Transcript Follows Lengthy Editor's Note:
Michael - Transformation of Adjutant Mind to Cosmic Mind on Urantia - May 10, 2011 - Michael Xavier, Bel Air, MD

[Editors Preface: To fellow students of the Urantia Book and Teaching Mission,

For those readers interested in the enhanced ability of mind using cosmic mind of the morontia level, the transcript presented below is from M. Xavier who is presently experiencing the transition from the Adjutant Spirit ministry to the lower levels of the cosmic mind.  Christ Michael discusses with Xavier the problems arising from the transition and has suggested remedies for him and  for individuals who begin this change.  It is experienced as a difficult and harsh reality on the entire physical system since it is the Thought Adjuster which premeditates the changes while yet indwelling the mind in the distant super-consciousness.  In this position the Adjuster has a tough time mitigating the surges of personality disengagement experienced as a desire to escape social relationships and entanglements as a way to remove pressure.  The mind must put thing back in order and it can take, literally, years to do so.

I am particularly interested in this state of affairs as I too had the transition and can appreciate the difficulties on my own nervous system and mind development.  Although I have well over 20 years of experience with this change, those like M. Xavier, and probably some of you in a short while, will be experiencing it for the first time.  It will help all to know something about what this transition causes and how it affects the entire person quite dramatically.  You may be, sometimes, "beside yourselves".

Involved is your Thought Adjuster which monitors your psychic circle acquisition.  Completion of the psychic circles is relevant to the 5th epochal revelation because it reveals the concept; first, and second, because many of us have acted upon the desire to change our status from our free-wheeling dart throwing at the target of destiny for a saner approach to our future lives in ascension.  The effort is coming due soon to be placed into action. The Father has so willed that the Thought Adjuster prepare the ground for the return of Michael and the subsequent changes on Urantia which will require a whole new concept of mind ministry to be at work.

The Urantia Book tells us that cosmic mind (that which morontia beings use) becomes active when we have completed our personality unification work in the flesh.  The text identifies this work that was done in the seven psychic circles.

The reduction of the Adjutant Spirit ministry of the human mind ceases as the only influence on mind upon completion of the psychic circles.  There then begins the mixed ministry of Cosmic Mind and Adjutant Mind.  Cosmic mind only, as a full endowment of mind , begins at fusion with the Thought Adjuster or upon cessation of life in the flesh on Urantia and upon resurrection on Mansonia.

These steps of mind upgrades are discussed in Paper 110 Section 6, of the Urantia Book, which tells us the following:

    “From the seventh to the third circle there occurs increased and unified action of the seven adjutant mind-spirits in the task of weaning the mortal mind from its dependence on the realities of the material life mechanisms preparatory to increased introduction to morontia levels of experience. From the third circle onward the adjutant influence progressively diminishes.

    “The seven circles embrace mortal experience extending from the highest purely animal level to the lowest actual contactual morontia level of self-consciousness as a personality experience. The mastery of the first cosmic circle signalizes the attainment of premorontia mortal maturity and marks the termination of the conjoint ministry of the adjutant mind-spirits as an exclusive influence of mind action in the human personality. Beyond the first circle, mind becomes increasingly akin to the intelligence of the morontia stage of evolution, the conjoined ministry of the cosmic mind and the superadjutant endowment of the Creative Spirit of a local universe."(The Urantia Book, Page 1211]

I would also remind the reader that the staff of Monjoronson (especially Serena) has been talking about morontalizing the human mind for the past seven years, and that the use of cosmic mind is almost essential to be able to recognize Monjoronson and the incarnated Melchizedeks at their administrative headquarters on Urantia.  That this process is being accelerated should not come as any surprise to those who have followed the ups and downs of the coming planning for the Magisterial Mission and the Melchizedek school preparations.  We should also be expecting that more people will turn up for us to find who will be undergoing what will be a radical transformation of the psyche as Thought Adjusters begin their work to harmonize the will of the Father with the designs of Michael to improve all Urantia life into the future.

Here then is the promised transcription of a T/R undergoing adjutant mind to cosmic mind ministry transition for your edification:]


Michael - Transformation of Adjutant Mind to Cosmic Mind on Urantia - May 10, 2011 - Michael Xavier

Begin 3:50PM

[This Preface from T/R Michael Xavier. The Cosmic mind along with Morontia transformation is by far no small thing in the times in which we all live. It goes well beyond creating havoc in the mind of a human personality as I well now know. Having the Cosmic mind endowment and being brought into an ongoing Morontia transformation, I have at times felt very isolated and alone even though I felt interconnected with everything and everyone. I also had to realize that everything and everyone isn’t necessarily in correct thinking and it is my choice to put myself into the things of a higher spiritual nature, or focus on my former life. This is no one else’s responsibility but mine alone. This is encouragement from Christ Michael in times of forgetfulness and moments of wanting to fall back into the former things that are widely accepted and non-spiritual. It is my wish that you draw help and guidance from these things if you are undergoing them, for I myself have undergone these things and found encouragement in my times of need with leadings of spirit alone.

I understand this push – pull all too well now as in forms of my old life and in forms of my new and Eternal life wage a war that seems to go on unendingly. I am so weary in the fight against this former life for the aspects of it still exist and cannot be turned off. I understand that nothing can change me to be who Father see’s me as and this is what I am relying on to get me through many things. I full well understand now what Jesus had spoke when he conveyed to his disciples, For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it. I really do not wish to save my old life, but the happenings and former memories and personality traits are sometimes seemingly inescapable and wrought in ignorance and forgetfulness. I only wish to move forward in faith and love and to put these things of the former away, even those harmful relationships that I have forged in my former life. I love my Father above all else, and it is his spirit that works in me, and it is that very spirit that I am trying to get under control, to master this aspect of my new and evolving self. It is my main goal to be fully equipped and fully capable for every good work and deed. I am so weary, I tell you. I look to the grace and love that could only descend from my Father to keep me comforted and sane. I love you Father and I wish always to do your will.]

Christ Michael

Cosmic Mind

Peace be upon you child. Do you feel lost? Do you feel alone in this endeavor? I have really seen your struggles of late. Know first and foremost that I love you and I give you my peace. I understand more then you could possibly imagine what you’re going through. You have against all converse thinking on your planet went through enormous changes in a little over a years time have you not? You have felt all alone at that, have you not? I have seen your former life and the confusion and misrepresentation that had once encompassed it. You have given up your job, your earthly human companions on leadings of spirit and spirit alone. You have trusted the Father in these aspects and you are loved beyond any human understanding. This is hard to understand because you still exist in a physical world. It is a lonely thing in mind to know that what you have gone through and what you will continue to undergo will go against all lines of thinking around you. You will have done it without any human help, and in this a great encouragement will be brought forth from your effort and the faith it has taken on your part. This makes you feel even more cut off and isolated, I know, but you have all the angels of heaven along with you in this journey. Let me ask you a question. How does one build a house on land that is occupied with another? You must first tear down the old one and clear the land to make room for the new one correct?

So what you have experienced is hard I know. You sometimes feel like you want to stay away from others, and isolate yourself because people really will not understand your mindset and thinking. It is dangerous to remain in this thinking as you have personally experienced because of the danger of falling back into your former life that will not accept you because of your change. You have heard me speak before; For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it. I know you full well understand what this means now.

If you were the only one in school that was not wearing the assigned uniform, do you think it would go unnoticed? Of course, you would stick out, and feel different, and probably gain the attention of the teachers to be warned for not adhering to the uniform code. So to with you brother, you are different on the inside then almost everyone, and you know that you are not in line with the others inward thinking processes. I can only say that you have undertaken this assignment now, and are going through all of these things to help others when their time will come. Let your faith govern your thinking with action. There is much earthly love that really isn’t love that you can find in all manners of ignorant and misguided searches that you had previously known in the former times, including what you may have thought of human love. You have all the love and peace you could ever want for inside, and in this you will also find courage to be emboldened to step out and step up. I will explain to you of the affinity that you feel towards the apostle John and draw from his own experiences.

When I went about on your sphere without a home and seemingly poor in material things, this affected John greatly, because of my wanting to serve God first and foremost. John sympathized with me because of his own family’s failure to understand him and the changes that he was undergoing. He became aware and saw that they were gradually withdrawing from him. This was in part because of the changes that were taking place in his decision to follow after me. This entire situation, together with my ever deferring my wishes to the will of the father made permanent changes in him.

You have others that are going through what you are and have done it successfully, even as I can relate to your struggles and difficulties. Even John found himself isolated and exiled of the isle of Patmos, where Father showed him many great and wonderful things which have all but become a watered down mess in its current form in the current revelation of the Bible. Take heart and know that you are in me and I in you. You will be fine as you continue to grow. Know that I love you and that nothing could ever stop me from loving you. I will leave you in this lesson today with a small clarification that may or may not be revelatory. Take heart children, for it is I, Jesus, the root of David, the bright and morning star, Michael your Father and brother that loves and leads you. As always I leave you in my peace.

Unknown: Mortal Servers as Staff Adjutants will require a mind change bordering on the Morontia existence to modify by increasing the capacity to think on levels approaching the divine nature of mind. The Urantia Book refers to this type of mind circuit as Cosmic Mind to distinguish it from the present usage of Adjutant Mind in most mortal candidates. Those mortals who have completed their Cosmic Circles are already entering onto the lowest levels of cosmic mind, but this renewal work by the universe will bring forth those areas of mind generally only reserved for the Morontia existence beyond life in the flesh.