Light; Voice Within - Visualizing What Spirit Is Bringing to This Planet - Mar 22, 2012 - Teleconference Henry Zeringue



Prayer: Father/Mother God, we thank you for this circle of love, to be here together this evening to receive your love, your energy and your wisdom. We thank you for all of the opportunities which are available to us and we thank you for this life we have at this time.


Light: Greetings my friends, it is I, Light. Yes, in reference to the statement "The last great struggle," I will attempt to shed some light if possible on this notion. Part of what was said last time in reference to this was that the genetics on the planet were ripe at this moment in time to bring peace to the world. What that refers to is that there is a cyclical, circular type relationship to the genetic propensity at any time on the planet. You can sort of reference this by, let's say, looking at the middle ages and imagine how many enlightened and aware individuals there were on the planet. You can look at the nineteenth century industrial revolution which changed the face of the planet basically and you can also reference how many people were aware and conscious on the planet.


You can bring it to this time now and what is happening now is that there are more people on the planet that are aware and conscious than ever before existed in recorded history. I would venture to say that over 50% of the population are aware, they are eager for change, they plea and pray and work towards peace. The struggle against the 'Luciferian' configuration on the planet is a struggle that has been going on for centuries but never before in the history of the planet have there been enough people who are capable of acting in a willful manner to overturn the tide of this very small war machine that is active on the planet and turn the tide towards peace, commerce, sustainability, making it possible for all people to enjoy the same thing, not just an elite few who think it is their divine right to have more than someone else. This is an old way of thinking of seeing things.

We are attempting to find a newer way to visualize what spirit is trying to bring to this planet, to bring to the people of this world, to align your activities and thought patterns with the reality of the universe which is love and peace, order, justice and mercy. So this "Last great struggle" is a call to arms. It is a call to realize that we are past the test point, we are in the real play here and spirit is struggling to bring its presence to a greater understanding on this planet and in doing so, to bring about a greater appreciation of peace and prosperity which can be gained through peace.

A large part of this prosperity has to do with mankind's ability to make other men and women and children feel safe on the planet, make them feel that they count as something, that they are just as important as everyone else in a spiritual sense. You may say well, this is great, but we are not quite there yet as a civilization and in a certain sense I would have to agree with that except for that fact that there are many that are slacking, that can actually do this work. They can actually take a neutral stance and walk between the crack of opposing forces and attempt to negotiate between the polarized black and white forces which press against each other.

They leave very little room for the middle ground and this is where we are today on this world. It is possible that this time, this struggle for peace can be won, that love can truly reign in magnificence, not only in the hearts and minds of men but in the social circumstance, the functioning of society, because this is where peace comes in. This is where the neutral stance needs to become a reality or the struggle continues and continues and things happen, the genetics shift and then it is more difficult to bring about this peace. It only is an ideal within the minds of a few, but right now it is an ideal in the minds of many, many who are silent, many who are fearful and afraid to take a stand. The stand for peace is the capacity to bring forth love as a concept of living and a way of being with yourself and with others. This is the true path towards peace. It is not another war, it is not another standoff. It is being able to bring love into reality, to bring this positive yet neutral stance to bear upon the social fabric of mankind.

This is my thought on this notion, "The last great struggle." Know that all spirit is with you, they are behind you 100% supporting you, making all things possible to bring about peace. For example: This concept that great nations only last several hundred years bears coincidence to the [fact] that these nations were made great in an effort for these nations to bring peace to bear upon mankind. Once the apex of power is reached and peace has not been brought forth, then there is an emphasis and shift towards someone else who possibly could help make this happen. So the spiritual agencies work through the individual but they work through the individual to create a social fabric, a brotherhood, a community of men and women who love and enjoy and are happy for life to raise healthy and beautiful children, to have education, to have a task to perform, to be able to do the things that humans want to do to enjoy and prosper in life. This is just as much a divine birthright for you as it is for everyone.

So I offer these words to you today to ground you in the awareness of the precipice upon which peace rests. I thank you for allowing me to share these words. I leave all of you in peace. I am here as your friend, Light, and I step aside to allow others to use this platform, thank you.

Voice Within: Greetings to you this evening, this is the Voice Within. In everything you do in this life it is important that you act from a neutral position, not an emotional decision or emotional condition, but a calm and neutral position, a position of awareness and a condition of consciousness. This is how the Adjuster works within the human mind in a very neutral way, sometimes persistent but nonetheless neutral, always conscious and aware of your thoughts and your actions. It is the model for life, walking in this neutral stance, in this non-reactive stance so that you are able to consciously asses each particular thing which comes your way. No matter what the situation is, you are, from a neutral position, in the best position to assess a situation and act accordingly, especially when the situation demands quick action. It is as if you almost have no time to think.

A neutral stance is a fearless stance. It is not a stance which is bogged down with worry, with aggravation, it is a stance which is complimentary to the balanced state within, within your body and within your mind. It is important during these times to go about from a position of fearlessness because the fact remains that there is very very little to fear. True, you are consciously aware of yourself and your surroundings and there are certain concerns which relate to the situations at hand but concern is not fear. Concern is being cautious, it is partly being intelligent for it is always necessary not to put yourself in harms way.

But fear is like this negative cloak which repels the way [of] anything which is good and keeps you in a state of agitation, nervousness, which is neither healthy for the body or the mind. It is said that the true knowledge and awareness of Christ Michael as he lived his life on this planet as Jesus, the true awareness of his life and his religion will create within you a fearless stance for you know beyond a certainty who you are and where you stand and what needs to be done to further the cause of this great religion, this great brotherhood.

It is easy to think that something or someone else will bring this about, that others can come along, but the truth is that it happens by the determination and will of the individual to make it happen, to make it happen now within your own life. This helps bring the awareness that it is possible to others who are somewhat ambivalent about these notions, these notions of fearlessness, these notions of living greatness which are possible. Why should you settle for a mediocre life when a life of greatness is at hand and within your capacity to act out?

So my friends, help yourself and others begin to live in a fearless way, in a bold and new way, not taking anything for granted, that everything that has been gained in this life has been gained through a struggle, through hard work, through a commitment, and begin to see this commitment on a greater level as a responsibility, the responsibility to become fearless, to become new as it is, new in thought and new in action. Be bold about your relationship with your Inner Spirit guide, that aspect of the divine which burns as a light within you.

I thank you for allowing me to share these few thoughts. I greet you all in peace and may the quality of fearlessness become your stature and may the love of the divine spirits fill your heart and the hearts of your loved ones and may all greatness be yours in this life, thank you.