Gorman; Charles; Michael; Serena; Light - Four Transcriptions - Jun 27-30 and Jul 11-14, 2013North Idaho and Lightline


Transcript #1
Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2013-06-27
Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Charles, Michael
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

Prayer: [Henry] Mother/Father God, thank you for this circle of friendship we have created here. We ask for your love and guidance, your support. We thank you for the opportunities which are available to us to serve and learn more about ourselves, to become better children.

Teacher Gorman: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Gorman here this evening to step into this circle which has been created for the purpose of experiencing a connection in time between human and spirit. In this connection of time this evening I would like to discuss the moment in time, being in the moment, the place where you are fully conscious, you are fully conscious of who you are, what you are doing, your senses are acute and heightened in the moment. Usually you come into the moment when you are ready to make decisions, exercise choices, where you change the future by the decision you make in the moment, the decisions that you have turned over and analyzed, weighed against each other and have chosen to pursue a certain path, partly to bring in a future which is more compatible with who you are and what you intend to do and to have that synchronized, to have a fullness of the moment, create a fullness in time in the future.

One of the problems confronting people on this planet in their ability to come to terms with the moment and to settle and identify with the moment has a lot to do with trauma, traumatic experiences. You live on a world which has been traumatized in many ways. There has been a covert trauma many centuries ago when the spiritual beings in charge of this planet strayed from the original plan, thus not only confusing the gains that it had made with the races of time here but the races of time in their confusion have generated and regenerated and passed on the traumas in their behavior, in their stance, in the patterning of their lives.

One of the effects of trauma and what trauma is, is a situation arises and the body, the psyche, the whole being of who you are at the time are not able to process and deal with what is happening. It creates a traumatic effect, a trauma and what happens with a trauma is that it is translated into the body. It is because the body cannot deal with it at the moment, the body holds it somewhere in itself. Usually it stores it in a weak part of the body. This can be anywhere, an organ, in tissue, in levels and layers of tissue, joints, lymphs. The body, in stuffing this trauma away somewhere to deal with it later, creates this irregular patterning that overlays, sort of like how if you pinch and pull a nylon blanket, the whole form of the blanket responds to that pull.

This is what happens with trauma. Trauma organizes itself to create this patterning that the trauma can safely exist and it is possible that a human being can live its entire life not even becoming aware of this layer of patterning which controls a behavior, creates an inability to settle and be in the moment, to be grounded in the moment of time, to be completely neutral and at ease because a trauma pattern is not neutral, it is irregular. It is creating an imbalance. It is like two identical images and one is a little off register so it creates a sort of an edge, it creates a confusion of lines, of boundaries of behavior. The most difficult of course of traumas are those that happen early in life because those that happen early in life are buried deep and are protected by other irregular layers of traumatic patterning so that you may grow up experiencing these irregularities and thinking that they are quite normal because you basically do not know the difference.

In the times you live in now there are many therapies and trained therapists that deal with traumatic situations and getting humans back to neutral, balancing their nervous system, putting them in real time so that they are able to move forward and progress and assume a fuller life by releasing traumatic patterns, layers and levels of trauma. Many times trauma does not release all at once, it must be titrated, it must be released piece by piece. It may take years for this, the conscious effort to address such things in your bodies, to encounter them in your behavior, in the way that you think, the way that you feel, the way that you react. Coming to terms with these traumatic patterns is your ability to move forward in a more correct integrated and neutral behavior pattern.

Sometimes these behaviors must be relearned and adjusted to bring about a fuller acknowledgement and recognition of such by your peers, your therapist, your family. These traumas inhibit you from finding neutral and being in the moment is a balanced neutral state. It is a grounded state, it is not something confusing or erratic or anything resulting from the inability to be in that moment, to relax the nervous system, that you can sit in a quiet contemplative state, whether it is in stillness; stillness of course is a practice that brings you completely into the moment. Your ability to actually sit in a still non-responsive, aware, yet quiet space, contemplating nothing but experiencing within your soul the presence of God.

Very few people if any alive on the planet live a life with no trauma. The intelligence of good parenting these days insures that children are raised with less and less trauma, yet there are still places on the planet, especially war zones and zones of friction where children become involved with tremendous amounts of trauma which continues the cycle of irregular behavior for another generation. There has never been a time on the planet where the human race was not murdering itself, was not creating havoc, power tripping others, other races, other political people, other tribes, other families.

Though much effort has been gained in minimizing these effects in civilized countries on your world, nonetheless there is still  a long way to go in bringing these patterns. When eventually mankind intends to reach Light and Life a lot of these traumatic patterns will have been resolved on the planet and will be reduced to a bare minimum, eventually to become isolated and extinguished. Imagine a world with no trauma, where everything is safe, where you are safe to explore and express, where you feel safe and supported to become the person you want to be. This is what happens in a trauma free environment. Nothing is being forced or coerced, no agendas for you. You are free to express who you are and who you are becoming in a way which supports a system in which everyone lives.

Yes, this is an ideal, it is something that can be conceived in the mind and in all actuality in this moment and in this time it begins with you. It begins with your ability to become a person of equanimity in the moment, a person with integrity, a poised and balanced neural system, a mind adept at spiritual perception, a personality which is grounded in the soul, soul consciousness, soul mind, the mind of combined spirit, human awareness and endeavor. These traumas do not mar you for eternal life. The traumas that are not taken care of in this time and space will be dealt with in another for at some point it is important to become whole and one with the Fragment of Spirit Within, that you become of a certain quality.

In examining these thoughts that are brought forth to you this evening, I encourage you to attempt this awareness and understanding within your own souls and your own being, to allow what it is that needs adjusting to reveal itself to you that you may become more productive in the moment, in that moment that you exercise your ability to make correct decisions, choose greater choices for yourself. Depending where you are in your life experience and your spiritual journey, life will always attempt to adjust you in some way and is not always very fair. Sometimes the adjustments are severe and the adjustments are steep but when you have a choice to exercise, you circumvent the effects that life has upon you by choosing which way you intend to move forward without having life choose for you.

Remember that there are no wrong choices. Some choices force you to repeat lessons but only until you become aware that this time around you need to change things. You cannot expect a different result by making the same choice. Many times you have to choose from something you are not familiar with just for the express purpose to learn something new about yourself. So in your quiet times consider these notions and these thoughts. Begin to look at your present situation with a more discerning stance, a clearer understanding. Learn to identify those areas that need work. Learn to recognize the adjustments that need to be made to make you a more whole and complete person, that 100% of you is in the moment, not just the mental intention part but all of you, your body, your mind and your spirit are all synchronized on the same page at the same time.

I thank you for allowing me to express these thoughts. My friends, go in peace, continue your great journey and I now step aside that others may use this forum, good evening.

Charles: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Charles here to offer a little bit more on this theme. While it is good and true and right that one must seek the stillness to position themselves and find where they are in relationship to all that is and even to themselves, there often arises the consideration of how to gain greater perspective about lessons to be learned, about issues particularly pertaining to stress and trauma because there tends to be so much fear and stress around trauma that it is easy to fail to rise above it. It is easy to succumb to the reoccurring fear, doubt and uncertainties and once again see yourself as victimized and playing the same old scenario over again rather than gaining any new insights into what lessons may be learned. So I invite you to consider the following additional approach that you may use.

You have been told that if your mind does not serve you well, it is possible for you to exchange your inappropriate mind and thought patterns for those of the mind of Christ. This you have been made aware is a potential and a possibility that you may access. Now I invite you to consider the experience you may each have had if you watch a movie with other individuals who have different insights and levels of awareness. You find that the movie may be interpreted differently when the different perspectives are added of others and things that you may not have noticed as being important may be pointed out and connections may be made when there are other viewpoints at play during the same movie.

So what if you decided to picture yourself curling up on the couch with Michael to watch the replay of a traumatic event in your life as if you were viewing a movie with the added perspective of your Father/Creator and brother. Immediately you would feel safer, you would feel more secure because it would not hold over you the same control you had given it before, being in the presence of such a protector as Michael. Likewise, what if the mind of Christ were there to help you navigate your way though to see the movie through different eyes, with different values, providing you a whole new perspective on what it was you thought you had seen.

I tell you, there may be no more cogent avenue of approach towards coming to a new awareness, an increased understanding of traumatic events in your life, than to view them side by side with Michael and the mind of Christ. You most certainly will have a different perspective, an enlarged scope of awareness and there is no doubt that you will see these events in a new context, a new place, because when they were originally occurring you were taken by them so much so, that they lodged themselves as resident and part of your being. If you were to look at them with the perspective of Michael, they would seem entirely different, in a much broader context, much less intense, much more meaningful.

You see, there are lessons to be learned in even the most traumatic of events and if you could manage to position yourselves to seek the lessons, find the lessons contained within, take the lessons, embrace the lessons, welcome the lessons contained and let the rest of it fall by the wayside. True, these lessons were earned with significant impact, but then the greatest lessons always are, and if you were to see yourself as sitting side by side on the couch safe and secure with your Divine Parent, surrounded by your Mother and Father who care dearly for you, who would help you interpret what has happened, what has been printed on the reel that is playing which is your life, you would greatly benefit from such an exercise. So I invite you to consider that you have access to this opportunity. As you have been told, if your understanding, if your awareness, if your perception does not serve you completely, there is an upgrade available when you ask to exchange yours with the mind of Michael. So why not give it a try?

That is all I have to present this evening and I believe it is enough. Thank you for hearing my words, bless you all, be in peace, understand that your life is a long movie. Many many scenes are being imprinted on your being. All those scenes will find their place in the context of your eternal career and cannot be seen fairly with just such a short few opening scenes in this life but will be judged more fairly when more has been added to the drama, more has been added to the experience and so be it. Add all you can and create all the context possible so that each event and every event will take its rightful place and you will not see yourself so much as victimized as simply playing different roles, different parts at different times for different purposes with different meaning and values. Be in peace, thank you for hearing my words, farewell.

Michael: [Henry] Greetings to you my children, it is I, Michael, here to bring you safe words of comfort so that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are my children and in the ideal of the child, you are held in mercy, love and compassion. Many a times children grow up with the wrong information. It creates turmoil in their lives. They make bad choices, horrendous decisions and choices. Sometimes even monstrous, inhuman behavior results from incorrect information, traumatic experiences. This does not qualify what a person creates and has done or their behavior but in time and in different places it is the choice and will of the survivor, you will be rehabilitated. You will be made whole, anew, you will be readjusted that you may move forward more correctly.

I do not punish my children. Life is set in motion and life will continue indefinitely. Life has a self correcting mechanism. This is how it is able to survive indefinitely, because inherent in all life is the seed of rebirth. The mind is no different. The mind can be made anew. You can see things differently with a different perspective, yes, even my perspective. The mind that I lived on your world is still on the planet in the form of the Personalized Adjuster which was on loan to my mind during my bestowal on your world. This mind, this Spirit of Truth, this Spirit of Peace is alive and well. Seek out this mind. It has an ability to correct, to balance, to draw you to a neutral, clear space. It can pull you out of a downward spiraling mindset, a confused ambition of life, a treacherous behavior and at some point you will be ready if you choose, to move forward in the love, in the correcting and training which the universe has to offer its ascendant mortals such as yourselves.

Though we do not condone treacherous and inhuman or horrible behavior, nonetheless, life compensates and makes its own adjustments, that the collective body of mankind organize itself, create boundaries, create laws of behavior for its society, all behavior suffers the consequence of such behavior. The spiritual universe does not interfere, yet the spiritual universe is ready to embrace the real you, the penitent you, the forgiving you, the needy you. The spiritual universe and its effect on mind is a balm, a remedy for the confusion, the incorrect information which minds contain, the fraudulent behavior which the individual personality indulges in.

Know that we hold all of you in the same embrace. We intend fullness and happiness, complete integration of body, mind and spirit for all of you no matter where you are in your ascension. Know that as our children, we will take care of you. We will help you get the correction that you need. The choice, as it is now, is entirely yours. At some point you will have better information, more caring supervision. The schools on the mansion worlds have become exceptional in dealing with Urantia based tragedy and trauma, the effects of incorrect information. In the meantime we hold all of you in love and peace, to know that we do care. We care who you are, who you are becoming and how you are becoming. In time you will open up your mind to greater awareness. Unfortunately it may be too late for some of you on this world of nativity but nonetheless, once you pass over you are in able and capable hands, in a loving, trustful and safe environment. We too pray that at some point, the consciousness of man grows into a strong reflection of who we are, a society of peaceful and loving beings honoring and worshipping the Father in their daily attempt to become one in the likeness, in the being-ness, of the greatness of that which Father is.

My friends, go in peace, learn to comfort others that are in need of comfort, that are in need of assurance and acknowledgement. I thank you for allowing me these words. Go in peace and good evening.


Transcript #2
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-06-30
Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Serena
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Teacher Gorman: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, it is I, Gorman, here in your midst in this circle of friendship, this circle of love here today to continue the ongoing discussion of being in the moment. As your discussions exemplify today, the peculiar nature of men who want to relive moments, that the moment they are in is not dynamic enough; it doesn't hold the meaning that a previous moment in a previous time held for the people in that moment in that time. This is a very sad state of affairs my friends, the inability to grasp the moment that is here for you now.

The series of ongoing moments that is called life is designed to bring you into an awareness of consciousness in which you relish change, you relish the thought that to get to where you are wanting to go, something needs to be sacrificed or let go of, something needs to shift, something needs to change. Holding onto a moment does not allow you to grasp the moment you are in because your mind and your hands are full, holding on to something and not allowing what is to actually impress its awareness upon you. This is all part of maturing as a society.

Society is built upon its traditions and you ask the question, when do the traditions become detrimental to the society? Well, traditions become detrimental when society has a need to change and become something different, to allow itself to express a time in which we perceive in the mind what is not here yet in reality. And what is this time we perceive? What is this reality that society is trying to bring in? Society is a tremendously complex organization. There are all kinds of things going on simultaneously. There are people suffering, there are people who have become victims of other peoples aggression, there are people that are trying to teach love and live in peace, there are people trying to take advantage of one another because it's a free for all.

You put all this into one place and you call it life, you call it modern society but yet, part of the population is living in the past, part of the population is looking forward to the future and part of the population are just trying to make ends meet in the present. It is interesting when you observe all of these things going on because you are only responsible for one part of this. You are responsible for your part. Where are you in society, where do you want society to move towards? Of course, this is where you place your emphasis, this is where you gather your resource.

In time, all will have to accept change. It may not be the type of change that you desire, nonetheless it will be a change. In this moment it is like a lesson. A lesson is something that teaches you something about itself and life is the lesson that is teaching you about life because life is designed to produce a pattern of harmony, a pattern of peace if you will, and an outworking of beauty. This is hard wired into life. So as a human consciousness, a human animal living on the planet with other groups of humans, life is going to attempt to harmonize the outworking of these humans. It is a natural thing because life is dominant in the sense that it can show you things that your mind cannot show you. Life will give you lessons and it is these lessons in life that show you things that you were not aware of and you all know of what I speak because if you were aware of it you would not have had to go through the lesson you see.

The interesting thing about lessons is that in a moment of awareness, a lesson will crystalize into an awareness and for all practical purposes, this awareness becomes a truth, a personal truth, you have learned something. So this life lesson transmutes, at best it transmutes. The human sometimes may have to repeat the lesson because the human missed the moment of truth, missed the moment of awareness, was too busy indulging in something else and was not aware of what was happening. Some humans may have to repeat the same lessons indefinitely. This is unfortunate, but what you have to understand is, life and spirit are designed as one thing. Everything works towards the same thing. Spirit and your mind is working towards Light and Life just as life is working towards becoming one with spirit. That's what Light and Life is, life and spirit become closer together, they are starting to become synonymous, they are becoming one.

Human nature will have to completely express itself in all of the nuances in which it does express itself till it comes to the point where it becomes aware that it really needs to change and it finally agrees to allow itself to change. You know, life is very subtle. For example, take some fruit and vegetables and place them in your refrigerator or on a counter or wherever you put them and after a number of days they start to deteriorate. They start to lose their potency and eventually they come to a point where you cannot eat them or use them anymore. All of life has a shelf life. It is like, in a spiritual sense, opportunity has a shelf life. If you don't take advantage of them when they appear, well you may have missed the opportunity. Oh, there may be others but refusing to act upon opportunity at a certain point in your life when they become available, you notice that opportunities diminish and decrease, especially when you do not take advantage of these opportunities.

All of life has this delicacy, this delicate subtle nature. Your own bodies without life, simply begin to deteriorate in a few days, it's dead, good for nothing once the spirit, the life has gone out of the body. The ability of man to be conscious, to be conscious of life and what life is offering is the ability of man to be able to change life and to live in accordance with a greater principle in life. All of life's lessons are designed to teach you what you need to know. All of this takes place in consciousness, in the awareness part of the mind, not the indulgent part. The indulgence part is tied too close to the ego part of the mind, the 'me' mind. That is not what we are talking about, we are talking about the awareness of the greater aspect of the mind that sees the 'me' as the small part of the whole, not the larger part of the whole.

It has been said over and over, you live in interesting times. You live in times where technology and the productivity of human consciousness has exceeded the ability of the human nature part of man to come into a greater social context in which what you have created and who you are is working for the benefit of everyone. Right now, only some benefit, many struggle and some are flatly denied. Living on a world that has prided itself on conquests of war is not a tremendous time to be proud of. It may be a fact but is not necessarily a truth. The truth is that is may have served you in the past but it will not serve you tomorrow because you may be the one who loses the battle. Peace is not a battle, but getting to peace is a worthwhile struggle and sometimes it becomes a mental battle which is played out in treacherous and devastating ways in the name of peace but yet, peace is not brought into existence, and if it is, it is just isolated to a few countries, a few cities, a few towns, a few clans, a few families.

So life continues with its lessons. As long as man lives on this planet there will be life's lessons. At some point you will have to trust and I guess you will have to trust the spirit because you do not truly know, you have no reference for greatness of spirit, the greatness of spirit in peace and harmony. It is just an ideal, it is an unknown, it is just words in your mind. It has not yet become a social experience for your world. Peace is negotiated, it is the ability to come to the table and have discussions and make decisions. You cannot have peace if you are gnashing your teeth and foaming at the mouth.

You are moving into times where the opportunity for peace exist. Will you support the leadership that is capable of bringing you into peace because you may be doing things in your life which bring peace to you and your families but it may not be supported by the majority? So there are times in which you live and there is a time to create how you want to live and still, it will not take a tremendous adjustment to bring these times into a greater resemblance of peace. All countries want life, all people want life, everyone wants the benefit of life and will be willing to do what it takes to have what others have and the only way that all can have what others have is peace is brought into existence. There are greater commodities on the planet other than weapons and machines of destruction.

My friends, grow great in your awareness and in your consciousness. Help bring in a time in which all will be honored and respected and there will become a time when society will have learned from life and the lessons will not be so hard, the lessons may even be joyful. On this note I bid you peace. Farewell my friends, it good to have the opportunity to share a few words with you, thank you.

Serena: [Cathy] I wish to comment on the discussion of tradition and change. Of course, we are in the business of bringing change with the Magisterial Mission. Part of the progress we have made is in the subtle shift of perspective on the planet. In the past, groups held to their view of progress and tradition. The people were not really open to change on large parts of the planet. We have seen an opening of expectation. We have seen an increase of communication and sharing of culture between populations. It is a most positive movement to loosen the grip of tradition and creation of space for other options. We are waiting for readiness, we are waiting for new ideas to emerge as possibilities, we are waiting for an increase of love and the sense of brotherhood. This is how our project will begin to move forward. From our perspective, there is a beginning of receptivity. We will build upon any activity that will move towards the Father's will. It is difficult to begin until enough of the population recognizes that life as it is, can be modified. Until that point, we encourage growth of individuals in the spiritual realm and we wait for individuals to connect into groups to support new action. Continue to grow in connection to the Father and right action will follow, love will follow. We will come together with one purpose, one mind attuned to the Father's will and universe pattern. We are with you throughout this process.


Transcript #3
Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2013-07-11
Teacher: Charles, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Charles: [Mark] Yes, I accept your invitation, I am Charles and I will arrive at whatever you declare it to be, gym, an auditorium, a track, a field, a mountain top, it matters not to me. Think of it however you will because in spirit it can be anything, it can be anywhere, it can be anytime. That is the magnificence of traveling in spirit, coming together in spirit, meeting as we do in spirit. It is a timeless and spaceless process and yet a profoundly important one.

I will pick up the thread offered today and I appreciate the willingness of my associate to offer thought patterns for use in this way because as a mortal of the realm, he is connected to the web of consciousness, to all other mortals of the realm; and so, what one mortal thinks and breathes and wonders is shared by many other mortals who would identify with and tap into this thought stream. It is so easily shared when it is of a common denominator, of a mortal origin, whereas much of what we have to offer from the spiritual counterpoint are merely augmentations and enhancements of these existing patterns. But, they must have origin within the human psyche and the human understanding in order to be accessed easily and freely shared amongst all who would take them.

This is one reference to this web of connection, this collective consciousness as you have referred to it, this overarching assembly of human awareness and thought. This is one of the webs that connects you all and to which you all have access. This is through the gift of grace of your mind circuit and Mother Spirit is to be thanked for providing this avenue of approach between you and among you. You also have another set of connections between you and among you; you all are endowed by a spark of the Creator, a fragment of the whole and this fragment of the whole is able to communicate not only with its origin and Parent, but with its siblings, its other fragments. And so, between you and among you there is this other layer of grid work in which you all are connected by virtue of this gift of grace which you all have, which you all are growing to encounter more and more in your daily lives.

At times like this, when we come together in spirit, there is yet another framework that is used to assemble like this. When I say like this, what am I referring to? Is this a place, is this a time, is this a way, is it a destination or is it a route? I tell you it is composed of all these things and yet not strictly subject to any of them. It is transcendent, above and beyond all these descriptive terms and it is accessed by virtue of your choice, in your willingness to pursue it, to utilize it, to open that door within yourself and enter therein.

So where is this door? Where does this door go? How do you know when you have entered through this door? Where do you end up having done so? All these questions are only answered individually and personally. There is no group solution, there is no organized thought pattern which defined these answers for you. They must be encountered to be real, they must be experienced by you individually before they even exist and then once you have experienced them personally and individually they take their place among the things that you call real.

Having created the space, this experience takes its place side by side with other aspects of your experience and they become as real to you as driving your car or as making your dinner and yet, when you make your dinner or you drive your car there is an action and a result which you can point to and say, I did this and this occurred, and as a result you can see that this happened. When you venture out in spirit you must also execute the use of your faith because the only changes that will be visible in the material and the mortal realm are the changes in you that happen as a result of your experiences.

But I affirm to each of you that these changes are quite real, are quite significant and are important even beyond where you have driven and what you had for dinner. They shape you in a more fundamental arena than much of what you do in your mortal life from hour to hour and yet, all this goes by unseen and unknown to others, yet so important and real to you as an individual that these experiences may change your life and change the way you look at things and see things and experienced things. They will change your life, they do change your experiences, they have altered your perception of what is real and true and good.

I bring this up to you because many times, as mortals of the realm, discussion falls to material aspects of living and of course this is normal and natural as you are a material being who must endure and encounter the material aspects of your existence. But I submit to you, that the biggest things, the best things, the most real things universally that occur to you are not observable in this mortal life with the eyes of the flesh, that these things of greatest magnitude, these experiences of greatest significance and importance are the experiences within that you foster in the spiritual dimension.

This is true throughout your universal career. Try to keep this in perspective my friends, this is true throughout your eternal career. Your mortal perspective is a small one, is a short one. Your eternal career spans beyond the confines of time and space and the true elements which are significant in this long term plan are derived within, in the confines of your inner being and yet they expand from that point to eternity. All that surrounds these confines, your vehicle, your mortal existence, will certainly fall by the wayside in one circumstance or another. This is by design and by pattern, it is not a punishment or some unjust thing that befalls you. It is part of the grand design that demonstrates to you what is real and what is important, what is significant and what falls away in the course of time and in the experience of the material existence.

So keep this in mind as you consider the possibilities to come your way as you have your discussions about what may or may not transpire, about how you may or may not react to what transpires and about what the real meaning is behind this experience that you are having and I submit to you that as you evolve as spiritual beings, more and more emphasis will be placed on your inner experience, your transcendent aspect of being and less and less focus will be applied to the circumstances of the moment, of the hour or of the future to befall you. Truly, this is an enlightened perspective and you are not expected to be there now. I only invite you to consider the slow transformation from where you are to this ideal as you move in its direction which you certainly will, which you certainly are as you show up for more training, more exercise.

Certainly, when you apply yourselves you will see the benefits of this application. Even now I invite you to look back as it were, and see all that you have gained by your forays and adventures into this land of spirit and this version of reality that you are coming more and more to rely on and trust as it more and more shapes your being. What a treat it is to walk into the classroom of eager students, all paying attention, none falling asleep or doodling on the side and each one trying to glean from these word symbols meaning and value in their own experience. That is all that can be asked of the student.

Thank you all for being eager students, it is my pleasure to address you at this time. I understand the formula that is used for this forum and I honor it and to that end I will now step aside and remain in attendance while other interactions happen in the forum. Thank you for the opportunity, I bid you all a good day.

Michael: [Henry] Greetings, I am MIchael here this evening amongst my children, in your presence to share a few thoughts on some of the concerns that were aired here this evening. It is true, the spiritual life is both an inner life and a life which is shared through service. Both the inner life part and the service life part are similar in that they demand daily attention. At this point in your awareness, your life becomes a practice. Part of your day is consumed with negotiating your survival, your well being, gathering nourishment, grooming yourselves, being prepared for what may transpire this day and all of you here this evening are aware of what can transpire in one day just by referring to the experiences within your own life, knowing that in one single day, everything you have come to love and know, can shift, can be taken away from you, that in one day, some of the greatest things that will ever happen to you could transpire. So one must be poised for whatever is to come in view on your day.

The spiritual kingdom, which I eagerly laid out to my fellows when I was here, is a kingdom that is both within and without, without - meaning on the outside. It is the service part, It is as one feeds the other. It is because of the preparation within your soul and within your heart to be of service that in a moment, without hesitation you can be comforting someone, you can be helping another, you can be exuding a loving presence. Many times right is not what comes from the mind; right is what comes from the heart because the heart has to be balanced. If the heart were imbalanced it would die, too little heartbeat and you expire, too rapid a heartbeat and you burn yourself out.

The heart must always be in balance but the mind, well my friends as you know, the mind can entertain any tangent. It can entertain any personal thing. You can feel you are so right because you believe something so much but in your heart, it is always important to come back into the heart because it balances everything. It pulls you out of the tangent you are in and brings you back into balance. The ability to be of service and helping others become who they are and who they want to be is greater than thinking that you are always right.

Life is a balance; look at your ocean. The mean temperature of the water changes one or two degrees and you have major catastrophic situations, storms, wind. Weather patterns shift as these systems move on land, not to mention that in the days in which you live now there is so much confusion in the consciousness of mankind that subtly affect the nature of your existence, the nature of your world. Do you know that when man brings himself to the point of Life and Light, that Light and LIfe begins to affect everything around him? It begins to affect the very matter that he stands on. The whole system of life is changed by your ability to be in balance, in spiritual integrity, I mean, we are talking an ideal here but you see, most of you have had your chance to be a human.

Now the opportunity presents itself for you to begin to grow and express yourself greater as a spiritual person, as one who has for quite some time been working with the notion that the spiritual realm is a mighty force. It is a real realm, it is a realm which I identify myself as being a member. Once you enter into this awareness, this is reality, then all of your effort will not be in vain, it will be conscious and it will be correct. Suppose you as a planet and people on it, move into a time in which the planet is greatly challenged to adjust itself because it has been brought out of balance by the humans living on the planet and as all life, it is designed to bring itself into balance.

The planet definitely is designed that life covers it and the ability to maintain life is a delicate balance between the earth and the atmosphere and the people dwelling on it. For the past number of decades your scientists have been showing this to you. You are beginning to, as you grow older, to get an understanding of what this means. You personally cannot turn the tide of life. Only collectively can people who are willing to change their own lives collectively, change the course of life. It is not something that is so conscious, you see at this level it is something that suddenly happens, that all of a sudden things fall into place. You are able to see what needs to be done, you totally understand who you are and what you are doing.

It is the spiritual identity within your mortal lives which anchor you with this fearless knowing in the flux of uncertainty, that you will be as an anchor, as a guiding light. The day may present itself when everything around you begins to lose its balance. What are you going to do? Well, you can't predict a thing like this, but if you begin your practice daily of coming into resonance with spiritual energy, spiritual love, when you open the very heart of your soul to this on a regular basis, it will be strong and it will fortify you when the time is necessary for you to stand firm, fearless, unmoving in an uncertain arena.

As they say, when there is foaming of the mouth and gnashing of the teeth, when fear suddenly is unleashed to a level that it completely overshadows human consciousness, even then you will know how to breathe and how to stand in relationship. My friends, this fear, this fear is like a great Satan taunting you. Why? Because it can. Everyone is human, everyone knows what being afraid is but it is the spiritual identity in relationship with your life that you have brought in this exercise that strengthens those spiritual muscles, the muscle of courage, the muscle of understanding, the muscle of counsel, the muscle of intuition, the muscle of truth and the muscle which identifies each and every one of you as a child of the Father of us all.

You truly bless me with your presence this evening. Go in peace and continue your practice, your understanding of yourself and your ability to serve your family. As the Father of the family of man I bid you a good evening, thank you.  

Prayer: [Mark] With the Spirit if Michael here I offer a petition. I invite my fellows in class with me to join in the sentiment. Michael, we know you are with us, help us to be with you. We know you bring us your grace and your peace, help us simply to accept it and take it. Help us to orient ourselves not to beseech you or our Divine Parent to remove us from obstacles and challenges but rather to seek your counsel and wisdom, your love, guidance and support so that we may embrace full on these experiences which are here to aid in our growth. Help us to see all that is before us as gifts of experience, not to shy away and not to be in fear but rather to rally with you, to face them full on and to seek the meaning and value that are contained within each one of these gifts of grace that we call experience. Help us to stand tall in your assurance. Help us to exhibit our faith in your love and guidance and help us to make you proud Michael, by doing our best to be all that we can be and be examples as the children of our parents. That is what we ask, not to be saved from any fate, but rather, to make you proud, to be the grace that we have come to know through our association with you, our family. Let it be so, now in these days and whatever days may come. Thank you for being with us and giving us this chance. Let it be so, that we be together throughout. This is our desire, our wish, let it be so Michael, thank you.


Transcript #4
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-07-14
Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Charles, Light
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

Teacher Gorman: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Gorman, this morning here in this circle of love and friendship, this circle of sharing, this spirit energized circle. It is wonderful to watch discernment at work on your level. Usually we see a lot of agenda, not quite the same thing as discernment. It is interesting to note that in the mind beginning to understand belief, that the mind wants to associate so many things with that belief, possibilities. What you can't assign to those beliefs are assumptions and expectations. Both assumptions and expectations can have a detrimental effect in that if you don't get what you expect because you assume the wrong thing, it may force you to change and become disparaged with your belief system. Your belief system may need some adjustment or maybe you just need to shift your focus from expectation to possibility and not an assumption but an actual discerning factual quality of truth. Every mind must learn to navigate through the myriads of mental construct boulders in the stream and sometimes [with] the rapid advancement of the current  there [is the] possibility of being thrown up against one of these boulders.

So in your beliefs, in human mind beliefs, these have to be augmented with something greater, it has to be augmented with faith and in beginning beliefs, faith strengthens and balances with belief, it gives energy to their possibility and probability. There is an increased level of discernment with the use of faith because the other side of the coin is trust. The combination of faith and trust insures a quality in your discernment of the experience and in a certain sense, people want to have a belief system like another pigeon hole [so] that they can categorize stuff and throw it in and not experience the living quality of truth as in the living of your life and how you believe this should be. So there is a spiritualizing effect of faith and trust in that it does bring one to the awareness of these qualities. All effort to remain in a balanced state of mind translates into a balanced nervous system and therefore a more balanced system within your body, sort of a synergistic quality.

So the level of belief with its expectations and assumptions possibly becomes in a sense morphed, it transforms into something with greater certainty and keener awareness. So it is applying these spiritual tools, faith and trust, and actually experiencing them outworking on a long term basis in your daily lives, that they begin to reveal within your life as an acknowledgement of their presence and it is this acknowledgement of their presence which strengthens your certainty in their reality and this all has to do with your life. This is the graft, grafting the spiritual to the human root stock, the grafting gel is faith and trust, then the spiritual head can take root in the human stock.

Thank you my friends for allowing me these few words today. Go in peace.

Charles: [Mark] Good morning my friends, I am Charles here once again to pick up the opportunity and offer a few threads to be followed where they may lead. We have spoken before about the topic of relationship and truly, this topic, phenomenon of relationship, is at the very heart of your discussion this morning. Relationship is a matter of how close you are or how far away from something else, anything else, anyone else. As you go through life you actually define yourself in a context of who you are and are not based upon all those around you, all that exists around you, your environment and all the individuals in it and you pick and choose which ones of these you would move closer to and agree with and attach yourself to as part of your construct of reality and likewise you use all the other mileposts around you to distance yourself from or reject or use as a contrast. In this way your uniqueness, your individualism is determined.

Imagine if there was no one and nothing around you to have a relationship with. You would not be able to form an identity because you would not have anything to be in favor of or opposed to. You would not have anything to be attracted to or repelled from. You would not have the opportunity to position yourself relative to all that is around you. So I invite you to see all these different and other personalities, circumstances, events and frameworks around you as an opportunity to define not who they are, but who you are. It is okay to make an assessment, even a judgement call as to whether these other things around you are this or that, better or worse, positive or negative, good or not so good.

But, having discerned for yourselves the relative truth of these things, it is not required of any individual to make a judgement for those others around you, to cast dispersions as to their intentions or fate or place in the universe, rather, the wiser thing to do is to thank each and every one of these individuals, each and every one of these circumstances as an opportunity to define for yourself, who you are in relationship to them, and if you discern they are not suitable to be part of your construct then so be it. This is your choice, this is your opportunity but it is not necessary to go the step further and condemn or partially judge any other individual for it is impossible for you to know where they come from and what their true motivations are or their true experiences have led them.

You are solely in charge of your own circumstances and destiny and that is enough for any individual to take responsibility for. This speaks to the Master's statement of: Forbid them not to teach my gospel, even if they are in error. So the important thing is not that they may be perceived as in error but where do you stand as an individual in relationship to what you have perceived about them. What will it elicit in you as an individual and how will you react and what will your position be? Because, if your position is strong and certain, then no one else's position should alter yours. Rather, it may be used as a reference, it may be used to provide contrast but it need not unduly impact your position, rather, your position now may be used in contrast to theirs. Your position may be used by others to offer the relationship of where you stand and how you are perceived to help define others as they are seeking to do the very same thing you are, determine who they are, what defines them and this only may be done in the presence of other things of contrasting points so that you may be defined.

On your own sphere of dwelling, there are grid points established throughout of longitude and latitude and in reference to these, your position may be determined anywhere on the globe. Think about how difficult it would be to determine your position were there not these grids to use as a reference and therefore your position to be accurately determined. So it is with all that transpires around you. These are points on the grid around you by which your location may be noted in reference to. Since all things that exist around you are part of this enormous framework, your position, just like your location on the earth, is a unique one, is an individual one, is solely yours and yours alone to maintain, but, in the larger sense it is contained within the grid-work that encompasses all. That is how your location in the ascension process is determined in relationship to all that is, the gigantic framework that has been established.

And so it is that you require all these other individuals, all these other viewpoints, all these different circumstances around you else you would not have a place that you could say was different and yours alone because it's not these other individuals, it's not these other places, it's not these other circumstances, it is in reference to these and there you chart your own position. There you are standing alone inhabiting your location in the enormous grid. So fear not that there will be others who occupy all the other locations and who espouse this or that, who believe this or that, who act in this way or that way because all these are simply part of the total and your position is to determine your relationship to these things.

You also have the added benefit if you will, of spirit contact. This adds even greater points on your grid of reference. This provides you with an expanded scope from which you can draw your conclusions about who you are and stake your claim and this is the process that is underway. Individuals are discovering a greater and greater awareness of the whole of which they are a part and are constantly redefining themselves in relationship to this increased awareness, this perception of a larger framework to which they belong.

So no matter who you think you are, no matter how you see yourself, you will undergo many changes as your awareness increases and you redefine your relationship to all these points that are around you and I invite you just to see all these things around you as navigational points. They are not about you, they do not try to define you, they are simply trying to define themselves. It is you who defines your relationship to them, your proximity to each one of these things and therefore the point you maintain in the overall paradigm.

I am very honored and pleased to have been brought closer to you by your act of will to be associated with me, to have a relationship with me and as such we have become closer to each other in this process and I have been changed as a result as have you. Our position has been shifted slightly as a result of our relationship with each other. We have both grown and expanded in our awareness as a result of this relationship and this is true with all relationships. They become colored and flavored because of the exchange, the intercourse between them and I am grateful for this opportunity because relationships are so foundational and fundamental to the building and increasing of awareness. It is true that no man is an island to themselves. Even an island forsaken by all is in fact charted on the great grid, it is known, it does have a position. There is no such thing truly as an uncharted destination. Everything has reference to everything else because there is nothing that exists that is not part of God's plan.

I am grateful to be associated with you and enjoy this relationship. Thank you for another enjoyable sharing. I now step aside to allow this forum for others.  

Light: [Mark] Good morning, I am Light and I would like to talk about spectrums in continuation of this theme of relativity. Hot or cold may not be defined without each other. It takes the spectrum throughout to determine whether something is to be judged hot or cold. Likewise sound requires an entire spectrum from low to high before it may be determined where in this spectrum a sound resides. Color may be seen as the same way, a spectrum of color and you must pick and decide where in this spectrum this color resides in relationship to the spectrum. Light as well is another spectrum, from darkness to brilliance and everything in between, to what degree of light is there and the individuals must make the call in reference to the scale or the spectrum.

Faith is another spectrum, from no faith at all to absolute and complete faith conviction and one must make the assessment as to where they are within this spectrum. Just about every phenomenon you can encounter has a range of existence, good to bad, up to down, positive and negative. All these are ranges of perception that you develop and you develop these because there is some context of understanding, there is some awareness of darkness and there is an awareness of light and then it is to be judged by the individual where in this spectrum you are at any one point of perception. The fact that there are spectrums which are easily observed is indicative of the enormous plan which has been created and implemented for all evolving mortals. The spectrums exist and it is up to the individuals to determine the relativity of their perception at any one time within the spectrum.

I just offer these words today to follow up on how relationships and relativity have so very much to do with where individuals are at any given time, whether they see themselves as mostly in the light or mostly in the dark, mostly good or mostly bad. These are discernments that individuals make based upon their experience both with the totality of the spectrum and with their relative position they perceive themselves to be in relationship to it. It is a sliding scale and these spectrums increase and change as your awareness does. Now you are limited to your five senses but soon you will not be limited strictly to these  senses and your scale of awareness will dramatically increase and what you thought was so clearly defined in one life will be so greatly enhanced that you will find a whole new spectrum replacing your old one. This happens as your capacity increases and your awareness unfolds and what you thought were so clearly defined and immutable facts, find a new place in the new spectrum of awareness. Your position then may be altered as a result, your definition of truth for example, may be shifted when more information is provided and the spectrum is increased. You may see what you feel now as an absolute truth and conviction may become a partial awareness and a relative understanding.

So while you seek to define yourselves and would like to believe that you may be contained within these definitions, your future holds for you many shifts in your perception which will invariably change the definition you now hold. I invite you to be ever flexible in building these walls of definition around yourselves because you do not have all the information. You are not aware of the greater and greater spectrums before you. Even now you sense these limitations when animals may hear sounds you do not and light may be perceived in different manners by different beings and certainly awareness is strictly limited to what you have come in contact with in your short existence on this sphere. All these things are limiting factors at this time and you go about defining yourselves in terms of these limitations and where your position is in relationship to them. But they are ever expanding just as the spectrum of light found and faith are ever expanding.

Thank you for the chance to offer another slant on relationship and perspective as these things are constantly undergoing change. I bid you all have a good day, farewell.