Reflectivity - Loves Eternal Embrace Session #3 - Jul 09, 2012 - Rhonda Marsh, Cleveland, OH

[Tmarchives Editor’s note: Because the following transcript is both a simultaneous event with the transmitter (Rhonda) and being broadcast to billions on Salvington at the same time, two scenarios are playing out in the recording below.  The first lesson is the contact between unrevealed beings within the Reflectivity Service who are making the broadcast possible.  While these individuals are essential to the process, it is the message that carries the greatest impact to the Receiver, Rhonda Marsh.

Therefore, your Editor would remind everyone that the essential message from God is always love, and that the corollaries of Love are service and determination to be the self in that service.  Reflectivity greatly enhances the effectiveness of receipt and the clarity and depth of the message.

Because our planet Urantia is being opened to the floodgates of new revelation through the presentation of these and other narratives that are archived on and on other sites, the archives also serve to provide the in-time realization of new information critical to the understanding of the coming news from Christ Michael, that his return is assured, and that full preparation must continue in the midst of the flood of new ways of hearing and doing.

Perhaps the least complicated way of presenting this transcript is to break it into two pieces: One piece would be the reflectivity revelation contained herein which is also partially explained in the Urantia Book too.  The second piece would be about the transmission of love by the particular set of circumstances described below.  Both pieces would stand on their own any day.  However, because of the cross-connections between the technical revelations and the insight of the love remediation provided here, they are contextually one piece and I shall leave them that way and cross reference them as shown below.  Thank you.]


The Teaching Mission Faculty Session #3 - Introducing Unrevealed Reflectivation Technicians - The Receipt of the Love Embrace -  Jul 09, 2012 - Rhonda Marsh Cleveland, OH

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Reflectivity - Loves Eternal Embrace Session #3 - Jul 09, 2012 - Rhonda Marsh, Cleveland, OH

  1. Reflective Spirit Number Seven of Superuniverse Seven, Orvonton
  2. Ham
  3. Tomas
  4. Paramahansa Yogananda
  5. Sri Yukteswar
  6. Machiventa Melchizedek
  7. Unrevealed Type of Father Fragment as a Reflectivity Liaison
  8. Serena, Chief of Staff of the Magisterial Mission
  9. Lanaforge, System Sovereign
  10. Christ Michael
  11. Nebadonia

Selected Subjects:

Cleveland, Ohio
T/R Rhonda Marsh
July 09, 2012

Unknown Speaking: “When the mind is at peace and the heart leaps to the supreme truth, when all the disturbing thought-waves in the mind have subsided and there is unbroken flow of peace and the heart is filled with the bliss of the absolute, when thus the truth has been seen in the heart and Love truly has been realized, then this very world becomes the kingdom of heaven”

Reflective Liaison - (T/R) Rhonda Marsh

Opening prayer: As we become connected heart to heart and mind to mind, we first and foremost invite the Spirit of Truth to come and encircuit us heart to heart, mind to mind.  We invite Mother Spirit and of course the Spirit of Paradise / our indwelling Divine Spirits that are arduously working behind the scenes with us every day to make a strong, pure connection to us so that we can be in tuned and in harmony with Spirit’s will for us individually so we can know always what it is that is best on our path. For those that will receive any information that comes from this we thank you spirit for coming to assist us in all that we do, and we pour out our great love for you in our service always. We open ourselves to your guidance and direction.

Rhonda: Statement to all the readers of these transcripts:

My heart and desire and my motives are pure. I wish only to show others that they too can achieve the higher states of consciousness and contact with Spirit, to receive the ultimate gift that the Father has to give, which is all of Him.  All this can be yours if you only desire it.

Reflective Spirit: I wish to state that the Reflective Spirits have names, but these designations are not revealed on the worlds of time in space. We beings are a part of one of the seven universal mysteries of the secret spheres of Paradise. Forthwith we will simply be utilizing the term Reflective Spirit when operating with the Divine Spirits within those who are undertaking reflectivity tasks that this pertains to. The Reflectivity Liaison who is undertaking to transmit this to the T/R to bring forth this information can be classified as an unrevealed order and will not be clarified or expanded on further. This reflectivity connection does not need to be given any more concepts, especially when the concepts from a human mind and human interpretation can only be distorted and made confusing. The inherent clarity and perfection in this connection should speak for itself. I bid you a goodnight.

Reflectivity Liaison: The beginning portion of this clarification will be along with your teachers, that when you speak with me as who I AM, you are speaking with Divine Spirit, which is who I AM.  I could be, in human mind, classified as an unrevealed Father Fragment, and I as a Spirit Teacher can say that you are being taught through and by Spirit by this aspect of Spirit in the Kingdom of Heaven. Teachers are extensions of what I am, and an extension is securely connected to what I AM.

Teachers Ham and Tomas are here, and as we get encircuited heart to heart and mind to mind I want to be clear with you about the connectivity now. It is purely spiritual, it is purely and should be becoming more understood with you as it makes itself more known to you, and as you are able to speak and receive from these realms of spiritual currents or flows from who I AM.  Now this is part of a process so I will open myself up and to all the teachers here to field any of your questions. We have the midwayers, Andrea, Malik, Lenora, Jacob, Shaleela, and many other midwayers here.  They are providing you connectivity to certain aspects of this connection, but it’s not required once the connected consciousness is reached. The midwayers help to bridge the gap to get there, so to speak.

Rhonda: Is Paramahansa Yogananda there?

Paramahansa Yogananda: I am now absolutely.  (I just wanted to say hi, I didn’t get to talk to you last time. I think about you every once in a while)  Every time that your intention is directed towards me in the universe or the cosmic mind I am made aware of it and in this awareness within you will start to become clearer as you direct your intention toward me, you will feel my presence more, as I know you do. (Yes, I do love you very much) Thank you, and I love you also.

Rhonda: I do have a lot of questions or more like realizations of what’s going on with my life, but I did realize something earlier today that I want to talk about. What is happening with me is quite interesting. I am growing into the person that I always wanted to be. My apartment has never been so clean or organized.  The office is run more efficiently. I run more efficiently, my thoughts are clearer, I remember things whereas before, maybe a year ago I was forgetting things. I’m eating better; I’m working on that diligently, even though occasionally I will eat something not so good for me, but I am working to wean myself off of the bad stuff.  There are a lot of changes going on in me and I’m really enjoying the changes. The way that I am becoming is the way that I always pictured myself to be but could never seem to achieve before.

Machiventa Melchizedek: I would like to expand on what you are experiencing here Rhonda.  When you experience what you are beginning to within your specific reality, you are now beginning to reflect order outwardly because you are experiencing a level of order inwardly. What you see outwardly, what you see reflective in your reality that you have created is a temporal reflection of what you are. As you begin to become more connected and attuned to what Spirit and your Divine Spirit within has in your best interest put in place for you, you will begin to see that this harmonization is for your greatest good. This will always be reflected in your outer world.

Rhonda: The other thing I noticed and this is hard to describe. I’m really half and half now.  It’s more prevalent right now because most of the time I am inward, I am thinking and living inside myself. I always was a loner but this is different.  This time I know my Father Fragment is there and I talk to Him a lot. I ask Him questions and actually get answers. Sometimes I realize I’m out in this world here and I look around, then I have a clarity, wait a minute, is this a dream?

I think to myself, Is this dream? I could stop this if I wanted to. I could go back to being in chaos, separation and isolation. I say NO, I don’t want to do that. My inward life is not a dream, it is not an illusion and I don’t want to ever lose the love of my Father. (Choking up) If I were to lose the love of the Father now it would devastate me.

Paramahansa Yogananda: That is a beautiful realization and we have joining us Sri Yukteswar.

Sri Yukteswar: I just want to speak to you a little bit about what you’ve experienced. When we experience at this level of communion of the Divinity within, we begin to understand that we have literally, many times been dreaming away from this presence within.  We have put many things in its place. In a materialistic society, this would be “things” or “jobs” that do not provide fulfillment, and all of the things that the world of Maya offers. What you are experiencing is a level of conscious communion with Deity within.  This realization is essentially telling you, that the world you have created away from this communion and place is the dream.  Essentially what you are experiencing is the attunement to Spirit and your Spirit within is saying, it has been a dream but now you are waking up in me in realization. Now you can wake up from the bad dreams that have been put in place of the beauty of the kingdom of heaven.  Hopefully that clarifies what you are experiencing. (Yes it very much does.)

Rhonda: I wanted to say that I am meeting the nicest people. I do my normal things like grocery shopping, or take the bus and the next thing you know the bus driver is asking me out on a date. It’s the craziest thing.  (Chuckling)

Teacher Tomas: This level of excitement that you are experiencing is the realization of what you are consciously endowed with understanding and possess within. That is, you possess everything within. Outside of you are just the reflections of a movie that are being played to the tempo of your direction. You no longer look to the stars or believe that you need to die to go to heaven, but you are now literally there, you are there now. No matter what comes across your path within your reality or within your waking state, you can now meet it with love and no matter what that may be; you are eternally loved, because you have awakened to this realization.

Rhonda:  Thank you. It is so interesting what’s going on. It really is effortless. I’m going with the flow of things and it is effortless right now.

Serena, Chief of Staff for the Magisterial Son: Can you see now how and why it is so difficult for many that have been programmed in the world at large, in many aspects of it. So many have been forced to go to a certain institution or school that believes that materialism or a high paying job is the goal to life and that there is no spiritual search related to these endeavors except in distorted form. Do you see the difficulty now of how Spirit is trying to get those that have been born here on this world to wake up into a realization of limitlessness, to know that everyone on Urantia is indeed already in possession of Heaven, they just need to know where to look.

It is so beautiful to know that you have found Heaven within you, and now that you have found it within you, you can bring it to others and tell them that they also can do what you did.
Was it hard?  (No)  But before you did it did you believe it was hard? (Yes)  You’ve had a certain level of guidance and openness to it which made it openly accessible, no matter what form it was that presented itself to you.  In this case it presented itself to you in a wave of love that you experienced in your heart. You responded to that love and the kingdom drew near you. Then you became an active participant, and now are an inhabitant, and are indeed in the kingdom with that one that was drawn to you. So for all that you are drawn to and come near, you can say with full faith, the kingdom has approached that one, even if that one does not realize this.  For all those that read this transcript the kingdom has approached you as well in these very words. You do not need to label the connection; you simply are just experiencing aspects of it right now in this Eternalized moment.

Rhonda: I do have to say that it wasn’t always easy. There was a time when I had turmoil, but after all the turmoil I’ve had in my life I tried really hard to keep things the same, I decide not to fight it any longer. I went with the flow of things and now that I have gone with the flow it is effortless, wonderful and beautiful and I’m truly blessed.

Christ Michael: Isn’t it such a beautiful thing my daughter to experience this level of understanding within yourself? To know that it was never meant to be difficult, that it was never meant to be anything other than effortless to be with me. There is no trick or magic wand that needs to be waived or explanation that needs to be given. Faith and effort have guided you through the portal and you are simply now in communion with your Creator, and its okay, you don’t have to be special or chosen. This can be done by anyone that has the desire to do so, if only they can remove that limitation from themselves.

It is an honor and a privilege for me as a Father to come across their child, especially one that loves like you love me, even though it may have appeared that you were once seemingly separated from me. I equally love all my children as if they were the only ones, and so do I share my love for all of you this way.

Imagine me as a father seeing my children in a perplexed state, knowing how to reach them, but not being able to get through, when I am so accessible to all.

In this aspect of my love, you are now an extension of this love in action. (It would be my pleasure to give your love to everyone. I receive it back so much) Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?

When you give love without expecting to receive it back, this is when giving love means the most. When it comes at you this way, it manifests in the most unexpected ways sometimes. It is like a smile from a child, or a stranger that may wave to you. You can then feel for a brief flash - love flicker and glimmer in them directed toward you, for they are expressing love without saying a word. That is essentially beginning to understand what Love can be and truly is. The ultimate realization is to remember love again, true pure love, and to understand that great love within and embrace it.

Hence the title of this circuit; Loves Eternal Embrace.

Teacher Ham: So you see as our Creator and sovereign speaks so tender heartedly to all of those who will receive this and to you Rhonda. What is Love? Love is mercy, patience, kindness; it’s all of the things that have many times not been shown in the world collectively. When many can come together after realizing this within themselves it can manifest collectively.

Look at the way that Yogananda changed the world with his love or the way that Jesus changed the world with his love and the way that others, such as Gandhi and Einstein, changed the world with Love, even if it was for science.  Think of what you will do Rhonda for the love that you have experienced and reciprocated, even if presently you cannot see the effects of it now. This Love is going forth like cosmic ripples that vibrate throughout the universe. The ripples go throughout the transcripts and they find that receiver’s heart on the other end of that page or computer screen, and something inside them says, “There is something to this.”  It is different than what I have received before. What is it? A feeling, an inspiration, it’s something that can’t be spoken, it can only be felt. When you are truly desirous to feel it you will. That’s what you felt and that is how you found the Kingdom of Heaven Rhonda.  (Weeping- Yes, I did.)              

Mother Nebadonia: I just want to add briefly my daughter that all of my children, as they expand and they reach out and take their first steps out of the home that they were born in grow. They make their way into the yard and then from the yard they make their way to their first day of school and experience the different personalities.  As they grow older they go on their first vacation, maybe a trip to another continent to see portions of the vast world that they only dreamed of. They continue to grow and their world continues to expand and become larger and bigger. It never stops or is limited by any means. Love supersedes a dimension of uniformity outside Earth, or Urantia, and goes outside of this solar system, constellation, and the universe as it echoes throughout the super-universes to Uversa then on to Havona, all the way to Paradise. Love is transcendental, it’s ever present, it’s accessible, and it will be found by those who search for it, no matter where they are in all of Creation. It is the only true reality behind all Eternal Verities, and Love is the thing that holds everything together. Call it a template, but it is the love of spirit in action through the Words of the Creator. The word was spoken in Love. That word was created and you were created in love, as all were created in love.

That is the tenor of what I wanted to bring to that beautiful expression from Ham.

{Editors note: I am receiving waves of love and am openly weeping from the joy and love that I feel.  My heart is overflowing with love from the celestials.}
Machiventa Melchizedek: There is truly something special happening here tonight.  Hopefully you know, as you feel it. Truly this is something special that is transpiring here. (Yes, it is wonderful and I don’t have any words for it) Those that try to use words to explain it usually fall short because these inspirations, these feelings, this true pure love that is flowing from the universe to you doesn’t need words, it doesn’t need to be justified or explained or be anything but what it is. Anything else that has been put in its place, anything at all will be overcome by it if in the face of it. It is the most powerful thing ever Created. It is the most powerful anything. It will break down the walls of fear, the walls of ignorance, the walls of hate, because in the presence of pure love everything falls away and stands exactly as it IS. That is why so many have come to love the Masters Jesus and Yogananda because they expressed this love to all whom they met.  

Love is what it is all about. When someone loves you like that, nothing needs to be said.  (I agree with that statement full heartedly)   

Christ Michael: As I love you Rhonda, fiercely, love you as if you were the only child in my universe.  Literally. I love each and every one of my children that way. That is when I speak and have spoken before to those that have lost their way. They have lost or forgotten the love that I have for them. They cannot remember it, or have decided to try it on their own away from it. There is nothing but love waiting for you here. There is no horror or anomalies between my love and you or any of my children. Anything that has been put in-between us or has been put there by things not of love will fall away when you desire for them to. My love will break down all barriers, grids, or any problem or power that comes between my children and I. Especially any of my children that want to be with me.

I believe that that is the most important thing that anyone can hear now in my Universe. With all of the messages and all of the information that is going out, never lose sight of what’s most important.

That is if your eye is single, if you have a single sight directed toward what is most important to you, and if that just happens to be Spirit or the universe or expansion of mind or love, then you’re whole world will become bright and illuminated. You will begin to understand what that actually means and entails.

The greatest intellectualist in the world, the most supposed connected human being in the universe or the world cannot stand in the purity of the pure love and not understand what it means to be just silent, to be still and know that I AM.

{Editors note: Rhonda:  What is happening is beyond anything that I can explain. The waves of love continue to cover over me and I am barely able to respond to the love that is from the Celestials.  This is truly heaven.}

Reflective Liaison: As a participant I’m getting a glimpse of the broadcast or receiving station on Salvington, there is an amphitheater the size of Urantia and there are an innumerable crowd of celestials present all watching this transpire. The love that is being poured out into this circuit right now and also into the world, from the hearts of the universe and beyond should be felt by everyone that reads this.

Reflective Spirit: The superuniverse and Paradise-Havona broadcasts are received on Jerusem in liaison with Salvington and by a technique involving the polar crystal, the sea of glass. In addition to provisions for the reception of these extra-Nebadon communications, there are three distinct groups of receiving stations. These separate but tricircular groups of stations are adjusted to the reception of broadcasts from the local worlds, from the constellation headquarters, and from the capital of the local universe. All these broadcasts are automatically displayed so as to be discernible by all types of beings present in the central broadcast amphitheater; of all preoccupations for an ascendant mortal on Jerusem, none is more engaging and engrossing than that of listening in on the never-ending stream of universe space reports.

This Jerusem broadcast-receiving station is encircled by an enormous amphitheater, constructed of scintillating materials largely unknown on Urantia and seating over five billion beings -- material and morontia -- besides accommodating innumerable spirit personalities. It is the favorite diversion for all Jerusem to spend their leisure at the broadcast station, there to learn of the welfare and state of the universe. And this is the only planetary activity which is not slowed down during the recession of light.

At this broadcast-receiving amphitheater the Salvington messages are coming in continuously. Near by, the Edentia word of the Most High Constellation Fathers is received at least once a day. Periodically the regular and special broadcasts of Uversa are relayed through Salvington, and when Paradise messages are in reception, the entire population is assembled around the sea of glass, and the Uversa friends add the reflectivity phenomena to the technique of the Paradise broadcast so that everything heard becomes visible. And it is in this manner that continual foretastes of advancing beauty and grandeur are afforded the mortal survivors as they journey inward on the eternal adventure.

The Jerusem sending station is located at the opposite pole of the sphere. All broadcasts to the individual worlds are relayed from the system capitals except the Michael messages, which sometimes go direct to their destinations over the archangels' circuit.

Rhonda: I can barely speak, and I thank everyone of you who are sending me love I thank you. If I had it in my little heart I would send it right back. I’m just a lowly human here.

Reflective Liaison: You are so much more than that. You always have been, you always were, you always are, and you always will be love at the core Rhonda. You’re just remembering it now. It’s a beautiful thing to remember just how much you are loved in the universe.

Rhonda: You mean an entire amphitheater is sitting there watching me in my little apartment here on Earth?

Reflective Liaison: There is not one being outside of Urantia that is not tuned into this call. For those that are privy and can connect and understand the universal current and are connected. The love that is being shared throughout the universe and with you and through you is to be the greatest testament and the greatest answer to any question that can be put against it.

It doesn’t need an explanation.  It doesn’t need a teacher’s name behind it.  It doesn’t need a faculty or group assigned to it.  It just simply needs to be received. Then all the understanding in the world wouldn’t do you any good because you just know and understand.

 System Sovereign Lanaforge:  What question cannot be answered by love? What does it want to know other than what God is? There is no semantics or puzzles, codes or labyrinths behind it. It is simply what it is, and when you are in the presence of pure love, it needs no explanation.

Love is not being withheld from anyone. Not in the teaching mission or the correcting time or the Magisterial Mission or any light workers group, or any of the groups that have separated themselves into quadrants all around. You are all unconditionally loved even if you continue to believe that they are separate from each other, they are not, because everything is tied together by the strands of the Creator’s love.

You don’t need a book to teach you that. You can have a book to explain to you the concepts behind it, but truly the most important thing that you can focus on is LOVE.

Imagine if every single solitary human being for one day was nice to every single solitary human being that they met. Do you think the world would change in a day?  It would change in a moment; the consciousness of everything would shift. If everyone could hear and receive this and they would just simply focus for one day doing everything they could possibly do to break down the barriers of all things that were not love, your world would transform rapidly.

The Lucifer legacy implemented something here that was so distressing to the mortals of this world because it overshadowed what love truly is, by replacing it with things that love isn’t in love’s name.  I implore you all to get in this love of the universe to this feeling in your hearts. If you could just look at one another and see your reflection in them for just one day, to see a reflection of yourselves in one another’s eyes, no matter who that may be, no matter who it is, you could begin to understand how Michael looks at each and every one of you all. May you rest assuredly always in the arms of Love.

Rhonda: This is a beautiful stopping point for this transcript of Love. Everyone, take care and remember the love of Michael, Mother, all the universe, and most importantly remember the love of the Paradise Father within each of you.