Gwinever Assigned Sentinel - Controlling Reprobates on Urantia - Aug 23, 2012 - Everett, WA,
An Assigned Sentinel
T/R: Felix Caro
Location: Everett, WA
August 23, 2012

 It is so unfortunate to see how the controlling “reprobates” continue to lay their plans of complete dominion and control over the innocent ignorant ones, and it’s also very unfortunate to see how many of those who are innocent blindly follow the “reprobates”, even to their own doom. Many have made evildoing an art, thoroughly abusing and harming so many others, many of whom go to their untimely deaths without even knowing or understanding why.

The “reprobates” plan and plot, thinking that the coming upheavals and catastrophes will spare them. There is nothing farther away from the truth. When the time comes to commence the cleansing of this world, in its preparation for its glorious destiny in Nebadon, these mortals will be found by us, sometimes one by one and sometimes even in groups, and we will immediately and unceremoniously remove them so that they can cause no more harm.

Divine justice will be swift on them, and they will be found guilty for their deeds against their brethren, and for sabotaging the Sovereign Creator Son’s plans for this his local universe. Ignorance is most definitely not bliss when it comes to spiritual matters, and this ignorance will cause many to be sent directly to Uversa to undergo rehabilitation before allowing them to go to the mansion worlds to start their ascension, that is, those that decide that they wish to do so. Very unfortunately, after many are resurrected, so great will be their confusion that they will decide to have their existence terminated, and thus they will become as they have never been.

It has been indicated in the past that, up to approximately seven percent of those that are resurrected decide not to continue the ascension career. The rehabilitation program in Uversa has been put in place so that that percentage just mentioned does not increase, and yet, nevertheless many will decide to be no more.

The Universal Father knows the destiny of every single one of His children in all of creation, and knows who will fail in achieving Paradise and being in His presence, but nevertheless He wishes to extend His mercy to all of His children and give them the opportunity to choose the “right way”. There are special seraphic personnel on Uversa, even personnel from the ranks of the seconaphim, that are experts in matters involving mercy and will be ministering to these confused resurrected mortals. They will know all of the aspects of the lives of those resurrected mortals and the “treatment” that each one will be undergoing will be specially tailored, as every case is different.

Sudden and untimely death will find many a mortal now on Urantia, in a near future, mostly due to the “changes” that this planet must undergo, but this cannot be helped as it is absolutely necessary and, most of all, even the Universal Father sees it as necessary. A balance will be made so that this world can sustain the lives of those that remain with enough resources, and so that a new type of mortal, the “homo spiritus”, is allowed to thrive.

The many children that will be born after the changes will help build the veritable Paradise that Urantia should have become a long time ago. The time of the great change, the great revival of Spirit in this world, has finally come. Embrace the change; help build a new spiritual world, where man and angel will commingle in true and loving brotherhood. We are here to help you do Father’s will, and we will all, together, help Him make everything new.

Remember: “Even as you walk in the valley of the shadows of death, in the heights of despair or in the depths of confusion, trust that the Universal Father will sustain you and, when your time in this world is done, He will call upon you to join Him in the battlements on high, and one day you will forever dwell in His house in Paradise”. Amen.