The Voice; The Inner Voice - Requests about Healing for Selves - Jul 29, 2010 - Teleconference
Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series
Teachers: Inner Voice
 T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue
July 29, 2010

 Mark: Does anyone have any questions or points of interest in their spiritual pursuit in life right now that could be thrown in here tonight that we might address or a topic of conversation of any kind?

 Question: Is it appropriate and acceptive for one to request healing for oneself?

 Mark: Absolutely, no question about it. We have to remove this idea that somehow doing something for yourself is somehow selfish. We have to struggle with that and we have to banish those thoughts from our mind frame because it is true in fact that the exact opposite is what's real. To do something for yourself is empowering, to take charge of your own health is what is meant to be. The fact that we have been alienated from thinking that we can or that we should somehow, is a false notion. It is a Luciferian idea, that we somehow do not have the ability or right or the means to somehow secure our own healing. This is a false concept and we have to abandon it in order to move forward because in fact, in truth, we ourselves, individuals, are the only ones who can truly effect a real and meaningful healing because we are sovereign over our individual person.

 Nobody, not even your Thought Adjuster will take command of your person. You have ultimate freewill choice and the only way we are meant to play in this game is to exercise such freewill choice. So if we refrain from doing that because we think we are not worthy, we're not holy enough, we're not qualified, then we will never be able to embrace the divine grace which would be ours should we decide to accept it. You see, we are children of Divine Parents and even earthly parents have the desire for their children to have the best, to be happy, to be healthy, to be secure, to know they are loved, and if our earthly parents [feel such], how much more then do our Divine Parents bring to the equation and would they give us if we would only be in a position to accept it.

 It is not that their love falls short or that healing is somehow not available, it is merely our capacity to embrace this gift of grace which prohibits us from accessing it. So therefore I encourage any and all to start thinking along the lines of worthiness, of being a member of the divine family that you are, and as such, you have inherent rights and privileges as a family member, that's all. Not special rights, not unusual rights, normal rights as a member of the family of man and as children of God.

 If we begin to think of it this way, then things we think are out of our reach because we think they are too spectacular, they are somehow not ours because we are not somehow good enough, can begin to become ours and we can begin to embrace them as a matter of course, not as miracle or somehow extraordinary circumstance but rather as natural and normal in any family this would happen. I know the next question in a lot of peoples minds is about ego.

 Okay, you start thinking you're somehow part of a divine family. Is this ego going to run away with you and say you are somehow superior to others and there is this fear this ego will run amuck if we give it the slightest little slack. We all must recall that the ego is a critical organ of our being. It is like the lungs or the kidneys. It is a part of us, we cannot do without it, we would not want to do without it, but it is not in command of the vehicle. We are in command of the ego. We are the ones whose freewill choice reigns supreme and we can determine the proper place for ego in our being.

 Yes, it's true, if left unchecked and overfed and over encouraged, the ego can seem to dominate but I'll tell you one thing, without the ego you would not be here tonight. The ego is what gives you momentum, what gives you the courage to move forward. It summons the strength and gives you propellant to move forward in the direction of your choosing but it is used as the force to move you through where you might be too timid, shy, inexperienced, to feel comfortable moving simply yourself.

 So this is a tool. Like all tools that you have it is a powerful, creative tool and properly used, this ego can bring you support, can bring you strength when you doubt, bring you courage to go in the direction you think you should go. So I encourage everyone to embrace their greatness, embrace your grandness because you truly are, you are a miracle. Your coming together, the confluence of time and space, here, is a miracle and it comes with this partnership with those who have made it possible for you, your Divine Parents.

 So if you have this partnership and these are your parents, it is by design that we are to grow up to resemble our Parents, to be like them, and it is our choices which enable this to happen and coincidentally enough, it is our ego that propels us to make these choices as well. So it is all good and right and proper for us to ask for what we have need of from our Divine Parents and I assure you, they stand ready to give you that which you have need of. But they will not force it upon you, they will not inject it into your life, and they would never step over the line of your freewill choice.

 But should you provide these things, should you show up and volunteer these things, then all doors are open to you and all things can happen, all things can happen and they are not even miracles. They are routine things at that point. So yes, ask for what you have need of my friend and trust them, trust in this relationship that they hear your needs even before you have asked. But by asking you have granted them permission to give it to you. So in the asking it aligns us far more than it begs for anything from our Parents.

 And in this way you will get what you seek. You will have need of nothing that you don't get from your Divine Parents. I offer you proof of our lives right now; we all are here having everything we have need of provided for us. So, wow, that...[phone glitch]

 Q: So ask and it will be given?

 Mark: Precisely. [Thank you]

 Mark: It's funny in these sessions, because you never really know when we actually start because just in discussion back and forth and sharing our truths, we've already well entered into the spiritual domain, the spirit arena and coming here and being willing to share, we've walked into that arena. So I don't suppose there is an official beginning at all but I do welcome you all for being here and thank you all for your contribution to this energy field of our creation in this hour and invite you to take it into your lives. Take it in, breathe it in even now.

 Henry: I definitely resonate with what you have been talking about, especially the part about our relationship with our Divine Parents, relationship with spirit in an actual sense in that we are the children of spirit and it is our divine birthright to have the kind of life that we want to have. We can have the kind of things that we want to have, the type of mental endeavor, the type of work that we procure, the types of interests, the types of hobbies. All of these things are gifts which come into our lives, our opportunity levels, that come into our system through asking. Not in a selfish way but in a way that we become better human beings.

 It seems that spirit works a lot easier when we are tremendously specific, when we can clarify what we need and want, that we're able to [sustain?] ourselves and live our lives, be able to ground and [sensor?] in spirit and to have access to these states of consciousness. I guess it's kind of like a prayer, when you're talking to spirit, when you are talking to your Parents, your Father, when you're telling them what you desire, what it is that you need in your life at this moment and at the same time, because it is a relationship, there is a reciprocal part where you also become responsible for what spirit is also giving you because you are asking and spirit is also replying and giving you....also but spirit is asking you also, it is telling you what it needs you to do, it is showing you what you need to become and where you need to go and how to move forward.

 So it is a reciprocal relationship. There is a lot of personal experience in that area because I have what I have and am able to do what I do because of spirit helping me and providing me opportunity and synergistic support. It doesn't mean I don't have problems, it doesn't mean some days are extremely difficult, but it helps me to hold a really positive space of being and because of this knowingness, this awareness, this trust and this belief that these things are synchronous, these ways we think and see life, the way that we use these thoughts in conjunction with spirit.

 The wonderful thing is that spirit works with each one individually, custom fit, what it is that is needed for your personal life. It's almost like a guarantee because instead of having some paper guaranteeing it, what you find is it will show itself in your experience. All of a sudden, things you asked for will be made manifest in your life and this is the guarantee, this is the proof in the pudding that this trust and faith in our Parents in spirit has a material component to it. It makes opportunity manifest in our arena of activity. That in a sense in the next step in the spirit effort.

 The first step is to actually make contact and then to trust that you are making contact and then begin to get evidence that you are making contact and that spirit is real and a little further to begin to have a consciousness of being a child of spirit, being led, being nurtured by spirit, being completely sustained by the presence and awareness of spirit. Again, all of these thoughts are imprinted on this energy pattern that we hold in this space on this call that we create. Everything we say goes into this energy pattern so that in our quiet time we can revisit this space, can reground in this energy and open our consciousness to remember what it is that we needed to remember this evening, helping you to communicate with our Divine Parents, much like I am speaking words, you speak from your heart.

 It is really interesting because the way that you articulated spirit seems to understand any way that is articulated. That is one of the tremendous values of spirit, that their ability to comprehend is impeccable. But they cannot act without our giving them permission, without our asking and allowing them to interact within our lives and rest assured that there is a tremendous respect for human will/integrity and spirit will never overstep their boundaries and disrespect. We are totally in control and spirit is ready and eager with the wherewithal to move forward in the direction which is most beneficial to us.

 Mark: Thank you Henry. I didn't know what tonight was going to be about but now I do. My Inner Voice wants to jump into this conversation but I have been requested to set the stage if you will, with a brief encounter I had.

 A couple of weeks ago I was scheduled to be here and at this very hour I ended up finding myself sitting in an urgent care center with them poking and prodding me, taking tests and trying to discover why I was having some rather serious gastrointestinal distress. I am using myself as a guinea pig, I don't like doing this but I'm going to go ahead and say this out loud because this helps the lesson.

 I fell down; this is my story; I fell down; I missed it because here we are, we're in this space right now. I know this space, this space is comfortable to me. I used this space for the first two days I had a stomach illness to tell myself the universe was friendly, everything would be all right, that I would get what I needed from my Divine Parents. For two days I held firm, steadfast to my conviction that it would pass and that all would be well. Then on the third day I fell down, I blew it, I missed it. I was unable to hold that conviction.

 I started second guessing, oh no, maybe it's not wise, maybe I should go in, I'm missing something. Someone out there can help me, tell me what's wrong, can fix me, if I go in to the Dr. they'll know. I'll turn it over to them and they will make it okay. I missed it by a matter of hours because they took all the tests, did all this stuff, they told me it was nothing, everything was going to be fine. I blew it, I did not call in when I could have called in and availed myself of this healing energy that is present even here now, and instead I transferred the whole thing to my mind and I thought about it and all of a sudden worried and doubted and feared and concerned and all these things the mind does. I succumbed to that force.

 I have an expression, I missed it but I might have missed it closer this time than in times past. I did exercise some faith and conviction, it just wasn't quite enough and so I share with you that I blew it. Now I'm going to let my Voice speak to this issue, please.

 Inner Voice: [Mark] And as per our agreement, I Am here. I congratulate you on your sincerity to express your experience in your life as I know you consider it a failure of some sort on your part but I am here to assure you and perhaps others at this time that it was not and by this I am referring to the very exercise that was undertaken in the process that there were indeed times when you were leaning on your spiritual confidence and certainty and security and knew somewhere deep within that all was well even if your temporal situation did not reflect that reality.

 And so there were notable successes to point to in this case, but I understand how you would feel as though you gave up on spirit and decided that you might handle it in other ways. This too does not represent an illogical or wrong decision. There are proper instances where you would rightfully enlist the services of those around you who are trained in their various professions and are able to assist others in their chosen occupations. Sometimes this is just what the Dr. ordered and I would never be the one to dissuade you or anyone else of availing yourself of all possible options to empower you in whatever your undertaking might be.

 But I do as well . .. your sentiment to act more fully in cooperation with that aspect of yourself which is spirit and as well with me. I am always here as one who stands ready to assist in all matters, may they be matters of spiritual importance or may they be simple as you might see them, mundane material matters, for all matters contain a flicker of spirit, a chance for spirit to be represented, an opportunity for it to be reflected and made real in your lives. There are no small acts, only small actors, that is, one who will not recognize that they are grand actors.

 There was some discussion I observed earlier about the appropriateness for you to engage spirit on your behalf and for one of my order, this question is most curious because indeed the whole scenario of your existence has been created and arranged for you to have access to spirit, for you to become who you are in your relationship to all that is and this is most successfully accomplished in the realm of spirit. But as I have stated, all your mortal and material action have a spiritual component to them and may be used to bring spirit in to any equation.

 After this incarnation you are currently experiencing you will have no doubt regarding your association with your divine family for you will clearly witness this association by means of your timeless, spaceless, aspect of self which only seeks to rejoin and reunite with the First Source and Center of All.  From this you sprang and are now experiencing a life in which it is your privilege and opportunity to choose spirit while not knowing for certain that this action is what is necessary to bring you in the Presence of All That Is.

 And so you are granted unlimited latitude to find this truth for yourself, to bring this truth to you of your own accord. This is the great gift that you give to He who has created you and given you this life and your eternal career before you to exercise this option and make this choice. And so I recognize that at this point in your career there exists uncertainty, there exists doubt, there exists time where you think that you missed it. There are disappointments to be encountered but be easy on yourselves my dear one because your Divine Parents have ultimate patience, have unlimited tolerance and forgiveness for who you are and what you are becoming.

 They do not judge you harshly as you judge yourselves. Try to be as kind to yourself as you can imagine your Divine Parents being to you, loving, forgiving, accepting. These are the qualities which you may expect from your Divine Parents. These are the qualities they would have you show others, these are the qualities they request you would show to yourself. This notion that devotion to the self may somehow bring you away from the Divine or apart from the Eternal is a errant notion for in fact you are the only ones who can minister effectively to you. Others may assist, others may attempt to guide, to nurture, provide proper environments for you to feel loved and nurtured but in the end it will remain up to you to accept the gifts of grace, your stature as a member in this divine family and the great love that is expressed for you.

 These things are present already in a timeless, spaceless, dimension. They await your arrival. It is you who takes the steps in the direction of these graces and it is you who must make the final choice to accept to be loved, to be nurtured, to be supported by all the forces of the universe. So long as you consider yourself separate and isolated and so long as you consider you can go it on your own without the support, that is exactly what you will be doing because even grace is not forced upon you. Even love is not demanded upon you, rather is it offered to be accepted, to be embraced.

 So this is your greatest task, this is your greatest mission before you. Many have thoughts of serving multitudes when in fact the greatest service of all, the one the Father cannot do without you, is for you, is to you. This will require your individual personal effort and most certainly you may be most useful in service to others throughout but until you have fully mastered this internal garden of the self, then you are limited in your capacity to effect great service to others because one cannot give what they do not have and if you do not accept that you are loved then it is most difficult for you to convince another that they are loved.

 But when you do know these things of a certainty with complete conviction and in deep gratitude, then you may express these things, they may be felt and shared by others because then they come from you as a part of you, not as something you have heard about or have referenced in the past but as part of you to be given and shared freely. This is your greatest service, first to the self so that you may be of great service to the others. Make no mistake, this is your first priority. All others must come after this one.

 And so, however you consider your method, you must apply yourself to this mission while in this life and during these  times so that you may be stable and secure in times ahead, that you will not flounder but rather remain an isle of stability when the material aspects around you change. Your spiritual component need[s] not and can remain secure and solid so that all else may take its reference from that. You see all that happens out there is not happening to you, it's happening through you and the more positioned you are in security of your spiritual self, the more things out in the material plane fall in line and manifest for your greatest good.

 I understand that this is a lengthy presentation this evening and so I would withdraw from this podium graciously provided for this purpose. I thank you all for creating this arena wherein I was invited to speak and wherein the promotion of spiritual principles and truths is welcomed and safe. Thank you for the part each of you have played this evening. I withdraw to allow for whatever might transpire. Thank you.