Siraya - More Confirmation - Lucifer Rebellion Receding Quickly on Urantia - Feb 14, 2011 - Paul Conklin

Teacher: Master Spirit Number One, The Voice of The Father

T/R: Paul Conklin
February 14, 2011

My dear child this is Siraya.  I can see that you have doubts as to the last message that you received from me.  That is OK.  I will provide confirmation soon.  I know that you are concerned that you get it right because you do not want to mislead any of your brethren.  That is commendable.  Give it some time and you will be able to discern when the message coming through is accurate.  I told you that this message would be brief and that it is.  Have faith my child.  Trust in the process.  I am the voice of the Father signing off until another time.  Be in my peace child.

[Transmitter: Just yesterday [02/13/2011] I saw this message on the TM archives from Kathy:]

 Michael: [Cathy] My brothers and sisters, I join you to celebrate the news of Siraya in our midst. I am here to confirm the arrival in this realm of guidance from My Father. This is an enhancement to a continuing project of rehabilitation of Urantia from the default and rebellion. I have formed a plan and Siraya is here to help with the coordination of the process to encode action with the ultimate will and vision of God Himself. As was mentioned earlier, your primary connection to this continuing process is through that divine connection of the Thought Adjuster, the piece of our guidance, the gift from the First Source and Center. Be assured that all is progressing magnificently and I am pleased with the current development.

 As you are aware, the world you know is in turmoil and confusion and the inhabitants are operating at an instinctual level, an animal level. Within this conflict is an opportunity for a shift in consciousness, an opportunity for a movement toward a new vision of society, a movement towards a closer connection of brotherhood between all peoples in Urantia. At this time I am uplifting all in the attempt to form a platform that can be used to gather the sheep into the fold. Your part of this gathering is to be love in your every day activities and hold fast to the vision of Light and Life. Your assignment is to be the light you want, to live in the light and love that would create a true kingdom on this world. I am with you always in this project. I am available to you at all times, you only need to ask. Continue in my love my children. A joyous world is coming to us all.

[Transmitter: After I read this message I felt waves of energy and goose pimples go all over my body.  This is the confirmation that Siraya said would be forthcoming.  Wow!  SO, after I read that message I felt another urge to take a message from Siraya.  Here it is:]

Siraya: I see that you received the confirmation that you sought my child.  I hope that this brings you comfort and great joy.  I have heard your cries.  I have seen your plight and the plight of Urantia.  My dear child take your love and your mercy and spread it throughout Urantia.  You heard what Monjoronson said today.  That you are witnessing the birth of light and life.

My beloved child continue to concentrate your energies on your planet.  I know that you have doubts as to the veracity of this process, but I can assure you that it is true.  There are real and measured energies that can be seen flowing from your person to the energetic consciousness of Urantia.

Tonight we will discuss the realities of the Lucifer rebellion and its legacy.  Just as there are positive spiritual energies that flow forth from your form and that of your brethren there are negative energies.  These negative energies are very real.  If you have witnessed a fight or a blowup where two people lose their tempers, you see it.

So, when you look at the legacy of the Lucifer rebellion, its legacy is the negative spiritual energies left behind.  These energies are very real.  But these energies can be broken up.  Just as two people can go at one another with violent force, then two people can use those energies in a different way.  They can use the spiritual energies of love, truth, beauty and goodness.  Imagine the possibilities.

You are witnessing the dawning of the age of light and life.  You are witnessing these things because people, such as yourself, are spewing positive spiritual energies into the mind matrix of the planet.  This mind matrix is commonly referred to as Urantia or Gaia.  She holds all the memories of Urantian life from its inception as a will planet.  When you send forth these positive spiritual energies they became enlodged in the planetary Supreme.  The more persons that add to the whole, the stronger this fabric of energy becomes.

When you look out into the sky what do you see?  You see whatever happens to be the reality of the given moment.  If it is a gloomy day you may say that the skies are gray.  If it is a sunny day you may say that the sky is blue.  If storms are on the horizon and the winds are whipping up you may say that the sky is black.  All these are reflective of the conditions prevailing at any given moment.

So too the prevailing conditions of the planet are dependent upon all the inhabitants thereof.  The more persons that ascribe to the doing of the will of the Father, the more favorable the conditions will become.  The more persons that reject the will of the Father and embrace their own the more detrimental the conditions will become.

When you and all of your brethren send positive spiritual energies into the planetary Supreme it is like you are changing the weather.  Conditions may have been stormy.  They may have been blustery.  But a low comes through pushing all the harmful elements out of the area.  The sun breaks forth and the skies are blue again.

This is what all of you are creating.  You are changing the weather conditions of Urantia that make it favorable for light and life.  Don’t underestimate your power my children.  You can effect a drastic change that will last eternally.  And all of this comes about because you have all used your free wills to make this so.  You have co-created with your Eternal Father  to change the weather so that light and life may flourish.

My dear children, be proud of yourselves.  You are living at a most momentous time.  The times that you are living in shall never be repeated again.  You are witnessing history in the making.  You are witnessing a planet long immersed in pitch darkness emerging into the light and the love of the Eternal Father.  But you have done this my children.   You have created this situation.  You had our help of course, but you had to make it so.  All of our help would be in vain if you did not make it so.

There may be days ahead that seem bleak at times.  Stay in the faith.  Keep in the faith of your Father.  Always remember that there is never anything in this world that can permanently harm you.  Be a beacon of light to your brethren when the storms come.  You have the solutions that they are looking for.  Our Father loves them just as much as He loves all of you.  Spread your love freely.  Give out your heart liberally.  You can do it my children.  Jump up and down.  Shout from the highest mountain tops.  The dawning of a new day is here.

 You will no longer find the darkness in your midst because the dawning of this new day will result in the sun never setting.  I am not speaking of your sun my children.  I am speaking of a new dawn that will arise in your hearts.  This new dawn is the awareness that there is an Eternal One at the center of all things.  This Eternal One shall ever more be your light.  He shall ever be your comfort.  He shall ever be your life.  Once the dawn arises in your hearts, it shall never set again.

Go forth my children and tell it to all of your friends and family.  A new age has arrived.  The old order passes away.  The Lucifer rebellion passes into history.  This is a time for great rejoicing and unabashed weeping.  The Father of us all has heard your cries.   Arise my children.  Get off your knees and weep no more.  For a new dawn arises in your hearts.  Will you help your brethren to see that a new dawn arises in their hearts?

My child and all my dear children be comforted and find peace, for hope has arrived.  Hope has arrived never to flee again.  Know that you are always in my heart and that I am here always.  I am the voice of the Father crying out.  Go in peace my children.  I take my leave until another time.