill your promise to return, and with your divine assistance we will be able to work very fertile soil in the hearts of men; they will thirst and hunger for your word, they will long for your company, just like many men did in Palestine so long ago. This world will know of true happiness, of sincere and humble service, of love for one another. We will happily work with you again; we will loyally serve you again and we will again witness again how the Universal Father manifests His love and mercy through you.

On this day, dear Lord, we again pledge our allegiance to you and the Universal Father; we once again commit ourselves to be loyal and servile, forever. We also want to wish you, our loving Lord and Creator, a very special and Happy Birthday, in memory of your last and most glorious bestowal.
We love you and await your return soon! We will all, in the company of untold numbers of your other celestial children and the faithful Agondonters of Urantia, be singing hymns of glory as you come to be in our midst again!

From us, the United Midwayers of Urantia to you, dear Lord.

And that was it. Happy Birthday dear Lord! In you we hope, through you we exist, and for you we serve! We love, because you loved us first!

God bless,