Prolotheos - Actions and Wisdom - May 01, 2011 - Progress Group, AU
Chicago, US of A, May 1, 2011.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Actions and Wisdom.

Prolotheos: “Your persistence is commendable.  You believe in solutions, and you are right, because for every problem there is a solution.  The lesson on this occasion is about actions and their importance in life.  Actions are important because they are the substance of our experience, which accounts for our growth in life.  Actions commenced are laid out on the blueprints of thoughts, choices and decisions.

“Arrogance produces actions dressed with thoughts and words of excessive self-importance.  Cowardice produces actions aborted by fear.  Risk is a danger implicit in every action, for you never know how ‘all the parts’ will react to your actions.  Courage is to act boldly, even in the face of great danger to self.  Faith is to trust that your actions are the best course, even when reason and logic seem to contradict them.  Action without thinking is to trust fate and a refusal to use your natural endowments to conduct life, and gambling with life is a dangerous game, indeed.

“Goodness is action motivated by love with the purpose of serving others.  Truth is the foundation of actions with repercussions beyond themselves, even to eternity.  Actions are part of the very fabric of life, they weave together decisions, thoughts and feelings into the prints of experience.  Words inspire multitudes, but actions build civilizations.  Think big, choose right, act boldly, and your only regret will be not having done more.  Thoughts make your standards, but actions are what really counts if you want to make a difference.  It is better to attempt and fail big time, than to do nothing and have not a single thing to learn from.

“And so, my pupil, actions are the materializations of thoughts, choices and decisions.  Accidents are the result of your incapacity of controlling yours or others’ unintentional actions.  Mistakes are actions poorly conceived.  Regrets are the grief for your actions after they have been proved wrong to your own values, but there is no greater satisfaction in life than knowing you have done the will of the Father.

“I am your teacher, Prolotheos; this lesson was sent upon your request, and as it is, it may be useful to others also.  Sometimes, actions are like 'aim and shoot'.  To shoot, only pulling the trigger is necessary; but the result is always according to how good was your aim.  Better aiming only comes with more practice, experience.  Aim always to do the will of the Father, practice will make it perfect.  Keep at it, my pupil.  I look forward to our next opportunity to converse.”

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