Charles Mighty Messenger; Light; Dr Mendoza; Nebadonia - Giving and Receiving Help - Feb 12, 2012 - North Idaho
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2012-02-12
Teacher: Charles, Light, Dr. Mendoza, Mother
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

Charles: [Henry] Greetings this morning, there is a tremendous potency in silence. The stasis of potency in the mind is a tremendously powerful phenomenon. There are, as humans, many ways to approach situations. For example: If a person needs help and does not seek help or ask for it, it is very difficult for that person to receive help when it is being given. The ability of a person to receive is just as powerful as the action of giving. Just like there are avenues and ways of giving, there are avenues and ways to receive.

In a purely human sense, making another feel safe, should be one of the first preoccupations in any sense of healing; this way you engender the help of the person which you are healing. They feel safe with you, they trust you, they are able to allow themselves to receive. The many different avenues to health and healing are not as important as how it is accomplished. To be able to get someone to trust you 100% and relax and allow themselves to receive is just as powerful as what they are receiving. It works both ways.

Unfortunately, in your society you have been programmed and trained to be seduced by a drug and then manipulations are performed and the drug wears off and the after affects of both the drug and the manipulation now take place and you may or may not have had some healing experience. A large part of healing has to do with your ability to hold health within your system. This is a tremendously difficult concept for many. What is health? Why is it that part of health has pathology in it? Why is it that health is a balance between [the] functioning levels of the organisms in systems of the body?

You have the mental part, you have the fluid part, you have the circulatory part, you have the organ part, you have the excretory part of the system, the nerve part, you have all of these parts of the body which must be brought into balance. The body is designed to function with normal working of the body and eating whole foods, with the correct vitamin and mineral supplements contained within the nourishment you partake of. Why is it that some people are prone and susceptible to illnesses and some are not? Some are prone to genetic predisposition and dysfunction. Some are prone to mental conditions produced either by stress or nervous disorders of the mind.

It is like a child which is brought close to the mother's breast to nurture itself. It is brought to something familiar, something [with] which it can relax and feel safe. No matter what the baby is experiencing with its hunger pain, it is all relieved when it is brought into the warm, trusting, comforting arms of the mother, the caressing; not that as adults you should make people feel like babies but the same conditions apply, you must make them feel safe. As a child, whatever happens to you, you cut your fingers, you fall and you bust your teeth or you bruise your skull or you break and arm and  you go to the parent and there is something in the relationship which instantly makes you feel safe, like everything is going to be alright now because I am with my mother, kind of thing.

This is a tremendous part to healing that in time, you become separated from these notions and these ideas, and you grow up and don't remember as a child remembers or as a child feels. You have forgotten what it is to feel like a child and to feel to totally be able to trust another human being. The element of trust is tremendous; as an adult you supplement trust with the element of faith and it makes trust twice as profound now because you are also using faith.

This is Charles this morning, thank you for allowing me to share these few thoughts with you.

Light: [Mark] Hello friends, I am Light here to share a few words about your desire to bring more to the equation as you look to give greater and greater service. When you consider healing for example, and in these instances of discussion, surgery of any type or some sort of necessary intervention, it will easily spring to mind for you that in order to be effective under any circumstances like that one needs to bring a great deal of light to bear upon the circumstance. Any form of intervention first requires the great illumination of the subject. This happens in preparation before any healing is done, there must be this great focus of light to thoroughly bring into the light what it it that is being examined so that one can make the determination of what might be needed to restore balance to the equation.

This is where you all come in as ones who are able to bring the light to bear into the equation and in training this light and focusing this light on the subject, the situation at hand becomes illuminated and easy to see and focus on and bring to the equation that subtle manipulation one deems to be necessary to rectify a situation of imbalance. First one must be the light so that they can bring the light into the operating room of life and in so doing, they may be effective in shining this light, shedding this light on what the exact circumstances may be and then comes the level of choice making where after having been illuminated, the circumstance may be addressed and possible avenues of approach may be developed, may be chosen and subsequently executed.

It all starts with the light, the illumination of what the circumstance is, the light that helps you see what it is and what it should be, what it could be, what you are willing to direct it to be. But it all starts with the light. You can't function in the dark so to speak, you can't function without proper illumination of the subject or you will find yourself stumbling and bumbling and creating more errors than existed when you tried to help if there is no light to discern what you are doing.

Thank you once again for this opportunity to reflect yet again on the attributes of light and how they play into your daily lives and your desire to be of service. I step aside so that others may access this forum. Have a good week, farewell.

Dr. Mendoza: [Henry] Greetings my friends, this is Dr. Mendosa here to address a few concerns brought up this morning. In the mind, human mind, it is like a giant mansion with many rooms and in each room there is a different activity. There is a healing room, a room which is dedicated solely to the maintenance and well being of the mental and physical state of the person. In all aspects of healing, it is helpful to go into this healing room. In the healing room there is everything that is needed for any situation which may arise to heal.

There are instruments, tonics, elixirs, medicines, what you call drugs. True, they are all in energetic form but this is ultimately the form in which the body uses them. Taking something into the body, into the bloodstream, there is a mechanism in the body, a process which breaks down and renders these products into a form which the body can use energetically. The energetic qualities of herbs and drugs are just as potent as the energetic qualities of thought patterns in the mind. Ones ability to heal is ones ability to come into contact with that part of themselves, to come into that room, to have a familiar and understanding nature about what it is they are doing, even if it is simply a wish to help this person get better.

In the mind, there are circuits which connect to the spiritual and spirit mind aspect of yourselves, this ability for humans to take part in a spirit exercise by utilizing what is available through spirit, allowing spirit to help you, to show you, to direct you. In a sense you are practicing the same thing as practicing your life, you are stilling your mind, you are putting the mind in a position to receive help and information about what it is to do and allowing the situation to show itself. All situations will present the need, It's easy in your own mind to tell how a person has arrived at this condition, that is not important. What is important is to allow this position and this circumstance to present itself and to reveal its intricate nature.

Within all pathology there is a portion of healing which resides within the center of all pathology. Pathology is a blockage which does not allow health and healing to occur because it isolates itself from the rest of the body. It must be brought back into the homogeneous nature of the body, of this body's system. By and large the human race is beginning to comprehend the dimensional aspect of the mind, that part of the mind which goes beyond a physical brain and touches upon the infinite realm of spirit, and in the realm of spirit, each step of the way there are personality expressions.

What is tremendously difficult to understand for many is that each person has a capacity to become a healer, to heal their own systems, to bring balance into their own level of being, both physically and mentally. It is actually a responsibility that should be brought into ones consciousness. Once you are able to balance and bring your own system into smooth functioning, into its health, it is easier to comprehend what it is and what is needed to help bring someone else's system into health.

Health isn't imbalance and what is peculiar about health is that the actuality of the manifesting of something in the body that is not correct is not necessarily the cause of the problem, it is the result of a problem being caused in the body. This is why the auto-immune system is a delicate nature that responds directly with the nervous system to stress in the body. What usually happens is that the stress results in the auto-immune system isolating the stress into the weakest functioning part of the body and problems will manifest and show itself in that part of the system. That is not because you have stress and all of a sudden your gall bladder or your kidneys or your thyroid is affected, you don't remove them or think that these are creating the problem, they are a result.

Almost all problems with the body are a result of something that has nothing to do with the final result, it just manifests that way. You cut your finger because you were playing with a sharp knife or you weren't paying attention when you were cutting the onion and the result is an open wound. If you panic, all of a sudden the open would becomes worse. If you relax your mind and know that it's going to be okay, within a few days the open wound is healed. It is directly responding to the individuals mental state. All health and pathology responds to the mental state within the human mind.

Thank you for allowing me these few words this morning.

Mother: [Cathy] I am here to reassure you that my encompassing embrace is always with you. You can relax assured of my care and trust in your safety. Your Father and I have always been available, all you need is ask. It is our great joy to watch over you, to guide you, to nurture you in all ways physical and spiritual. As was discussed with healing, it is needed for you to relax into our care, to trust that we will be holding you. As you attempt the challenges of this world it is necessary for you to turn to us in your need and we will never fail you. If there is darkness and dysfunction in your experience, we have the ability to shine light on the darkness and work with you to remove the obstacles to full spiritual functioning; we are aware that you are just beginning your growth into the spiritual realm. We will always be here to provide a safe refuge and support as you take your first steps into the challenges of this world. Our love is with you always.