Solonsamel Melchizedek - Experiencing Divine Inspiration - Aug 05, 2012 - Georges Douyon, Arizona

Solonsamel Melchizedek
Divine Inspiration
T/R: Georges Douyon
Location: Arizona
August 0-5, 2012

Divine Inspiration

Human creativity is the mental conduit that allows, under certain conditions, momentarily glimpses into spiritual realities.  The resulting effect on the human mind, during these moments of clarity, is a merging of thoughts and feelings into a state of arousal known to human beings as divine inspiration.

Human beings indeed can be divinely inspired but these inspirations should not be perceived as the will of spirit nor are they meant to dictate human policies.  If anything, divine inspiration is designed to effect certain changes in human perception that will eventually improve the planet’s struggle toward the realization of the brotherhood of mankind under the fatherhood of the God.

These glimpses into the spirit world experienced during inspirational moments are meant to serve as evidences that something far greater exists and awaits mortal beings after crossing the threshold of death and provide a taste and stimulate if you will mortal minds as to what can be expected upon arrival on the shores of spirit land.

The human mind can never hope to comprehend spiritual realities or the laws governing the spiritual realms.  And although revelation does communicate relative truths, divine inspiration provides to the mind a certain assurance as to the authenticity of the communication perceived during these moments of clarity.  It is precisely because of the relativity of these transmissions and contacts that both revelation and divine inspiration cannot be viewed as the absolute will of spirit but instead should be utilized to improve human relations in the pursuit of the brotherhood of mankind under the fatherhood of the most high One.

I am Solonsamel Melchizedek with another important distinction.

Received by Georges Douyon