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The Great Tribulation
T/R Paul conklin
Trenton, New Jersey
Jul 27, 2012

My dear child this is your father Michael.  I enjoy these times that we spend together.  What father is there that does not enjoy spending time with their children?  But what it is that a father wants to give to their child?  Isn’t it true that any normal father wants to give everything that he is to his child?  What father would not give his child the world if he could?  There is nothing that a father would withhold from his beloved child.  That is how I feel about you my son.  That is how I feel about all of my children.  Oh, if you only knew how much I love all of you.  Whatever it is that ails you would melt away in the arms of my unconditional love.  Why then do so many of my children suffer so?  Why do so many of my children go through life less than they are?  There is something that they are missing.  There is something inside of them that they have overlooked.  What is that?  What is that my son?
Everything in this life is all about consciousness.  The Eternal Father of us all gives us a measure of his eternal consciousness and we strive to catch up to that which He is.  That One is so pleased to give to all of His children that which He is.  If you only knew children.  If you only knew.  The Eternal One’s love is something that I am remiss to describe to you.  I am remiss to describe that One’s love to you because such a love defies description.  There is no way to define that everlasting love that continues to pour forth from our Father in this eternal moment.  By necessity what is that love leading all of you to?  That love is leading you to the Infinite consciousness of the Eternal One.  But how do you get there?  Who has the road map that will lead you to that One’s infinite consciousness.  I do my children.  I do.
How is that so you ask?  How can it be that your Creator Son leads you to the infinite consciousness of the Father?  I have been endowed with a piece of the Father’s eternity, so to speak.  My endowment allows me to share that which is the Father with all of you.  That is why it is impossible to bypass the route that I have set up.  I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.  Now do you understand children?  Now do you understand?  Before you are enabled to accept the infinite consciousness of the Eternal One the Christ consciousness must be born within you.
You may ask, what is Christ consciousness?  Christ consciousness is God in man.  If God were to inhabit a body of flesh and blood He would be alive in you.  He would be alive in you.  Do you see now my children?  Do you see?  You can only approach the Father as the Christ consciousness is born in you.  If you tried to circumvent that process you would be met by failure.  You would be met by failure because this is how things have been set up.  The Creator Sons, sent out to start their own adventures in universe building, become God to you.   It is like you have a map before you and you look at the available routes.  To get to point B from point A you must follow a particular route.  There are not two ways about it.  For the infinite consciousness of the Eternal Father to be born in you another birth must take place first.  This birth is a time of great rejoicing.  Few there are that have experienced this birth while in the flesh on planet earth.  For you to have the Christ consciousness born within you is a time for great rejoicing indeed.  Little do you know that the birth of the Christ consciousness within you enables your brethren to experience a birth of their own.  Why though do so few, comparatively speaking, experience the birth of the Christ consciousness?
The main reason my children is that so many of you identify exclusively with your bodies of flesh and blood.  These bodies serve you well as you traverse the paths of this world.  But there comes a time when these bodies will no longer be of use to you.  You will discard these bodies just as if you were discarding an outdated and worn piece of apparel.  Your bodies of flesh and blood are just vehicles to carry you as you walk the walk on planet earth.  Rather than look at yourselves as children of flesh and blood exclusively, why not look at yourselves as spirits inhabiting bodies of flesh and blood?  But to get to that point you must, of necessity, transition to an intermediate stage.  Your intermediate stage is as a soul.  Right now as you live your life in the flesh your soul is being formed.  It is being born.  This soul is the real you.  It is the higher you.  The higher self.  The more that you identify with this real you the more that you can identify with the Christ consciousness that continues to knock at the doors of your awareness.  Why is it is so hard though?  What causes such vexation as the Christ consciousness aspires to be born?
The cause of such vexation is the conscious awareness that you are just a human of flesh and blood.  The dramas that you experience in this life are just dramas.  They are not real.  They are not real?!  What do you mean?  Anything that is not of the Christ consciousness or of the eternal consciousness of the Infinite One is not real.  The things that you treasure in this life are mostly illusions.  The only real things are those things that are of love and light.  Everything other than love and light are unrealities.  All unrealities will eventually pass away because they cannot be sustained.  When we begin to give up those things that are illusions we go through a grieving process.  We go through a great tribulation.  Yes, there is indeed a great tribulation.  But is that great tribulation something that we will see outside of ourselves?  So many believe that the great tribulation is a time of great trouble from without.  But let us look at this soberly.
Whenever you are looking at something in front of you, what are you seeing?  Are you seeing something outside of yourself or are you seeing a reflection of your perceptions?  What you see is a reflection of you.  You see on the outside what lives within you.  So too the great tribulation has nothing to do with what is happening out there.  It has everything to do with what is happening inside of you.  As you move towards Christ consciousness all the dross of illusion begins to burn away.  It begins to melt away.  In desperation you try to make it stop.  This is who I am you claim.  If I lose that part of me I am losing me.  I will never be the same again.  Not only will others be unable to recognize me, I will be unable to recognize myself.  You begin to weep because it seems that your life prior to the discovery of the Christ consciousness seems to be useless.  What was is all for?  How can I give up so much of me?  I tell you my child and all of my children, you are not giving up who you are.  You are being born into who you really are.  I know my children that such a thing seems so foreign to your awareness.  This can’t be true, you think.  But it is true my children.  Those of you that are acquiring the Christ consciousness are being purified.  All those things that are not real are being burned away by the Christ consciousness.  But I say to all of you my children.  Take heart!  Take heart!
One day soon this great tribulation will be over.  It will be over.  The transformation will be complete.  Your tears of grief will turn into tears of joy.  You will finally be able to understand the reason for your great tribulation.  Underneath your bodies of flesh and blood there existed a precious metal.  To enable that metal to see the light of day the dross had to be burned away.  Now that the dross has been burned away a bar of pure gold stands before me.  You now identify with your higher self, with your soul.  You inhabit bodies of flesh and blood while living as the souls that you are.  Don’t you understand my children?  Don’t you understand?  Part of me giving you all that I am involves this gift.  You view it as a great tribulation, but I view it as giving you all that I am.  While you were undergoing the transformation from a human of flesh and blood to a soul you did not understand.  Your tears fell in torrents as you shed from yourself that which is unreal.  My children, my children, please do not grieve.  Do not grieve.  You weep because you do not understand.  You think that what is happening to you is galling.  It is painful.  But my children, my children, I would never ever hurt you.  How could I ever hurt my children that are a very part of my heart?  That would be impossible my children.  Please trust me.  Trust me.  I know that many of you have been hurt many times in this life, so it is so hard to trust.  I understand my children, I understand.  But I make this promise to all of you.  One day you will be standing next to me in the glory and the majesty that is mine.  I want to give to you the glory and the majesty that I possess.  I want to give to you all that I am.  All the things that you have suffered in this life will melt away like the snow that melts in the Spring thaw when you are in my presence.  But even now you stand in my presence my children.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not see you and all the things that you have suffered in this life.  Know that these things are illusions and these illusions will soon pass.
After the great tribulation the sun will rise again.  You will all see the reasons for what you have suffered.  You will realize that the Christ consciousness has been born within you.  When that happens, when that happens my children, you will already be standing next to me in glory and honor and majesty.  You don’t have to wait to be in my presence to receive all that I am.  Even now you receive all that I am.  And when you have returned, when you have returned, strengthen your brethren.  They are going through a great tribulation of their own.  How I longed for this day, this day.  This day when the righteous shines as the sun.  Oh Father on high, do you see my children?  My children are shining as the sun.  Receive them Father, receive them.  These are the ones that have come out of the great tribulation.  These are the ones that I have prepared for you Father.  I have given to them all that I am Father.  Now beloved one; now dear Father on high, please give to them all that you are.  My work here is done Father.  Now they shall all shine as the sun.  They shall all shine as the sun.
A message received through Paul Conklin via his dearly beloved Creator Son.