Grid Cleaning Services - No.3 - 09Sep2011 - Monjoronson - Others - Teleconference-Michael Xavier

Spirit Counselors on Call:

Teleconference: Urantia Universal Service of Light - Grid Cleaning Series - Meeting #3
Received via reflectivity via Michael Xavier
September 9th 2011 7:00 Eastern Standard Time

Centering Prayer:
Michael Xavier: Paradise Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit. Under the grace and blessings that You have graced us all with I pray that I am given the divine wisdom and guidance to use all the gifts that you have blessed me with in accordance to Your Will. It is my intention to bring forth only truth and accurate information in accordance to Your will Father. May the celestials in service to the light alongside Michael and Mother Spirit hold us all safely in their arms of love and protection to guide us all to accurate information and truth. May the Melchizedeks and Archangels be encircuited and provide us with their wisdom and loving service this day. I ask for the Infinite Goodness and Eternal Wisdom of our Heavenly Father to guide us all.

Luminerion: Information is being received via reflectivity in liaison with Majeston via the polar crystal on Salvington. Approval to continue via the planetary broadcasting that has been implemented has been granted

Monlucia: I am Monlucia Melchizedek and in being Michael’s jurisdictional Melchizedek for this area, I will be overseeing the information on this call tonight along with the vast hosts of celestials that have made themselves available to bring forth the information at the proper time. Lanaforge wishes to speak on a few topics first so I will differ to our System Sovereign.

Lanaforge – I am your system sovereign Lanaforge. We are taking into consideration the many that are finding this platform for information and direction. We will tailor this to the specific needs that we see arising, and without unduly bringing forth any information that would serve to confuse anyone, we have decided to tailor tonight’s call to those on the call whom are encircuited. Thank you all for making yourself available, which includes those who wish to know more information in these times of opportunity to serve in a greater capacity with Urantia’s Magisterial Son.

I want to first speak to you all about the very real work that is now taking place on your sphere. We have through Melchizedek methods completed the first sweep of mercy in implementing the new grid in a location via the servitors of light under on the Magisterial Son’s staff.

We will not bring about specific information on any localities, but I can state that it was very successful and was done according to the Father’s will.

In this specific location there was a vast host of celestial help in implementing and nullifying the corrupted grid. There was not one lost in this particular area. The corrupted grid was taken down and the new grid was anchored in specific city on the Eastern United States. Many souls, celestials and unrevealed orders were released and were able to move forward. The corruption and darkness that served to impede their moving forward was destroyed and the new grid through grace and love was implemented. There were however some that were apprehended by Agents of the Ancients of Days due to the resistance to the work being done by the light, but nevertheless it was very successful.

The Melchizedeks are monitoring the area closely and are watching the effects that it has and is having in this particular area. We are all very pleased with the results.

There will be many more avenues of service opening to this specialized work, and we have to thank three reservists whom made this possible for this particular area.

We will state for those who have questions regarding this, that there will not be much information given before hand on any particular area, and many times these things happen in a spur of the moment fashion due to the highly sensitive nature if the work being done. As always trust your inner guide, for your Adjuster will lead you all accordingly, especially those whom have made themselves available for the work being done.

I would also like to talk to the children that are hearing this information the very real egregore of terrorism that is going to be addressed and worked with by the Magisterial Son on the Sunday call on the tenth anniversary of a most trying time for the United States. Surrounding the actions of these ones whom brought down the twin towers on 9/11/2001 is a fear egregore of terrorism in general. You will see this in action as the news being broadcast on your sphere will speak of the fear surrounding this date and how even to this day there is a calling to be on guard due to a very real egregore in place.

I admonish all to not feed into this fear, but to acknowledge that mercy grave and divine love will triumph over this. Focus not on the fear and confusion this act of terrorism caused, but on the grace, mercy and divine intercession of the Paradise Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit.

Be on the watch for those ones whom judge a whole group of individuals based on single acts of terrorism, for when you are in fear you have not the ability to love as God loves.

I will defer to Gabriel

Gabriel of Salvington: Hello children, I am Gabriel and I am here to encourage you all and to speak to you briefly on some facets of service that are now being opened. We appreciate the vast call to arms to help in this most momentous time in Nebadon’s history. 

Since most matters pertaining to mass judgment and dispensational resurrections that fall under the auspices of the Ancients of Days are delegated to me and my staff, I am directly involved in this undertaking. I have at my command an able corps of administrative assistants, created for their special work, who are unrevealed to you children of Urantia, but nonetheless, they are very active now on your sphere. I have at my charge all of the orders of celestial beings functioning in Nebadon for I have been created as the commander in chief of “the armies of heaven.

Mortals on the time/space worlds hardly ever encounter me with contact such as this, but due to the fact that many of you, even those whom are ready to serve to whatever order or degree are being guided and watched over under my personal direction. I wish you all well and I will defer to Mantutia.

Mantutia Melchizedek: I am Mantutia Melchizedek. We have seen the questions that some of you have asked and will be answering these to the best of your human understanding without causing any confusion. Rest assured, you are all greatly loved and are being guided if you are making yourself available.

Question one: Are the locations of the most affected nodes of the grid corresponding to specific land areas where atrocities were committed, such as concentration camps and other places around the world even today, where people suffer because of their thinking.

Lanaforge will be answering this

Lanaforge: Due to the atrocities that were committed on Urantia and the underlying effects that these actions caused in conjunction with the darkness and negativity surrounding all of this I can say;

There are specific areas that have been affected greatly. We are aware of them all and are through human celestial cooperation helping cleanse these areas with the Melchizedek and Archangel overseeing.

Take for instance a place that had a very high number of deaths for whatever reason, say due to war. These areas are so plagued with confusion and fear that there are indeed souls and unrevealed forms that cling to the fear and confusion in these areas, due to not fault of their own. The misconceptions these ones are constrained in, due to the fact that many of them died needlessly and quickly, have thrust them into a state of confusion, dread and panic. This translates to the other side of the veil. There are indeed very corrupted and affected areas such as these that are known about and being cleansed and released, so to answer your question, yes, these are anchors to the grid that was set in place.

Question two: Here on earth, now, how can I be of service to others being isolated on my island of Tahiti I feel useless. In fact, I am told that my participation in helping the souls detained by the Lucifer grid set in place can also happen on other planes than my physical reality. My dreams are getting more vivid in a nature such to validate this claim. Can you enlighten me more about this topic? And if so, how to bring back the information to those who will archive all operations?

I am Kuwaya Master Spirit number 2 voice of the Eternal Son: My child, your question is very relevant as you are being utilized in a way that will go beyond your normal human understanding. When your body gives up its consciousness in sleep, your Adjuster is free to detach and be of service on the other side of the veil. If you have made yourself available and are capable of being of service in whatever regard, you may find yourself having profound dreams and may be utilized this way. I speak to all, so this does not only encompass you, but for anyone that has entreated their Adjusters to be a bigger part of this aspect of service. Time is something you know in a body, so when you detach from your consciousness, it is your Adjuster doing the work, but many times you will retain the vivid imagery from the work that was done.

The Adjuster is fully capable of these actions, for I know of where I speak, and when you are experiencing these things, if the Father has so utilized you for this aspect of service, I can state that you are being of service and that no child is useless beloved one. You are all endowed with different gifts and the Father will never give you any more than you can handle at any given time, for indeed the Father knows these things. 

Question three: Due to the corruption of the grids does Michael Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit of our Mother, Nebadonia and all of our instructors, do they find it difficult to reach us even with the reflectivity? Are there adjutant mind-spirits still trapped by the corrupted grid, who are likely to mislead us.

Siriaya (also spelled Siraya)

I am Siriaya Master Spirit number 1, Voice of the Father: My child, you are hearing information via reflectivity from the spiritual currents flowing from Michael. Due to the mistrust and misguidance so many of my children are under they may due to the grids and corruption set in place mistrust the information that is being made known now. The Magisterial Son and those working with the staff, mortal and celestial must turn within for the inner guidance to receive accurately the information that is being heard, and through their own personal guidance allow it to resonate and integrate. To say what has happened here is an anomaly is fitting, due to the way that these things were set in place.

Many that received the 5th epochal revelation, even though it was celestially inspired, may find it hard to trust the information coming forth due to the fact that there has been erroneous information brought forth in the past. I say to you all that this information is accurate and being brought out at the proper times.

I would like to convey it to you in a way that you can understand from a human point of view. The planetary consciousness is at present polluted like a landfill, with all sorts of misinformation and garbage. The information being brought forth can be likened to a spray of sweet perfume, that is in a way being clouded over by the mass garbage of pollution all around it. You may get hints of its sweetness, but the vast majorities are unable to take in the spiritual aroma of wisdom due to the landfill that was set in place by rebellion.

This is very important to the ones that are working in the forefront of this work to know. When you work in such darkness and pollution, you are in a sense, if you allow yourself, being immersed in its darkness. Make sure, and I speak to one in particular who is working with the Melchizedeks in Europe, to cleanse your mind of any fear. If you allow fear to take root in your mind, and allow the fear that was set in place to grow, you will experience its effects.

The archangels and those under Gabriel will help you release these fears, conspiracies and mistrust that was encoded in these grids. If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed or mistrusting pure spiritual information, ask those whom are at the ready to assist you to release these things. I assure you that you have all the help you could possibly want for, but it is many times a battle of the mind to either allow spiritual information to blossom in faith and trust, or allow the corrupted grids and consciousness that you are working from to take hold of you. I speak specifically to our little girl. The adjutant mind spirits will not find it difficult to work with your mind, but this becomes impossible when your mind will not allow them to operate, especially if your mind is polluted with fear, darkness and anxiety.

Allow the Archangels to cleanse and purge you of the darkness that will infiltrate your energy fields if you so allow it to. Please do not allow your physical vessel to become overly tired and your energies to become polluted. If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed then take a break in personal stillness to recognize all those energies that are not of the light, then release any feelings that are not uplifting, up building and of the light by calling upon Michael and the Archangels to help you release what you know not to be of the light. 

Question 4: Where are we in status about the quantitative estimate of souls and celestials that have been released and with what success rate? For those whom have come forward are they being adjudicated immediately? How does it work?

Malvantra will answer this question

I am Malvantra Melchizedek. The number of souls and celestials that have accepted the final pass of mercy is accumulative and with those coming forward is ever expanding. The success rate has been extremely successful. As for the specifics on the translation and for the ones that are coming forward I can state this:

There is not a specific adjudication for these ones due to the unknowing participation for many of these ones that have been working in and trapped in the corrupted grids set in place. There is a rehabilitation program in place to help these ones in a loving and caring manner.

Adjudication is for those ones specifically being apprehended by the agents of the Ancients of Days knowingly impeding and resisting the Mercy being provided.

There has been some that have been apprehended and transported via an unrevealed order of seraphic transport to Jerusem to await judgment, but the number has been very low so far. The turn out and the response to the work being done is very encouraging to us, but we will not get into specifics due to the fact that it does not concern your affairs.

Question 5: Do you have any idea how long it will take to reach a conclusive result for the grid.

Is there any advice that would benefit everyone on this platform that want to co-operate?

The Magisterial Son will be handling this question.

Monjoronson: There is an indeterminate amount of time being provided for this mercy pass as you know time. This is being handled through the Melchizedek and Archangel jurisdiction. Everyone celestial and human alike will be given every chance to know, recognize and either accept or reject the mercy being shown to all on your sphere. This is not going to happen over night children so please be patient as we are so very patient with all of you.

We well know the vicissitudes of human mind and the conjectures therein, but the majority of this work will not concern most of you on this call.

For the ones that wish to be of greater service, this information has already been provided in past broadcasts, so if you are lead you will come to the appropriate information.

We are well aware of ever one of you that wish to be of service, but this will all be handled according to your abilities and your adeptness to spiritual leadings.

I thank you for all being on this call to hear this information brother and sisters in service to the light.

 I look forward to working with each of you if you are so lead to do so. May the Paradise Father’s light guide you in all your ways.