Monjoronson Conference Call - Worship of The Paradise Father - Mar 10, 2013 - CCC, Donna D-Ingillo

Monjoronson--Magisterial Mission Conference Call
Center for Christ Consciousness          

March 10, 2013

PRAYER:  Mother and Father, we thank you for this time to come together to collaborate with our Magisterial Son and his staff to bring more spiritual TRUTH, LIGHT, LOVE and HOPE into this fabric of our planet’s consciousness. We thank you for weaving us together as one mind, one heart, one soul that our Adjusters may liaise together and that our focusing efforts would produce many fruits of the spirit for our brothers and sisters to feast upon in their own consciousness. We thank you for protecting this circuit from any outside interference, and we appreciate all of the help that you provide to us during this time of correction. May your will be done. Thank you.

MONJORONSON: Greetings one and all! This is Monjoronson, welcoming you to our forum on this lovely day as you collaborate with us in furthering the plans of Michael for the rehabilitation of this world.

Today, let us first begin by spending a few moments focusing on our Father in Paradise. Join with us as we lift our gaze to the center of creation—the domicile of our Creator Father. Spend a few moments acknowledging His presence, especially as it appears in your lives through the indwelling Father Fragments, who so graciously and generously share the Father’s perfection with you. Let your hearts be full of joy and celebration as you move your gaze inward through your hearts—to the Father. We will join you in this circuit of worship, strengthen our bond and to enhance your focusing abilities.

Father, receive the love from your children in grateful appreciation for the life you have given to all of us through your GRACE and MERCY. Thank you.  (Pause)

Thank you for joining me in this circuit of worship. As an offspring of the Paradise Deities, I can assure you of the majestic glories that await you on your long Paradise ascent. Now we are focusing on Urantia and using your efforts to make this a more Godly planet. As we move in the circuit you are generating today, it is our hopeful intention that enough spiritual energy will be generated by your hearts and minds to further deepen the spiritual pressure upon this planet and give more people of this world food for their souls.

Today I invite you to focus on that part of your being—your soul.  Now, this is an awareness you may not be truly conscious of, this most exquisite part of your being. But in identifying with your soul, especially now as we prepare to focus into the planetary consciousness, we will add something very important and necessary into this fabric of consciousness for others to feed upon. Let your minds and hearts now focus on the affirming phrase: I AM MY SOUL.  I AM MY SOUL. As you focus on this for the next several minutes, we can minister in your circuits and help you in this transference of your awareness of your identity to more of soul-consciousness. So let this phrase be in your mind’s eye and also in your heart, and we will minister to you now for a few moments before we move into our focusing into the planet. I AM MY SOUL.  Let this circulate through your mind, and feel your desire for it to go deeper into your being. (Pause)

Soul-consciousness is an evolving awareness of your connection to your Paradise Father and of all creation. Each one of you will experience this uniquely, but it is a transfer of your awareness of your identity from a more materialistic view of yourself to the eternal you on this exciting, adventurous inward journey of the Paradise ascension plan. It is this soul consciousness that we desire to seed into this fabric of planetary consciousness that those children of this world will begin to perceive the signals of the eternal adventure within them, and to turn within to find the Father, to open themselves to the unfolding mystery of soul development.

As you continue to experience the energies we are bringing into you, we also invite you to project that energy into this beautiful world. In your mind’s eye, it might be helpful to envision SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS as an energy field embracing the planet. Take your time, project from your hearts, and allow us to minister through you into this growing awareness of spirit consciousness that the whole world may drink and thrive. (Pause)

Do look forward to the day when this soul consciousness energy will produce a bountiful supply of those creative expressions of the Father’s will by the citizens of this planet. We anticipate this time when Urantia will indeed be flowering in the fruits of the spirit and create a new culture. But it is truly happening here and now. As you continue to project this soul-consciousness desire from your hearts into the fabric of planetary consciousness, will more people be able to respond, perceive and intuit those internal signals beckoning them to the Father’s LOVE, GLORY—helping them open to their destiny as evolving children of the Father.

So you see, my brethren, you have many things, many gifts to offer this world through your focusing, through your heart energies, and projecting your mental ideations into this planetary consciousness fabric. Use your thought and emotional qualities wisely. Those perceptions that you have aligned in the will of the Father are indeed shaping and altering this planetary consciousness, albeit it is a little at a time. While we understand that you do not always see the fruits of your labors, you are indeed helping this planet to reform and redefine itself as more and more people open up to spirit within and listen to their inner promptings and urgings.

Let your desires now for soul consciousness move you into those places where you wish to see more divine MERCY, divine JUSTICE, RIGHT MINDEDNESS and LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL prevail. Let your attention now alter into those places in the planet where you wish to see more spiritual energy uplift, heal and transform in any situation or circumstance. As you focus, we will add our energies into what you focus and send your hearts into. (Pause)

In your mind’s eye, add one more focus: that of Michael’s hands embracing the world.  The spiritual vitality pouring forth from His hands truly penetrating into this consciousness of the planet. His LOVE, His PEACE, His WILL are vibrating, resonating, and uplifting the minds of the residents of this world. He is preparing the world to receive a deeper imprint of His personality that His children may know him, seek Him and His ways, that He may help them open to their own indwelling Father Fragments.  (Pause)

Beautiful souls of Urantia, transformation has begun. The time of healing is upon you. We have encouraged you to go boldly into this time of correction with HOPE, STRENGTH, and COURAGE, to open yourselves to the LOVE of creation, your universe brothers and sisters, your Paradise Parents. Feed upon what you have access to, that you truly may be empowered to be the agents of change upon this world. You have more help than you recognize at this time.

We do ask that you continue to develop your stillness practice to make contact with your heavenly helpers that you and they may walk together, seeding these energies of change wherever you go. Carry us with you. We are with you, and we will minister LOVE, PEACE, TRANSFORMATION through you whenever you focus on us and ask for the WILL of Heaven to manifest on earth. Thank you for joining us today. Continue to receive and project for the next few minutes as we take our leave. Our blessings are upon you. Good day.