Monmacion Melchizedek- Making Adjustments In Spritual Growth - Dec 15, 2010 - Tiahuan
Subject: Monmacion Series
Teachers: Monmacion       
T/R: Tiahuan
December 15, 2010

Hello my friends! This is Monmacion. I have missed your presence in this configuration as I sense you have. This is indicative of our growing synchrony working together in ways that exceed your understanding, and yet you sense this in a deeper place within you.

Your discussions this evening were again indicative of the value of friendship, friendship that is characterized by sharing the wonder of the reality of our Father living within you and guiding each of you into new avenues of experience and service.

You might think we could stand still for a moment, and you do if you practice stillness. It is only in such moments that you are truly at rest. At other times, even when you sleep, your minds are very active and very engaged in the labor of advancing in this light that is being poured upon your world in this moment. This is the pace of Paradise; it is demanding, but it is liberating, invigorating; challenging perhaps, but it is a source of joy. The impulse to advance does not come from outside of you as if some hard taskmaster was cracking a whip instilling fear of your failure to move sufficiently. Far from it, and what a change of orientation this is for your world.

Release any compulsions of fear and live into the bounty of faith. The invitation to advance in this light is continual, but it is characterized by love, encouragement to open yourselves more fully to the beneficence of our Father’s love. For you see it is his desire to give you as much of his joy as you can receive.

(The rigor) of your evolutionary experience is (great) particularly in this world and worlds such as this one; making profound adjustments in basic orientation is challenging and such adjustments are only possible because of the resilience of our Father’s spirit living within his children, and to the extent there are his children who would yield fully to this buoyancy of spirit, there is nothing that can hold you down. There is nothing that can put you down, indeed all the waves that appear so adverse to your material conditions (emerge as) stimulus to discover this ever present buoyancy of spirit.

As you experience this buoyancy you become more confident. You are not daunted or intimidated by the rising waves, the seemingly threatening waves that are washing over your coastlines at this moment unleashing changes that are difficult. Certainly, on a material level, we all stand in awe of our Father who is walking with you in and through this mortal experience that I look forward to sharing more directly.

To all those who have attuned themselves, there is now a rather visible motion that has commenced in earnest as seen in the structures of your world that have been shaped by millennia of isolation now truly collapsing. You understand that provision for the necessary faith to be present on this planet to weather such a storm has been anticipated, and it has been offered and made available to as many as would partake of this course in preparation, but my friends, the preparatory course is behind us. You are in the thick of it. This is what you have been prepared for. Still there is the prospect of moving in and through these tumultuous changes joined by myself and others walking with you. This is not a fleeting gesture to some distant hope; this is a fact of life that you have lived without for so long.

The fact of isolation is over. You are absorbing degrees of illumination which are bringing you to this place where I now stand with my colleagues in this Magisterial Mission looking forward to moving together as colleagues, teammates upon whom each rely upon the other, upon you for the vital human perspective, upon those of my order and our Magisterial Son for a divine perspective, and further still those who represent the Paradise Trinity for the all encompassing perspective of the governing force in the Master Universe.

In your discussions this evening, you spoke of discovering Michael’s presence as an energetic field, so vivid in his signature, bearing beautiful color, majestic presence, majestic beauty, the beauty of holiness. Of course initially it is only to be expected that the mortal observer would see this as something else, something other than what you are. Of course, his invitation is to witness your own beauty, the majesty of our Father living in and through you as a unique soul evolving in his field of influence; moving, dancing, swirling. These descriptive forms bear witness to this interdependent state in which we dwell in spirit. So my friends, what you are discovering is that you are made in his image. You are the same at your core because at the core, as you know, is our Father living in you. Be confident that as this awareness expands, there is the space made available for us to enter your life more fully, your labor, and to share in it in a more concrete manner.

You needn’t be concerned. We are not going to startle you. When we join you it will be as I have said before, as a friend walking up beside you simply joining you along the way.

We are here already but await the moment when we touch one another in a manner that is meaningful to the human. By then, you will have grown to a place where you know without any doubt that your human presence touches us on high already. Your aspirations, your questions, your confusion from time to time as expressed in these exchanges; this is the nature of the Supreme. It is important for you to become fully acclimated before we can join you in a form you can recognize. Then you will recognize yourselves as eternal lights characterized by the presence not only of color but sound and senses you cannot imagine, extending throughout the range of the universe of universes. You cannot see this except as you grow into this awareness.

This is your status as a child of God seeking extension, simply this. Rest in the source of this light as often as you wish, and we would encourage you evermore. The more you rest in this, the more you know the truth of who you are.

I will not tax this one this evening with introducing yet another, but we will in time.

Do you have any questions?


My friends allow yourselves to discover your questions even while you sleep. Pay attention to your minds as our Father presents more of who you are to your field of view. As you wonder, feel free to share, as this is the dialogue of divinity attainment.

I look forward to our meetings as ever, and until next time, I bid you farewell.

Students: Good night!