Charles; Life Carrier; Luminerion - The Act of Grace to Provide You Contact with Spiritual Advancement - Jun 14, 2012 - Henry Z and Mark R, Lightline
Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2012-06-14
Teacher: Charles, Life Carrier, Luminerion
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue
June 14, 2012

Charles: [Mark] I am grateful for this opportunity as well, I am Charles again. It is truly my pleasure to jump into the current and swim a little along side you as we talk about the shifting of gears that you all do as mortals of the realm. Truly this opportunity of this life in the flesh is rare and glorious gift. You are furnished with a chance to grow in one short life from an animal dependent totally on others for its survival hour to hour to a full grown individual of the realm and them to move beyond this limitation of mortal animal nature. Through your ability to access the mind and its capacities you transform an animal existence into a dignified human experience.

This act of grace is a spectacular feat in and of itself, to be born a mammal of the realm like the other mammals but yet to be bestowed such a mind capacity that you learn to master and transform your very environment. But this miracle is not even enough. You are furnished with a fragment of the very First Source and Center from which you have been issued. This fragment enables not only the mortal human experience but also the experience of moving beyond limitations of even the flesh in which this all transpires. In one short life on this sphere it is possible to experience all that it is to be animal, all that it is to be human, and all that it is to be divine; magnificent transformations, quantitatively different states of existence.

The baby just having [been] born knows nothing except its immediate environment and what brushes up against it, what it can reach out, touch, taste, sense, and feel. Its entire scope of awareness is so very small that it is little more than any other animal of the realm. Then this wonderful gift of mind begins to operate and this animal transforms its nature and is no longer subject to simple instinct or mindless patter, rather this animal becomes a thinking creature that is able to change every aspect of its environment to suit its being and learn that they are indeed powerful creators, even creating more of themselves to carry on visions and dreams which are passed from one mind to the next.

All this with the addition of a divine reference, a perfect guide to navigate this grand eternal experience back to the First Source and Center. Not all mortals of the realm can execute navigating these different frequencies, to use your word, because it requires the leaving of the one behind in order to enter and be compatible with the next and greater voltage that you experience. Thus there can be some degree of hesitation and concern for there is always an element of doubt, which creeps in where there is an element of unknown.

But for those who will exercise their faith, for those who will accept the grace that is offered, this shifting of gears from the mortal to the morontial brings such great rewards that all trepidation and fears are alleviated as the transformation becomes so successfully rewarding. This is why the earth experience is so fascinating to those on my side of the veil. We come in droves in order to witness the opportunities that abound in an environment like this. With an environment of such promise it is ever thrilling to watch when individuals choose to reach for the golden ring, to take all that this experience has to offer, to embrace the reality that is theirs if they would but accept it.

It is a great privilege for one such as myself to be granted the chance to come together in this way, the opportunity to work together to create a bridge to navigate the distance between us. That is what we do in times like this. This mode, [this] form of communication that we utilize is still in its infancy. We are creating it as we go and fine tuning it as we move through the process. But wherever there is a will there is a way, wherever there is this desire to reach out there is the reaching back. Whenever any effort is put forward it is received in great love and reciprocated in kindness.

It is indeed my great privilege and pleasure to work with you. Now I would step back and allow this opportunity for use by others. There are great opportunities at hand, thank you.

Life Carrier: [Henry] Greetings to you this evening, I am a Life Carrier temporarily assigned to this area. I would like to speak a little bit about the relationship between the animal mind and spirit. In the beginning there was only spirit and spirit mind. It is out of the spirit mind that personality and the dramatic stage for personality to play out its role exists because of the exquisite and divine created expression of the mind. The command of God to be perfect as He is, is a quality of mind. In creating the dynamic phenomenon of the time and space worlds and relationship therein is a phenomenal expression of mind and the creative consciousness of mind to transform energy, transform original energy from Paradise out into the worlds of time and space which become thought and matter.

The pattern thereof, in terms of personality, is [that] there is tremendous spirit personality which inhabits the areas of time and space. The ultimate design of the Creator is to create out of the far end of the created elements, out of the insignificant creatures of time and space, its animal culture, to take one of these existing examples and encode it with spirit mind and train it until it [changes] from an evolutionary being into a pure spirit. It is not a very complicated or tremendous concept except that the outworking of the concept [is] taking quantum amounts of time for this act to have full expression.

It is here to these worlds of time and space that beings such as I get to come, and once again, watch the miraculous experiment of life develop and begin to express itself. Having the jurisdiction of mind as Life Carriers, to have the ability to manipulate this living matter and living tissue at any stage of the evolutionary process until this life expresses itself into a sapient creature, a human form such as yourselves, equipped with an aspect of local universe mind. Finding this response of mind in an animal body, is a very interesting phenomenon.

For example, it takes a tremendously long time for the animal consciousness to become aware of the mind potential. It is as if it is accumulative. When the creature accumulates a number of correct experiences, all of a sudden, aha, something completely new pops into the mind which can be experienced as it is expressed as a human that others may know it in their own consciousness. Evolutionary man and society evolves this way in mimicking and learning; the idea that thought precedes all matter, that thought precedes all action, and that in the end finally thought is complete because the thought has found expression in reality, becomes a fact.  

The fact that as a human being within [an] animal genetic system and a mind which interfaces the brain part of the human animal, you will find that the human animal itself has an intelligence to perfectly keep itself in balance, especially when the human mind is not interfering. This is why many times the body heals itself during periods when the human being is far removed from consciousness and his mind from the human body as in a deep sleep. The body can take over its natural process without the mind interfering within the nervous system which interferes with other systems in the body.

It is true that the frequency of thought and the frequency of life have developed this human specimen capable of tremendous potential because it has a created element, it has an element where it now can choose. It is very different from its animal predecessors who really had not much of a choice in the matter. This ability of man to experience things in the mind and to bring them into reality has been the history of your human race. The counterpart, the spiritual interfacing, the moral decision, the moral fabric and the intrinsic value in ones experiences and ones life is what distinguishes the human from the animal in terms of behavior because there is a amount of human behavior which is animal like.  

Matter and the material always respond to a thought frequency, a thought form. This is why a negative and disoriented thought life within the human mind compromises itself. It sacrifices a part of its system, the weakest part, which the nervous system begins to attack as a response to the mind state of the individual. This is why on a good day with good thoughts and a progressive surge of energy you feel synchronous with the universe, you feel everything is working your way.

The ability to choose to think good and encouraging thoughts has a tremendous payoff in a physical sense because you are married to your bodies here. Most of your activities on the planet have to do with the body, eating, raising families, having relationships, not liking other people’s bodies because they are on the other side of the boundary or they are not like yours. Everything on the planet responds to this fact and actuality of our existence. The ability to use what you learn as a society and to take mind and learn from the body which knows how to work perfectly, it is disparate to watch humans think that they have all the answers. It is like watching children acting like adults, and of course we love them, we love you children. You are the children of the Most High. All spirit personality has tremendous respect for the human element and the spirit which resides within.

To transform this life you are given, to be able to see it in a productive and free and expressive way, honor the quantum millennium which has gone into developing who and what you are today genetically. Everything that your ancestors have ever done, have ever acted upon, have ever experienced, is recorded within your own tissue. Your mind intrinsically knows what is correct because it has the body of a perfect reference, its electro-chemical nature. Why do you think that every time you change the chemistry of your body, every time you ingest something, your body goes through a tremendous transformation to use what you digest and process it for the body to use. If you are ingesting too much of a particular type of chemical you may get a particular type of condition like too much sugar and you may get diabetes. Too much alcohol and the liver begins to become infected.

So you come to a place in your mind which relies upon choices and to really choose correctly you need to get outside of the influence of your mind just to get a sense of complete stillness in that which is, to kind of center yourself, to bring your frequency up to par. It is like peace. The human race will achieve a tremendous amount once it learns to experience and live in peace. But peace is not found on the wall, it is not found on the black side and the white side. It is found in the middle, it is found in the neutral zone, in the middle of the grey area. It is found in between black and white. It is found in the area you come to negotiate and you come to compromise and move forward. Mankind will move forward from a non-reactionary stance, from a neutral and more powerful stance because to be in a neutral stance you have to be conscious. The mind is alert, the mind is alert to sensation, the mind is alert to what is going on in the environment and its surroundings and it's alerted to what's going on in other people and how they are thinking and feeling.  

When mankind begins to synchronize these things, these thought and energy patterns, tremendous progress will be made. We cast no doubt on these thoughts. Time will prove us correct and you will do the work; this is the way it is. You will chop wood and carry water. You will become enlightened and you will continue to chop wood and carry water. You will continue to live this life as a human with all of the knowingness of a God conscious human being.

I thank you for this opportunity to speak to you this evening. I now take leave and leave this wonderful arena for others, thank you very much.  

Luminerion: [Mark] Yes I am, I suppose, a new personality for you to encounter. I am Luminerion and I am unused to this format and so if you will bear with me I will simply try to deliver the concepts as I see them through the context of this transmitter. As you may know, your planet here has had a unique set of circumstances. Like any individual, planets are no different. They have unique stories to tell and yours has quite a colorful one, a one of great default, of great rebellion, of isolation from all the rest of creation, of infection by malevolent forces. And so it is that the group consciousness of this planet, the circuit that has been created among the individuals in such a state of isolation, has been largely void of any outside influence as a result of this state of quarantine.

As you may also know, this state of quarantine has now been lifted and there are great great resources pouring in to establish lines of communication if you will, from the great beyond, everything outside of this planetary sphere. This pouring in through the open floodgates that have been caused by the lifting of this quarantine and I and my presence here are proof that all available resources are being channeled and directed towards this planet to bring it into, as you were discussing, a higher vibration, a different frequency, a greater level of consciousness and awareness.

This is, as you were discussing, an act of will and intention, an act of thought from the Creators in the direction to you in this world. These frequencies are different from the frequencies of rebellion and isolation. If you were to liken yourselves as being the ones in prison so to speak, and then finally all of creation outside of prison is available to you, that is what your experience is likely to be. This will take some adjusting to, some getting used to, the new frequency, and as you were mentioning in previous dialog, this will take the active use of your mind to choose, to morph your frequencies, to join frequencies with the new higher vibrations. It will be up to you, each and everyone as individuals to decide to augment your frequencies to become harmonious with the newer frequencies of love, of peace, of joy.

All of you have some internal experience with these frequencies and so there is a part of you that will recognize these as being the direction you want to go, the choice that you would make. So I invite you all to view what is happening to you as waves of energy coming down to you from on high. These new waves will raise all ships, it will float all vessels, it will create the motion and the direction for growth, for change, for expansion, for enhanced awareness. These waves that will come will provide the energy to bring together all things which desire to match these frequencies of love and therein lies your opportunity to choose. When you unfailingly choose to synchronize your energies with the energies of love, the transformation will be smooth, will be easy, will be graceful, will be peaceful and will be rewarding beyond measure.

There is a great sense on the world today of some big impending event. I tell you plainly and clearly, this event is underway with the flooding of this planet in light, in love, in peace. Those with the spiritual eyes to see will see, those with the ears to hear will hear, and those with the faith in their hearts will choose and will act and will be the new direction, the new mode of operation. No more darkness, no more quarantine, no more rebellion, no more doubts and uncertainty because the light will flood in and be clear and obvious to choose. There will be those who forsake this choice because it represents too great a change, too much unknown, and that is the freedom given to them by the Creators. They are welcome to choose it not if they decide they cannot match the frequency.

But all those who desire to be born of the spirit will have no trouble in simply going towards the light and choosing it. This is the majesty of the times in which you live. This is the transformation that everyone is referring to, albeit in different terms. This is the saving grace and all that is required is that you choose it. You make it part of who you are and you make yourself part of it. You choose to be in harmony, you choose to work together, to share the same frequencies. It is that simple and yet that profound because these frequencies will transform, will cause growth, will increase awareness and expand consciousness.

Thank you for the opportunity to test this circuit. I am here as yet as another wave to come your way and it is a great opportunity that I respect, to be granted the chance to activate this circuit. Thank you all for this opportunity, I now withdraw.

Question: There have been a lot who have graduated from this Teaching Mission over the years, Red Bert, Gail Deber, Rachael Roland, Jeremiah, Susan Cook. Are they part of the Correcting Time still or are they off playing?

Machiventa: [Henry]: Actually they still are a part of the Correcting Time. The Correcting Time goes beyond the planet. There are many aspects of this world which have infiltrated and which have been brought to the mansion worlds and there is neither an instant mental transformation when one passes the portal of death nor are there any different programs. What as humans you are involved in here and now, you will similarly be involved with on the other side. There is a tremendous amount of work to do also on the other side. There is actually a tremendous amount of work to do in this part of the universe. I am speaking to you as Machiventa Melchizedek and you are correct, there have been a tremendous amount of participants in this Teaching Mission over the years who have translated to the other side. These souls continue the work which they began on this side and continue their work on the other side. If there are periods of relaxation and refreshment I am sure that they are also enjoying those also. Thank you for your question.

Comment: The age-long thought, word, deed, how significant it is that when you have a thought of something and translate it into word, but to actually do it, to actually act on that thought that has become a word, that has become a deed, this is a true unification of all the elements of self. This was reinforced tonight, that at any point in time such a process could be halted. A thought may not become a word and even when it is spoken, a word may not become a deed but it really is a part of the urge to be about the will of God, to take that thought and turn it into a word but also act on it. Such a process integrates the entire being and by integrating the entire being you are unifying the entire being.