Merit N. Idaho Mission


Cause & Effect Measures

Nov 11, 2001

* Unidentified (Gerdean): The universe abounds with splendid associates, Elyon, in the many, many realms of creation. The scope of association is unending, catapulting and cartwheeling its way from the inception of life to Paradise and beyond. I am going to speak about cause and effect as a method of weighing your appreciation of merit. No, I know I have not given you a name; I have not revealed my identity to the TR either. She is very nervous about that, but not to worry, we will proceed in good faith.

As to cause and effect, that you understand in your frame of reference to mean what you do you will feel the effects of in time. The Eastern philosophy is one of karma and the scope of cause and effect big enough to incorporate all of evolution. That which is the primordial cause, the original cause, is that which will bring about the ultimate effect. In this we know the Paradise pattern will fulfill itself because it is ordained that the effects of the original cause will be forthcoming. But en route there are myriad minor instances of cause and effect which I will point to as examples of what your world is experiencing in its evolution today.

Earlier in your discourse you discussed the acknowledgment today being Veterans' Day, Armistice Day, day of peace acknowledging the progress of civilization in the way they manage hostilities and expansion of boundaries and powers. You discussed the quality of your nature, your composition as humans, your inheritance and its effects into the afterlife and beyond. What of this life will you take with you into the next? Which is also cause and effect. This is how it is that everything has a sublime association; everything connects from the beginning to the ending, the alpha and the Omega. Look at your world which is hardly completed. Your earthquakes, tornadoes, tumultuous storms, rains, floods give evidence of the relativity of, your degree of, maturity as a young planet still, geologically speaking, still cooling, still stabilizing. You have war in your core; the belching and boiling of the elements bring about destruction and violent outpourings that are inherent because of your standing as still immature, young.

The same is true for you as a race of people. You have not yet met the mandatory requirements for peace in your own hearts, in your own souls, that would garner a sublime association with your fellow sojourners whether they are near or far. This overview is designed to help you perceive the cause and effect of a planet's development. The yearning for peace that you celebrate, acknowledge, and pray for is essentially a plea for the divine pattern to fulfill itself, that God in His heaven rule, and so it is. The propensity is to point your fingers at each other and indicate the other's responsibility in the tumult and in the overall is all a matter of cause and effect. Those of you who seek to insure eternal peace are those who have insulated themselves against existence. Growth itself involves conflict. It need not be destructive, but it will always bring about change, and change itself is a result of cause and effect. As you advance and as this world itself advances, as it stabilizes and cools, as it becomes manageable by its own degree of settledness, it will cause the effect of peace to prevail just as springtime causes the trees to sprout new leaves.

There is much in the universe that is beyond your control. You can to some extent master yourself and your responses. But there is no escaping cause and effect. This is why it is that sometimes some people suffer at the hands of other people's decisions. History is filled with these kinds of instances, and the ramifications are long-lasting, even into eternity. But in the overall it is eternally true, the universe is a friendly place and orderly and an organized organism of which we are all integral parts of the whole. Rejoice in the process! Reflect upon the merits, as there are many.

Value increases as you stabilize, as you in your world stabilize you reflect that stability throughout your galaxy, your realm. Thus you have grown as a part of the whole of the universe. Don't deny your world its growth, its dynamics, its struggles, its drama. Rejoice in the unfolding of the divine plan in the perspective of the farther view and in the short term. Rejoice in your work and in your play with each other, another vital effect from the cause of seeking to do His will and live the gospel as you have discovered it.

There are yet others on hand, and we have time for more and questions.

Jonathan: The causes make the effects worthwhile. The clue to improvement is to evaluate the micro causes along the way rather than be disappointed at the effects.

* unidentified: It's a simple matter of learning from the history of what has gone before you. It can't go backwards; this is the great hope. Evolution advances. Yes, the cause can be determined by the root or the source of the movement, the action, the will. As the world advances and stabilizes so do the minds of men and women thereon. You in the forefront of philosophic thought offer guidance to those who fear destruction and doomsday. Reinforce the truth of faith in all its dynamics to countermand the backlash, the down pull of darkness and fear. This is the work we speak of when we speak of emergency, these times of transition that need to go forward rather than fall back. It would seem sometimes that you must be weighty and ponderous to carry out this effort, but may I remind you that many good works are done in naivee and by bumbling along ignorant of any motives, simply living in childlike faith and allowing that reflection of reality to overcome the fear that surrounds you.

Thus you present yourself as a honeybee dancing outside the hive inviting your friends to partake by the nature of your joy in finding this great and original First Source and Center of all things and beings and worlds.

Jonathan: Given the current war in Afghanistan, there's discussion of standing up for freedom, defending what your country stands for, and there is also the pacific view that war is never acceptable for conflict resolution. We talk of trying to have a morontia perspective and not take a polarized stand. Could you comment on standing for individual and national rights while not caving to the apparently ineffective ways to resolve differences?

* unidentified: We would be looking at the variables of cause and effect; they each have a level of reality, but sometimes it would be like comparing apples and oranges. The subject is too broad to be generic except in the universal sense as I outlined above. But when you become specific to nations or territories, to races, religions, leaders, instances, tribes, principles, you have as many variables as there are individuals discoursing. It is therefore necessary to continue to return to the perspective of transcendence in order to keep out of the emotional quagmire of intellectual and political differences that exist and will continue to exist for centuries because of the nature of growth, including political growth. En route to one world, one language, one government, one religion, we will see many more battles of one sort or another.

Look at the early forms of battle as compared to the more recent. Of course war is an unholy alliance, and yet as you advance as humans you become more sophisticated in your methods. Rather than the brutal clubbing of one another to death you attain technological sophistication that allows for thousands of people to be immediately eviscerated as is evidenced in the Manhattan situation. In time you will as a race evolve to a point of exchange such that there need not be lives lost but to the victor go the spoils of goods and services or philosophies. Even when a world attains advanced status of Light and Life there will remain differences in ideological approaches that will be reminiscent of what your world experienced when it was young, raw, and untamed. These elements of your awareness will continue with you throughout your career. You will remember in mansonia many of these realities, as they have worth; they have merit. They represent far more than bloodshed. They represent valor, bravery, stamina, loyalty, courage, ideals, and the like that have lasting value. The good fight of faith itself is sometimes a fight to the finish in which there are fatalities.

But here I speak metaphorically to indicate that anything worth having, worth knowing, worth striving for, worth believing in is worth intelligent effort to support. Am I to say that your battle for reality is any greater or lesser than another's battle for reality? How can that be? Each soul is its own battlefield, its own arena wherein those choices take place, wherein the animal nature and the divine nature dual for supremacy. That is something that is shared by every human being no matter what color, what language, what race, nationality, religion, gender, whatever. In the mind of man is where the ultimate arena is which chooses to know the Prince of Peace or to wrestle with the angel.

Thus, when you engage in discourse with your fellows, ascertain their levels of comprehension and attempt to conform to that which is in your eyes in alignment with truth, beauty, and goodness and in hope of expanding and enlarging a foundation of reality which will build a better world, build the thoughts, the concepts that will bolster the ideals of advancing civilization. In this way humanity will be able to continue to play out its drama and reach for better things. In this way you will have served humanity and the gods themselves.

Thank you for your ears. Farewell.