Lanaforge; Gavalia; Father Melchizedek - Greetings to Urantia As The Magisterial Mission Approaches - May 31, 2011 - Michael Xavier, Bel Air, MD
Using the Reflectivity Transmission Circuit
Personal Messages to Urantia From: Lanaforge, Gavalia, Father Melchizedek

T/R: Michael Xavier
May 31, 2011

[Editor’s Note: Gavalia is the Chief of the Evening Stars in Nebadon.  These are super angels planned for by the Melchizedeks and jointly created by Christ Michael and Mother Spirit.  Gavalia is created as an Evening Star, but ascendant creatures may aspire to the rank of super angel, and the first to realize this status is Galantia, Gavalia’s ascendant associate.  See Page 407 of the Urantia Book for further interesting details.]

[Preface from T/R Michael Xavier: I am being lead in connection with three personalities today for clarification and revealing of certain unknown aspects of the Magisterial mission and the undertakings of these personalities. I wish to state that I have heard three distinct names today for connectivity. Lanaforge, our brilliant and wonderfully uplifting System Sovereign felt majestic and beautiful. Gavalia the “super angel” and first born of his order under Gabriel was uplifting and wonderfully loving. Father Melchizedek was Fatherly and protective.  I haven’t felt such a feeling as this as yet on this circuitry. I am at a loss to describe Lanaforge as he is beyond words to convey. I will allow him to speak.]

Satania System Sovereign’s Dispensational Greetings

Lanaforge – The undertaking that is transpiring on the sphere of Urantia is going to be a magnificent page in the history of Nebadon. I am pleased to be with all of you and it is my hopes that you feel the love I have for each one of you sons and daughters of God that are in the service of the Father. Be kind and loving to one another. The dispensation will be dealt with lovingly and mercifully, and it is important that you all focus your energies on higher minded aspect of spirit. It is my wish for all of you to reach out to just one alongside you and say just one kind word. When millions do this, imagine the impact it will have in tides on your sphere. It is my sincere privilege to work with all the ascending sons of God as you move forward to find the Father on Paradise. There is so much love and service to be explored and shared as your ascend that it is my wish that you explore as much of it as you can. I love you all and I send you my heartfelt love this day. May the Father shine brightly in your hearts today and every day.  - The System Sovereign of Satania, Lanaforge. 

Michael Xavier: What a presence I experienced with this personality.  We are blessed indeed. Gavalia please share with us a word?

Gavalia to Accompany Monjoronson To Urantia

Gavalia: Brilliant Evening Star of Nebadon. Thank you for taking the time to receive this Michael as the inter-working and unfolding of the pages of this book will go down in history forever in Nebadon and be heard all over. I wish to formally announce to you all that I will be accompanying the Magisterial Son to Urantia when his bestowal is realized. Just as Gabriel accompanied Michael, so to I will be accompanying the Magisterial Son.  There is so much activity now children of Urantia that it would be hard to convey to your human minds all of the undertakings in Michael’s correcting time. I love you all, and I send you my sincerest love this day so that it may be felt fully in your hearts. The reflectivity process that is being utilized will prove to be invaluable to the Magisterial Son. Have faith and take courage sons and daughters of the Most highs for you are loved unlike any others. Darkness and fog may have overshadowed you for hundreds of thousands of years but the day star will soon appear and shine in all hearts. People will look above to the heavens and cry out to the Father for forgiveness and when they do he shall be there for all. The light of Paradise guides and illuminates your path.

Michael Xavier: What I wish to convey to all that are partaking of this information is the very different personality traits and presences of these magnificent beings as they come through. I can feel the power and love that these magnificent personalities have in their sincerity.

Father Melchizedek Applauds New Circuit Connectivity To Urantia

Father Melchizedek: We are so pleased Michael that this connectivity is fully realized and being utilized. I can formally announce that I will be leading the aspect of the reflectivity connectivity for Serena and the Magisterial Son for Urantia and the Magisterial Mission. There are so many ways that this works, as I can convey to the human mind, as the information translated through the spirit and through the Father fragment can become instantaneously understood. There are no limitations on the Father and he chooses whom is pleasing to Him to be given talents and spiritual understanding. I await eagerly the realization of the Magisterial Son on your sphere. I love all the children in the Father's service for you are truly loved. The team is in place and the plans established. The inner workings of spirit and the direction of personalities in correlation with one another will all harmoniously sing together as a beautiful song which only can be played by those who know their “notes”. The light of the Father shine brightly in your hearts this day. Peace be upon you all.

Michael Xavier: That will conclude today’s reflectivity connectivity. As I am being brought further understanding, this connectivity is essential to have the Morontia blending of mind so as to be connected to these personalities and to hear them appropriately. It would be impossible to connect without this, as I have been told.

 I have been authorized to share to you another aspect of this connectivity that is active. Just as emergency broadcasts on our sphere will flash across the screen when there is something that is important to convey, so to can this connectivity be utilized to flash broadcasts to and from the sphere of Urantia in warning or knowledge that is important to those outside of the direct connectivity. The times we live in are unlike any other nor will there be another time like this on Urantia. So many personalities, so many brilliant Sons and Daughters of the Father have converged on our lowly sphere of time and space to usher forth the beginnings of light and life here. We are all truly loved in ways that we sometimes cannot comprehend.