Nebadonia - Effective Prayer - Oct 02, 2011 - CCC Donna D-Ingillo

October 2, 2011

My precious children, this is your Mother Nebadonia.  You are learning the ways of the universe at this juncture of your planet’s evolution into its rightful place in our home, and it is good that you would learn the elements of effective prayer as a means of communication that is used in our home.  This is part of your education and orientation to the divine ways and laws that govern and administer the creative plan.  As your world undergoes its transformation, while in the early stages, you see that much needs to be accomplished to change a planetary culture centered in greed, corruption, war and inequality.  One of the best ways you can bring about change is through effective prayer.

Focused intention through your heart, your desires, for upliftment is what sets the stage for your prayer to be received and acted upon by my ministers of Spirit—your angelic helpers.  I encourage you to pray for those individuals and those cultural institutions that have been firmly ensconced in a rebellion mindset.  Spend time each day sending your heart energy to those areas in your planetary culture where you wish to see transformation occur.  Ask for My presence to fill these places, and ask for Michael’s WILL to flow into them.  Ask for the individuals who are in positions of power to be filled with Michael’s TRUTH.  As you focus truly feel your love for these erring people and the infrastructures they have created.  Trust that I will respond and send you the angelic support necessary to catalyze change when your heart desires and intentions are aligned in Father’s WILL.

Here is where you have POWER, my children, the co-creative power to effect positive change that will supplant a corrupted system and bring it into a new age of LIGHT & LIFE.  Go about your prayers joyfully and creatively, envisioning the changes you wish to see come about.  Remember that the children who are holding the power are your brothers and sisters too and they need LOVE, MERCY, COMPASSION to let go of their deeply entrenched mindsets.  They are the true victims here, so as you focus your prayers, know that they will be lovingly approached, especially if you maintain a merciful attitude toward them.

Know that I will be there when you pray to send the help necessary to effect the changes in accordance with the plans Michael has set forth for transformation.  Be in my PEACE!