Tomas - The Fact of Fear - Oct 14, 2010 - Lightline
Location:  Light Line
Teacher:  Tomas
Topic:  The Fact of Fear
T/R:  Gerdean
October 14, 2010
TOMAS:        Yes, rest assured you are attended.  We are with you, observing the dynamism of your gathering.  Coming from so many different places around the country and different places in the heart, or in whatever you are up to, be it caretaking, suppertime, coming and going home from work or whatever, you bring your energy and we will see what we can do to mold it into a pattern that will reveal itself in a vortex of energy that will allow the channel of communications to open and as much truth as possible come through.

Welcome, one and all. This is Tomas speaking.  I often take up the baton at these Light Line events because I am familiar with Gerdean and she with me.  One less thing for her to worry about benefits the entire program.  This is the way it is with humans. Each one has to be tended to independently and individually.  Each one of your needs is unique and personal. Each one of your concerns is to a great extent our concern because it is your mental frame of mind that affects your emotional state of being and also is the gateway to the spirit life, the higher thoughts and concepts of mota that we enjoy when we come together.

Let me say too that sometimes when we get together, very little is on a spiritual plane. Very much of it is on an emotional level because that is where you are in your psyche and it is very important for any teacher to meet the student where the student is. It would do no good for me to try to talk to you about trigonometry if you are still trying to learn to multiply and divide.

Furthermore, there is some concern about what comes through, as to whether it is good enough or not good enough - by whose standards I don’t know, but assuredly everyone has standards and everyone will ascertain for him or herself what transcripts, what transmissions, what teachers, what T/Rs, what lessons, what concepts are compatible and which ones are “old hat.”  Some may consider some lessons too ‘far out’ to be believed while some may feel the lesson is too ho-hum to be endured.  But there is overall value in the experience, even though all these possibilities are in existence. Uppermost is probably the idea itself, the concept itself, that we can engage one with the other. You come to these gathering to lift yourself up and that is priceless.

The experience that happens to you as you open yourself, as you open your mind and your spirit to celestial helpers, divine ideas, encouragement, assurance, and sometimes actual information, is a testimony to your faith, to your willingness to grow, to be open to the possibility that truth can come to you in many guises.

It is a tremendous experience for the T/R because it provokes the T/R to be in trust of the process itself.  It also offers a discipline because the T/R must set his or herself aside in order for the persona of the concept to come through.  Making oneself deliberately small is a good discipline for many occasions, but it also enables the opportunity to experience by proxy the teaching techniques of their elders.  This is a tremendous opportunity for those of you who take up the task of learning to receive and transmit from this higher plane of consciousness whereon we meet and mingle and commune.

Now that we have gotten here, I am able to commence with a lesson.  There is interference on the line, however, that is distracting, and so I will rein in my T/R and apply the disciplines such that we can proceed.

The Fact of Fear

The times are upon us now where there is high drama everywhere.  The fear has not abated.  Some kinds of fear have peaked but other kinds of fear hastened in to take its place and so there is still tremendous fear facing us and when we face the fear of the community and its individuals, our work is compounded because we must work first to reduce their fear, for when people are in a state of fear they are closed to adventure, they are closed to logic and reason. They are in fear mode. This is a very emotional state of mind and being.  Even though they may appear to be quite calm on the surface, there is great fear in the collective psyche at this time.

Be mindful of that when you go out into the area to be about the father’s business.  You have the same natural animal fears as anyone because you are animal origin beings and many fears are simply there because they are designed to help you survive, but you know that your fears are manageable. There are many who refuse to accept that they have fear; they have not yet begun to manage fear, and they are in denial they have fear. They can become belligerent and hostile without much provocation. So even though you have your own fears to deal with, be assured that there are others whose angst is far worse.

Be kind.  Kindness is very difficult to muster when you are feeling put upon.  Sometimes it seems as though kindness in times of great stress is ludicrous, that you must be firm.  And it is true, you must be firm, but you can also be kind.  These two things: firmness and kindness, will help put to rest the fears of others -- those invisible fears that would do harm -- not intentionally but as an impulsive reaction to what they perceive is coming at them.

Before you go out the door in the morning, or in the afternoon, or in the evening, before you open yourself up to your environment, be sure to invite your spirit helpers to go with you and be mindful of their presence with you.  As you get in your car, as you drive past the corner store, as you settle yourself into the ride, as you park at your destination, and as you approach your task, take your spirit helpers, your spiritual consciousness with you so that you are armed and prepared, and so that you can be calm and respond sanely and serenely when you interrupt or interfere with the lives of others simply by presenting yourself.  To those in fear this can be considered an act of aggression.

I almost feel I should apologize for the caliber of my words this evening. They are hardly words you want to hear; they are not encouraging a high state of spiritual consciousness such as one might anticipate with rose-colored glasses or blind faith. They are really very much the concerns of the human, but you see you are human, and as I mentioned earlier, my task is dealing with you as you are and whereas you might not like to think about your fears and the fears of others, you would appreciate my efforts if you could see yourselves as we see you.

Now, let me hasten to add that we also see you as tremendously courageous people. The courage that you manifest because of your faith is often inspirational. As you have been told for many years, your enthusiasm, the inspiration you bring, your buoyancy of spirit, make our lives easier, our work easier and the lives of your fellows easier.  And it is merciful to try to make life easier and more meaningful for those you love, for those you care for, even those who are strangers, because it is “Jesusonian.”

And yet it is also good to be mindful of the circumstances in which you live, be aware of the signs of the times, and the circumstances today -- sociologically speaking -- are strained, and humanity is under duress.  Help put their minds at ease. Reassure them that you want nothing from them. You want nothing unreasonable. You have no expectations. Except, of course, the natural course of business as it is carried on, and even there, be merciful. There are some who have no work; there are some who are losing their homes to foreclosures through no fault of their own; there are some who are leaving for war or returning from war that are embattled night and day, as are their families.  The elections coming would indicate that no one can be trusted, that your leaders are all failures, out to deceive you, and these are not words that provide comfort or poise to people who long to hear the simple truths the Master spoke of in ways that mean  something to them, so simplify your approach in your ministry.

Remember the lessons of Teacher Will: smile at people; help them by opening the door for them.  Simple acts of kindness go a long way toward making the world a better place in which to live. In truth, if it isn’t one crisis it’s another, and there will be many, many moons before this planet settles down to a serene and peaceable existence. But you who are forerunners of a new way of life, one which invites the joy, the order, the security and the plentiful affection of divinity, are able to set the pace for tomorrow.  Contribute to the making of the future today.  It need not be grand, your contribution. It may not even necessarily be inspired or illuminated, but simple acts of kindness that bring peace of mind and a moment of restfulness is a gift, the same kind of gift we enjoy here in this moment together in the light line broadcast where we are all at ease and at peace knowing we are in a safe place with loving companions and wise overseers.

Question and Answer Period

Thank you for joining us this evening and let me encourage you to join us even further by participating in the discourse. You know about the *6.  Come forward and share yourself, one at a time.  Ask questions. Add your ingredient to our dish so that our meal will be more robust for you being part of it.  The floor is open.

Paul:                Hello?

TOMAS:        Hello.

Paul:                This is Paul.

TOMAS:        Yes, Paul.  Nice to hear from you.

Paul:                Thank you. I have something I would like to share with the group.  I probably have shared before that my son died about three months ago.  And I was having kind of a hard time of it yesterday, or the day before.  And after I went for a long walk in the park and after going for a long walk, I was kind of communing with the Father and I was talking to Him, kind of reflecting on things.  And when I came home, I wrote something that I think that … I felt that my Father kind of inspired me to write.  And I would just like to share that with all of you.

TOMAS:        Proceed.

Paul:                Okay.  Well, the thing I wrote, I entitled it “The Gift” and after I read it, I think you will understand what its saying.

Do you remember, my children, what it is like to receive a gift?  Especially when you are all children with all you could think about. You might have wondered if you were going to receive that cool 1-speed that you were pestering your parents about.  On the morning that gifts are given out, the young child is waiting to receive what he expects will be his in short order.  He rips open his gifts with excited vigor, hoping that he will find a gift that he has been waiting for all along.  He does not see any evidence that his 10-speed is waiting for him so it is with some disappointment as he opens his last gift that he discovers the object of his desire is nowhere to be found.  Then with a teasing grin, his parents tell him to take all the wrapping paper out to the garage.  He reluctantly does so.  As he opens the door to the garage, he sees it! The 10-speed is standing before him.  With his parents standing behind him, he turns and thanks his parents as he hugs them vigorously.  “This is the perfect gift!” he tells them.

When that child grows up, he remembers with fondness the love that his parents had for him, and the tender way that they showed that love. His parents had always treasured him, and made that plain often.  He will never forget the day when he opened that garage door, filled with disappointment and regret, only to have his feelings turned upside down. He will never forget the look of satisfaction on his parent’s face as he discovered the gift – the gift that was discovered in plain sight.

The first day that all of you discovered me within your mind was also a momentous discovery. You were astonished to find, when you opened your garage door, that waiting inside was not a 10-speed bike, but a precious gift from the First Source and Center.  Isn’t it true, my children, that your Parents’ unconditional love motivated you to express that same love toward others?  Well, how about the gift that originates from the First Source and Center?  There is something indefinable about that gift.  You can’t quite put your hands on it in the way you put your hands on a gift that you can see and touch and feel.  Yet this gift is so profound that mere words are unable to express its beauty.

But, have you ever admired, children, the beauty of a pearl? There is something about its luster that is indescribable.  But have you ever considered how the pearl forms?  Well, oyster pearls form when an irritant forms within its mantle. The oyster is unable to dislodge the irritant so it begins to excrete a hard substance called “knacker”.  This substance is composed of calcium carbonate.   As long as the irritant remains inside the oyster, the knacker continues to build upon itself, layer after layer, until the day that a pearl diver plunges into the depths, the forming pearl remains hidden.  Then he pries open the shell and discovers a lustrous pearl inside.

Did you also know that there are pearl farms where pearl technicians will artificially introduce a foreign substance into the mantle of the pearl oyster?  With surgical precision, they will introduce a small piece of shell into the mantle of the oyster.  Over time this irritant will cause the oyster to excrete calcium carbonate to surround this irritant.  These oysters hang from rafts and the technicians periodically check the temperature and change the depth of the oysters that are hanging from the raft by varying lengths of string.  These technicians will also raise the oysters to the surface, cleaning them of any debris that may have accumulated, and even giving medicine that discourages parasitic growth.  Not all the oysters survive this careful treatment, but those that do, are harvested for their pearls.

But does not a pearl enhance one’s beauty?  There is something about its luster, shine, and perfect symmetry that dazzles and causes persons to take notice. But isn’t it ironic that such beauty is a result of an irritation?  Without that distress, the pearl would not form.  You may wonder why there are so many irritants that cause you such distress.  Perhaps you have suffered grief over the loss of a loved one.  Maybe you are divorced, and the loss of your partner feels just as intense as a death in the family.  You may have lost your job, or your house has been foreclosed.  There are almost an endless variety of troubles that mortals experience in this world.  And yet, my children, instead of succumbing to despair, why not let the Maker of unconditional love, peace, understanding and forgiveness cover over those irritants that form over our skin?  Then when a diver plunges into the depth and opens our shell, he will find a perfectly formed and lustrous pearl.

You see, my children, you may wonder why I am speaking to you about the pearl.  The pearl is priceless, its beauty inexpressible.  It’s a priceless gift that so many want to possess it but, after all, a pearl is just a thing.  It is a precious gift, surely, but isn’t there a gift more precious than that?  Do you think that I am speaking of the gift of the Father fragment?  Well, we are a precious gift from the Father, my children, but I am not talking about that gift.  Don’t you see, my children, I am the diver that plunged into the depth in search of beauty.   When I ascended from the depth, I held in my hand an open shell with a precious pearl in my hand.  You are the living, breathing pearls.  You are the gift that makes a mere pearl pale in comparison.    

Oh, I failed to mention the final part of the story, as it relates to the child receiving his 10-speed on that special day.  When the child turned to his parents and hugged them vigorously, he told them that this is the perfect gift.  With tears in their eyes, the parents turned to their child and said, “No, my child.  You are the perfect gift.”   Please, my children, never forget.  Hear these words as I hold you close in my arms, “You are the beauty.  You are the pearl.  You are the perfect gift.”     

TOMAS:        Thank you, Paul.  That was lovely.

Paul:    Oh, you’re welcome.  I wanted to bring something out about that because sometimes in this world people get down on themselves, and even with ourselves, if we don’t love ourselves unconditionally, it’s very difficult to love others unconditionally, but that’s how our heavenly Father loves us, and so I just--  From what I went through with my own son, how I felt about him, and then when I was communing with the Father, this is something that came through, so I wanted to share that with the group because I know sometimes we do get down on ourselves and it’s important to let those feelings go and to reflect on how the Father truly views us and there’s no question that’s how he does view us.

TOMAS:        Yes, is it not said that the kingdom is not the pearl of great price, for which a man will sell all that he knows?  It is this kingdom within that allows for the gift to be presented.  You might call it the garage where the boy and the bike come together. Interesting story, having come from your walk and your reflections on the loss of your son, which to hear tell of it is the greatest burden a parent can experience.  In that context I offer you condolences.

Paul:    Thank you very much. I do appreciate that.

TOMAS:        It is true that many people, particularly people of faith, can be very cavalier about these things, as if to say that believers ought not waste overmuch time being concerned about death and rebirth or resurrection, but that’s what it all boils down to. That’s what Jesus came here to demonstrate . .. or, that’s what he did demonstrate when he was here. This is not the end; this is the beginning, and I’m convinced that your son has embarked on his new beginning and you will see him on high.

The mental state that allowed you to sit with that thought and the pen and pencil to formulate those pictures in your mind and convey them to your hearer or your reader is a creative consciousness. It is in a way a transmission, one over which you assume certain creative control.  It counts!  It’s part of the solution.  It’s a way of opening yourself to create something that can convey meaning and value to others.

Yours is a gift. I would suggest you learn to T/R, but essentially you are T/Ring.  There are so many different mental constructs around this activity. The main one to remember is that we are able to work together -- the spirit and the flesh, the human and the divine -- in harmonious and productive partnership, in relationship, productive and effective.  And while ordinary life is rich also, adding the dimension of the spirit adds a little cosmic bling, a little twinkle to the otherwise matte finish of your portrait of life.

Does anyone have questions?  (Pause) Has anyone got a problem they’d like to talk about?  (Pause)

Cath:  I would just like to say that that man’s story, poem, was so beautiful, I am sending it to my daughter.  It really touched me.  And it was an absolute beautiful analogy, so thank you.

Paul:   Thank you.  I appreciate that.  I know I had been – Gerdean has been talking about T/Ring, and when I try to T/R, it doesn’t seem that I’m hearing anything, but when I felt the Father come into my heart … I appreciate that.  I felt inspired to share it with you tonight.  I’m not ashamed to say that when I was writing it, I was weeping in various portions of it.  It was almost like it was a – almost a surprise to me as I finished the ending and how deeply it touched my heart, and I wanted to share that with everyone here.

Cath:  Well you got us!  Weep away.  It was beautiful.

Paul:     Thank you.

TOMAS:        It will indeed be a part of the transcript so many will see it.

Paul:                That’s good.

TOMAS:        We still have time.

Marty:            Hello.

TOMAS:        Hello, Marty.

Marty:            I have a question for Teacher Tomas.  I have been hearing references to changes in our material bodies.  I wonder if he would like to address that subject.

TOMAS:        Actually, no.  The body is your vehicle and it’s not going to significantly change. The best thing you can do is take care of it. By adding the spirit to your consciousness you invigorate your body, you become more sensitive of it, perhaps, more appreciative of it, but as for DNA changes or other alterations that are being discussed today – stem cell research, ad infinitum – it is not my favorite subject.  If you have something you would like to say about it, however, I would be happy to listen and perhaps add some council, but it is not something I choose to bring up myself or discuss.

Marty:            Well, thank you anyway.  I just – I’ve been hearing so much about it and it seems to me that there is some kind of a change in the physical energy, the pulsation of energy and all in our lives and that must affect all physical things in our lives, as well, is what I was thinking.  And I imagine the raising of one’s consciousness is also going to have an effect on raising our body functions as well.  And that’s all.

TOMAS:          Yes.  It’s one of those subjects that are filled with mystery. And humans generally know so little about your body, how it works, what it is capable of, what it has already done for you, how it has endured from the time life began – not just yours but life from inception – is so huge, so vast, so many mysteries are involved and so many discoveries are being made that promise to cure diseases or reverse the aging process or re-grow new organs or alter the DNA or keep you alive for years beyond your normal age range. There are so many mysteries and possibilities and speculations, it could occupy us indefinitely. And to what purpose, to what end?  You really need to deal with what you’ve got to deal with on a daily basis.  Take care of what you’ve got, who you are.

Marty:            Well, Teacher Tomas, I just really marvel beyond belief of the nature of the living organism, the human body.  Its just – to realize the unlimited things that it does without even our consciousness, I’m guessing food and the passage of nervous impulses that go on throughout the body, the tremendous balance that it has with all its organs.  It, itself, is a tremendous revelation.

TOMAS:        Truly.

Marty:            A revelation of the Father who conceived of this as a creation.

TOMAS:        Yes, it is.

Marty:            And who put it together this way from amoeba in the shore waters.  I mean, if this is just a little indication of the nature of the universe, then it’s just beyond – beyond anything that we could begin to comprehend at the level that we’re at.

TOMAS:        You are expressing awe at the miracle that you are.

Marty:            Well, not that I am.  I was expressing the miracle of the body.

TOMAS:        Well, you are also part of your body.  I know that you are more than your body, but you are also your body.  As long as you are living in it, you are not removed from it.

Marty:                        That’s right.

TOMAS:        Your mind also is an incredible thing, one which I am quite sure you have little idea how incredible it, in fact, is. The way it functions in concert with the body is truly incredible.  And indeed each of you is a miracle, a walking miracle, even without god-consciousness.  Add god-consciousness to that and we really have got something there.  It’s truly very thrilling.  And when you begin, as a race, to realize all that you are, you will begin to perceive the potential that you have.  And if you can ever learn to work together, there is no end of the wonderful things that will come about as a result of your will seeking to do His will.

This is when light and life is in full array, but it can be enjoyed even now and the many steps along the way to get to that point. It is, I am sure, gratifying to our creator and our creators to hear your praise of their work and to appreciate the equipment that you’ve been given to work with, to live in, that functions for you and with you at the whim of your brain and the will of your mind.  Yes, God is very much a part of you and whether you are conscious of it or not, it is beyond words.  There is hardly anything I can add or say about it that can add more than what we have already just acknowledged.

Marty:            Thank you very much, teacher.

TOMAS:        I am going to close our session since we have been here our allotted portion of time. I have, as always, enjoyed my time with you and, as I have observed the evening unfold, it is apparent you have enjoyed your time here as well.  Continue to minister to others as you pass by and to take care of yourself so that you can continue on in the process of being about the Father’s business simply and humbly as you pass by.  Thank you.  Have a good evening. Amen and farewell.