Unknown Teacher - Prelude To Peace - Aug 24, 2010 - Progress Group, AU
Alabama, US of A, August 24, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Prelude to Peace.”
Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “Why is it so hard for you to understand that all are children on their way to perfection?  All display traits of maturity according to the level of spiritual progress attained.  There will always be some that are more advanced than others.  There will always be some that are more responsible for their actions than are others.

“Just as a human parent understands that the foolish actions of his or her children are a consequence of their immaturity, the Celestial Father extends His mercy to all of us.  You can be sure that in this world only a few are truly sinners.  The great majority that participate in the chaos are just victims of confusion and a lack of independent thinking.  The majority simply do what they have been told to be the right thing.  They are not as guilty as those who deceive knowingly and intentionally.

“Don’t let the lack of maturity of some bring forth the least spiritual aspects of your personality.  Don’t let revenge replace forgiveness.  Accept that our Father knows everyone’s motives, since He lives in the human heart and in every normal mind in this world.  Many of those who do evil things would not do them if they knew better, if they knew that we are all brothers and sisters -- children of a Father who loves us without conditions or restrictions.

“Love is the peace of the world and the prelude of peace is forgiveness.  The key to forgive is to accept that we are all on the same path towards an eternal destination, and some might be a few steps ahead of others.  Don’t forget your brothers and sisters that come behind you.  Don’t waste your time signaling their mistakes.  Instead, show them the path toward the final goal and let them walk on their own, discovering the truth that will eventually lead them to discover the true being of light and beauty that is hidden within every one.

“If someone takes a wrong turn and falls in the mud, would you show them their mistakes, sinking them deeper?  Or would you extend your hand and help them get back onto the right path?  You are the master or your relationships with your brothers and sisters.  You can decide to leave the enemy defeated in the battlefield, or to turn that person into your brother, so you both can continue to grow. In the universal economy there is nothing more appreciated than helping another to discover truth, beauty and goodness.”

Translated from Spanish by Oscar.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.