Grid Cleansing Services - No.5 - 23Sep2011 - Teleconference - Michael Xavier, Bel Air. MD

Urantia Universal Service of Light - Grid Cleaning Series - Meeting #5
September 23rd 2011 7:00 Eastern Standard Time
Monlucia Melchizedek Jurisdiction #4
Received via reflectivity by Michael Xavier

[Teachers on call: Christ Michael, System Sovereign Lanaforge, The Magisterial Son, Mantutia Melchizedek, Malvantra Melchizedek, Archangel Michael, Kuwaya – Master Spirit #2 Voice of the Eternal Son]

Centering Prayer
Father, center us now and lead me with your Spirit as I humbly move forward in service with the ones called to serve in Michael’s Correcting time. I ask to be encircuited with your spirit, Heavenly Father. I ask that the Archangels and Melchizedeks come to afford us proper guidance as we all endeavor to know more bountifully your gifts of grace and love.

I ask that your Infinite limitless Wisdom shine on us all, to help us all remember what our true nature is, which is a reflection of your Eternal love.

Father, how we love you. How our hearts jump and leap at the realization that you dwell within us. Prepare us all to serve in light with the fruits of your spirit. Fill us, each and every one of us with Kindness, Peace, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, patience, and unconditional love for our fellow brothers and sister co-working in the light together.

Afford us your spirit to receive greater understanding and peace of mind. Allow us all to be held in your light each and every Eternal moment with you.

Weave us together Father as we intend to serve as anchors of light to those whom are lost. Help us to shine our lights in this world to be a reflection of your infinite light and allow all to see your light through us.

Thank you spirit of truth for guiding us in all we do.

Christ Michael:
My children in service this is your Creator Father Michael. Thank you once again for showing interest in this aspect of service that has been opened.

In light of the many whom have found this platform to explore facets of the correcting time, I wish to remind you all just what the correcting time is, and how this and all of you fit together like the cogs in a timepiece making the gears and hands move forward.

Each and every one that has dedicated their lives to walking with me in spirit to serve in this important time in Nebadon and on Urantia is lovingly being watched over and cared for. Please remember that you are all brothers and sisters, and that it is a natural human emotion to question and to conjecture with your own personal discernment.

When you do your personal thinking on advanced spiritual matters, please remember to take this in with the Father indwelling in you, and try to remember children that even though you may have different gifts and different divine talents, you are all working together in this very important correcting time. 

Human minds that are privy to the wanderings and conjectures of all the facets of what is transpiring may find that this platform may be only serving to cause more questions than the answers that are being provided.

The Melchizedeks stated that this group and the ones that find it would be directed to the proper avenues of service and be directed appropriately to their ability to serve. There has been a lot of interest in the teaching mission as well as the correcting time about just what the grid work is and just what exactly the grids are. I understand that many of you have questions, and these questions will be answered in time, but please be patient and allow spirit to work with your minds. I understand that many of you do not fully understand what has transpired here and are looking for answers yourselves, and have found this platform to try and explore some of these answers genuinely.

Spiritual work is always joyful and should be motivated by love. In all you do please remember to do all things in love and through your proper intentions and motivation. I love you all children, more than you know, more than you could ever fathom. In knowing these please remember to not judge that in which you may not fully understand.

When you judge others you are finding faults within yourselves. You are measuring out your own inadequacies and condemnations through your active voice and your intention directed heart center. If you do not understand something, instead of trying to find fault in it, search it out with love with the Father within. Many did not understand me when I was present in the flesh on Earth.

Because of this, many did miss the point of what I was there to do. Please children do not miss the point, and fill your lives with tenderness, compassion and joyful service. Allow the rumors and judgments to pass by you all dear children and remain always in peace.

Open your hearts to me now and allow my light and love to fill you. Allow us to work in harmony to bring a world settled in light and life.

I leave you all in my love and peace.

With that I will defer to Lanaforge.

System Sovereign Lanaforge:
I will be speaking to you all briefly tonight on a few topics. First I want to clarify something for the ones that may not fully understand what reflectivity is and how even though it is supremely perfect, it has to be assimilated and processed through the human electrical chemical mind. Everything that you are hearing right now is being heard via reflectivity. This is as close to near perfect information that can be heard without being unconscious. The reflectivator is consciously unconscious that this is taking place, and has the full ability to sever this connection at any time. The reflectivity implementation on Urantia is new to Urantia and is still being perfected on our side of the veil and yours. Some have had concerns about the accuracy of reflectivity and the information’s validity.

I will state to you all right now as your System Sovereign that there is no better form of communication we have ever come across to bring about information in a real time format, nor one as accurate. It is not perfected, but remembers that these things take time. All of this information has been approved to be released and is accurate, albeit a few grammatical and sentence structure errors when the receiver is utilizing reflectivity.

 This takes constant practice on the reflectivators part. The Father is leading and guiding this process seamlessly. So worry or fear not, the erroneous information that has been brought forth from the past is at an end.

This platform is proving to be very informative to many, and is going to be tailored to specific avenues of service in the future. This will be intermingled with planetary broadcasts that will allow you to tune in more fully to the updated system circuits, especially those ones whom are connected to spirit. This platform will no longer be weekly, but as of now will be bi-weekly. There will be more information on the specifics of this in the upcoming weeks if you are and will be making yourselves available. Thank you all for showing interest and making this platform possible with your energies and love of service.

We look forward to seeing you back here if you are so led to begin actual Tier 2 work on the Urantia Universal Service of Light Call on Friday October 7th, 2011.

With that I will defer to the Magisterial Son.

The Magisterial Son:
Hello my brethren. I would like to bring you up to date on some happenings that are now underway in relation to the whole of my mission on your sphere. The final pass of Mercy was completed last night at 5:30 EST September 22nd 2011 Urantia time. This only concerns the celestials that had not made a choice.

This final pass of Mercy that was executed yesterday encompasses the spiritual realms, and pertains solely to a part of the adjudication that is now underway. As a reminder this does not encompass the whole. We are now moving forward as greater aspects of the Magisterial Mission are made known on Urantia. I will not get into specifics with you on how many celestials were apprehended in this final pass, and will not be bringing about any specifics, but to say that for the celestials, this mercy pass and adjudication is now concluded in compliance with the full investigation from Uversa on what has transpired here.

That will be all I have for you tonight in regards to an update, and I will defer to Mantutia who alongside Malvantra and the other Melchizedeks will be expanding on updates and interworkings of the grid cleansing now underway.

Mantutia Melchizedek:
Hello children. I am Mantutia Melchizedek. In light of the reflectivity circuitry coming more fully on line which is being more fully understood, I wish to clarify something before I begin. The Melchizedek School in regards to the Lucifer rebellion is actually on Edentia, not the pilot world as was stated in the last session.

I was present on the pilot world, the sphere Melchizedek, which is the common meeting ground for all beings who are engaged in educating and spiritualizing the ascending mortals of time and space, speaking of my position as the dean or overseer of the school on Edentia on the studies of the Lucifer rebellion.

To clarify: We Melchizedeks occupy a world of our own near Salvington, the universe headquarters. This sphere, by name Melchizedek, is the pilot world of the Salvington circuit of seventy primary spheres. This is where the reflectivity circuitry is being ironed out so to speak.

Let us move on to the victories in the grid work children before we will be addressing the questions from those whom submitted them to Michael Xavier.

Of all the work being done in the tier 3 work, by far the most wonderful victory was at Grottes de Gargas. There are many other tremendous victories that were monumental in France, but this by far was so wonderfully executed that we wish give praise to all those who made it possible.

The darkness and density that was present in these caves have held souls of imprisoned children for centuries. There was such a call to the light in this cave of darkness, such a magnificent freeing, that even the dark forces that were trying to continue to perpetuate the dark anchor in place moved forward without having to forcefully be apprehended.

We noticed that specifically from France that we have been getting a lot of questions in regards to the corrupted grid itself, and the interworkings therein. Many have posed questions about the engineering Lucifer perpetuated, such as the “over lords” and the dark forces that are in place that perpetuate this corrupted grid.

Please do not allow these terms to bring fear to you, for these are words that sound harsh, but in reality are only as fearful as you give them credit for being.

The reason that these questions have not been addressed on the past calls my dear children, is because we wish not expand on the darkness and corruption of the corrupted grids themselves, but instead focus on the light and love being afforded to release this corruption set in place by the rebels. We will not add to perpetuating this by feeding into these energy systems by expanding on how they were engineered and what is and has been done to perpetuate them.

 I know that some of you are thinking, well then how can we be better suited to work in them and to know what to do?

For this I can state that if you are meant to work close enough to know the intimate details of the interworkings of the corrupted grids, then you will receive this directly from the Melchizedeks and not in a platform where there are ones that it would serve only to cause confusion or more questions. This is our statement on this, so it will not be expanded on any further.

Most all of you on this call are being initiated on the tier 1 service with the seeding of the planetary consciousness and some are being prepared tier 2 service. I remind you that if you are in the right mind set, and are able to work through direction and apply with intention your love and heart energies, we have opened up avenues of service for you via the Sunday Magisterial Son call hosted by Donna D`Ingillo and the upcoming teleconferences that will be affording you all to work inward and heal those wounds from past events that are preventing some of you from moving on into greater levels of service. 

As Donna stated at the beginning of this call the times of upcoming avenues of service we advise you all to maintain your focus on greater levels of service by following the proper formats implemented. The information via these avenues will also be provided in this transcript.

[The next conference call with Monjoronson is this Sunday, September 25 at 12 Noon EST (9am Pacific) at 308-344-6400 access code 880919#

For those interested please join Donna D`Ingillo on Tuesday Sept 27 at 8 PM EST for a free teleseminar discussing the energy grid, how it was corrupted, our relationship to it, and how we can extricate ourselves from its influence. The number to call is 308-344-6400 access code 880919#. There will be a Q&A period followed by an experience with our Parents and Monjoronson to uplift and build your new circuitry]

I will defer to Malvantra for final clarifications.

Malvantra Melchizedek:
We will be taking a few questions that we have come across and be providing information that will answer these questions. Once again, I will remind everyone that these questions will be answered to the best of mortal mind to understand without causing anymore confusion. I will restate that any particularities about the corrupted grids will not be expanded on in this format.

Question 1: Can the points on the corrupted grid be eradicated by sending from the heart mental projections, thoughts of love and forgiveness, enclosed in a white light, by targeting these points, but also by directing this light towards these people lost and trapped and to deliver those trapped in the grid of fear and confusion?

Master Spirit Number 2 Kuwaya – Voice of the Eternal Son – I am Kuwaya Master Spirit number 2 Voice of the Eternal Son.

It is imperative children that when working with these grids that you do not take on these assignments by yourself.

There has been put in place specific avenues to co-creatively work together for the good of the whole.

The corrupted consciousness and energies of confusion and fear are playing a magnified role in the corrupted grids and when going up against a collective consciousness such as this and the imperious energies you must remember that you can work better when you have more with you that know how to better handle the corruption implemented.

The focus of seeding the planetary grid of light and love is very real, for you will learn when you move on to the worlds on high, how every single thought that you have effects the whole, for truly we are One.

When you send out positivity and love it will return to you, and the Melchizedeks are wise in their handling of these energies. Use the formats that are in place to work together co-creatively and when you do you will have a much better effect on this than trying to go up against something you have not the capacity to understand.

Archangel Michael wishes to add a point as well so I will defer to Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael:
I am Archangel Michael and I am here for each and every one whom wishes to be a greater servitor of light. We will protect and help those whom are sincere in their intentions to greater serve alongside us in the unseen realm.

Call on us to help you better understand these energies and how better to protect yourself from them.

The Archangels love you all very much. You are all truly warriors of light in service to the Creator in this highly specialized interworking now underway. Fear not, be strong and courageous.

To our little girl, we love you every so tenderly.

I AM Archangel Michael, defender and protector of light. I am there for all those whom work in the light, and I bring you this truth.

Question 2: What I don't get is how efficiently was the grid in executing Lucifer's perversion of free will? Has it trapped the souls of family and loved ones that have passed over during our lifetimes?

Were the odds before we started to fix this, only 1 in 100 making it past the grid? Or was it more like 50-50? Were them favoring the grid or favoring the departed ones, especially those who were God believing and loving people?

Using last week’s helium balloon analogy couldn't there still be many souls popping to the surface of the lake because their balloons were bigger?

Mantutia Melchizedek:
Children, we used the balloon allegory as an analogy. Specific information to answer this question would take a greater understanding of consciousness that what you possess.

Think of a living energy system. Any living energy system needs something to sustain it, does it not?

How does the pool in the lottery grow? Lanaforge spoke of this before. When you commit your energies and thought forms of hope and dreams into a pool it will grow as more and more people add to it, thus the pool grows bigger.

Liken the conscious living energy system Lucifer put in place as living conscious being with numerous facets that are kept alive by the degradation and horrible design it was designed to sustain itself with.

This field of energy feeds off all things not divine, and is perpetuated by those things which I will not go into further detail about.

As for your question on the odds of making it past the grids in place I will not state a number, but only to say that all those whom are moving on now are being safely handled by new and unrevealed ways to you, so all those whom are worried about their families that have moved on from this world, they are all safe on behest of the Paradise Father himself.

So as not to lose one child who is netted in this corrupted grid system, things are being done slowly to afford every living being and every conscious being a way to move on freely without impediment.

This is all that will be expanded on in regards to your question.

I will defer to Malvantra for some closing remarks.

Malvantra Melchizedek:
Thank you brother Mantutia. I understand that many of you have questions and the answers will come in time so as not to overload you with information that would serve only to bring about more questions.

Once again, the specific design of the corrupted grid in place will not be designated any more energy than it has already had to show its nefarious interworkings, but for those whom are working directly with this in tier 2 and 3, I will state again that these things will be revealed to you so as not to perpetuate it by causing any unneeded fear or confusion, which surround this field of energy already.

Focus instead of transforming all these things into love and light utilizing the avenues that are in place to do so. Thank you all for being on this call and I say to you all, May you always find peace in the Father’s light.