The Voice; Inner Voice - These Are Good Times To Know Who You Are & Where You Stand - Jul 15, 2010 - Teleconference
Subject: Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series - 2010-07-15
Teacher: Inner Voice:
T/R: Henry Zeringue
July 15, 2010

Prayer: Father within, connect us in this spiritual energy circuit, connect us a brothers and sisters, connect us as one with spirit and connect us to the might and power of your consciousness. This evening we come from warm hot sunny days of summer into the cool refreshing spaces of our souls to hear a few words of comfort this evening. Thank you Father.

Inner Voice: As all of you settle into yourselves this evening, know that I am in the midst of both your consciousness and your relationship. It is quite a journey on this place called Urantia, out in the middle of space, ferociously hurtling forward in time, still confused by the legacy of rebellion. These are good times to know who you are and where you stand, to understand a little of the spiritual art of consciousness and the fact that you are indwelt with a presence far greater than can be revealed otherwise.

Most of you are learning to connect with this Inner Voice, this Inner Consciousness, whichever reveals the truth to you personally, ever revealing your particulars of your own life to you, bringing it into your consciousness for observation, for acknowledgement. I am He who is constantly taking the mirror and putting it in front of you so that you see yourself against a backdrop of a perfecting you, that you see in your reflection the areas which need help, correction, attention. Of course the mirror is dimensional. There are quite a few aspects to man and how man thinks, how man sees himself, what man does, how he does it, who he does it with and at the end of the day, mans ability to hold all of these different dimensions in a very grounded perspective in that you know that you have lived the day correctly, you have done all that you can do.

Within the perspective of this knowingness, one begins to find a security, a consciousness of being which begins to become tremendously creative whether you are simply making ends meet, whether you are solving some large social problem, whether you are dealing with conflict with your brothers and sisters and whatever you may be going through that day, you are learning to become elastic, you are learning to bend to the position you need to take to help correct situations which arise daily in your personal lives.

In all of these situations, know that I Am there. Allow me to help, help guide, allow me to help encourage, allow me to show aspects of the situation that may not be readily available to your consciousness, patience and trust in all things that deal with your Inner Voice; you need to deal with them in a delicate manner. It won't do you any good to get upset if you receive information that you don't want to hear. Many times the only way out of a situation is the most difficult choice that you could make. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box, the answer lies beyond where you are willing to go at that point, at that moment in that time.

The same goes for teamwork. If you are working with a group of people that are somewhat conscious of their own Inner Presence, this somewhat helps facilitate what you are doing. In the same way, if you are working with a group of people who don't necessarily have this inner consciousness and awareness, ever the more is it necessary for you to bring it into consciousness just as an acknowledgement. On some level, I can work with other Adjusters in other human beings. The Adjuster circuit is well connected and coordinated so know that this can always be projected forward.

The other thing about my presence is that so many people disregard and neglect something which they sense real deeply; it is sort of like the truth within your own consciousness. Many want to avoid the truth, many want to avoid the responsibility, many enshroud the truth with a giant glove of fear like they don't want to touch it or acknowledge it, and they definitely don't want to be responsible for either knowing the truth or doing the right thing. Those of you that are a little more comfortable in consciousness with the Thought Adjuster, with your own Inner Presence, know the responsibility which comes with truth, acting upon what you know and sense and feel what is right and correct.

Again, using words to describe the psychological relationships within the human consciousness is one thing, the actuality of dealing with these things takes place in time.  Sometimes you may hear something for quite a while until all of a sudden one day it pops into your mind like your own thought and you own it. At that moment you know beyond a shadow of a doubt what it is. So do [not] be concerned and conflicted by the time lag resultant in your consciousness of something, your asking of something spiritually and it manifesting in your life.

Part of this creative endeavor is consciousness, part of it are fruits of the spirit, and part of it is allowing it to happen, to have a certain spontaneity to allow the Inner Presence to speak and to show you things which may be so subtle that you overlook them at first. Sometimes you have something in your mind and a goal that you want to meet, a place that you want to go and a direction that you want to turn but all of a sudden . turn the opposite direction and it reveals to you something which you had been looking for. Sometimes humans can become so controlling. One of the things you need to learn is to become less controlling and maybe focus on what you do have control over.  

Again, in all these aspects of consciousness, I am always in the midst. Though I do not get dramatically involved, I will guide you if I feel you need to be guided towards something and if it is certain that you need to be shown something, it is guaranteed that in time you will see it. I cannot explain the discrepancy between divine and human. All I know is that humans have to constantly make adjustments towards the divine. With our help and guidance, we take a lot of the hassle out for you.

Also in time, what you need to know will be revealed to you. Sometimes people want to know things that they are not ready to know. There is always a time and a season for these things. In a certain sense, knowledge and information is earned, it is earned through life experience, in a certain sense, real gut level stuff. When you come to this place of awareness, this knowingness, you further understand the greater dynamic of the Inner Presence working within. When you begin to see the results of bringing your life around into a very functional existence you begin to take on a greater characteristic of a spiritual nature. You begin to understand the creative potential rather than reaching for something that is far away, you begin to understand that what you need to resolve; a lot of things in your life happen to be quite near you if not right next to you sometimes.

In knowing the consciousness of the Presence Within, a certain gift reveals itself in your life. In a certain sense it makes your life easier because you don't have to worry, you don't have to concern yourself with certain variables of life. There will always be variables in life, that is the way life is designed. Life is designed to toughen you, life is designed to help you to grow, it is designed to help you make choices, to act upon your guidance, your awareness, and at the end of the day you can sit in some creature comforts, in some space that you know today was a good day. I did all that I could do, I made the right difficult choice.

And as you grow personally you will begin to know growth in others, at different levels probably, but you will begin to know growth because people will sense that you are growing, you are moving forward, things are happening within your life, you are not stagnant, you have health and vitality, you heal quickly, opportunities and choices come your way. This is one of the qualities of a healthy and balanced life, a life that has somewhat of a spiritual dimension. I say spiritual because spiritual is a tremendously general term. In some fashion it acknowledges that you have awareness of another dimension and aspect to the spiritual side of reality.

In time, you will begin to represent me in your human life, you will make me proud that all of my work within has not been in vain. I too seek human acknowledgement. I want to know that I am making a difference in your life. True, the choice is yours but the consequences are both our own, yours and mine. The dynamics of that consequence, true, may be different but nonetheless we both own them. So take all of the things that you have learned throughout your life, the truths, the realities, take your belief systems because each person has a particularly personal belief system, and put these to the test, the test of the Inner Presence and begin to see how real you actually can become.

Again, it is not important that any of you become tremendously great [with] notoriety or notorious human beings in your life. It is only important that you learn to bend to the situation that needs your expertise. Learn to become elastic, to stretch. Learn that belief and trust are not some esoteric words used in spiritual philosophy but actually they are tools for human living, tools for healthy living.

So that is all of my words this evening, know that as I am in you I hold each and every one of you in love, in perfection, and in hope that one day we will become one. Thank you for allowing me to share these few thoughts with you. Now I will step aside for anyone else who may want to use this space.

Q: Yes, thank you. I am curious to understand what you mean by a more functional life, functioning well and cleanly and clearly. I'd like a little elaboration if that is possible.

Inner Voice: Thank you for your concern. A functional life is one in which you have balanced neural energies. You are relaxed, healthy, you don't overreact to things, get too dramatic, you take tasks at hand, you don't allow them to overwhelm you and you begin to see fruition develop; in other words    you see results. This is a functional life, making decisions based on how you feel or gut instincts or discernment, juxtaposed against a life that is overwhelmed by emotional insecurity, lack of self esteem, fear and confusion. You make the wrong choices for all the right reasons and every once in a while you do accomplish what you set out to do and for the most part you are not really satisfied with life.

No matter how difficult life may be, and some days the challenges are much greater than others, it is like learning to live with pathology. Many people nowadays live with pathology for many many years, decades, and they may live in a sort of compromised health position but it is life nonetheless; they are able to move forward and make decisions. This is still a functioning life. Is this making it a little clearer? Are there other concerns that you are interested in?

Q: It is. It seems the older I get and the less complicated I insist things are, the easier the tasks are at hand and the clearer I can recognize my intuitive choice. But I'm wanting to function on a more spiritual level that encompasses the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time in a functional daily attitude towards the world.

Inner Voice: Good, in this respect the primary message of the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time both are to seek the Presence and the wisdom which is within. Learn to find your own voice, learn to find the voice that speaks to you personally. This is the essence of the spiritual dynamic. At first it will be tremendously subtle but I'm sure in your personal life you are aware of what I am talking about and you are already are aware of little aha moments, little jolts, little nudges, little things that are like a gut feeling. You may not be able to specify it at the moment but you know it , you sense it and there is an intuitive aspect of the mind which is available to draw on.

The spiritual circuits of mind are those which connect you to a greater resource of a spiritual nature. Begin in your own quiet time to spend some time in these thoughts and sitting in the Presence of the One which is within. The space in which, the space where your Inner Presence and you are both present is a soul space, it is a sacred space. At first is may be a space in which you are doing all of the talking. Gradually you will begin to have confirmation on your [thoughts], on your ideas, your wishes. This space within you is truly a treasure. It will truly open up many possibilities within your life. It will not completely perfect your life because of the nature of life on this planet.

Very few people have lived a completely perfected life but I will guarantee you that the quality of your life will begin to show itself in a greater way within aspects of your life. And though your life may not change dramatically, the way in which you operate and do things, you will begin to notice subtle changes in your life which will further lead you where you [should] search. This is part of the spiritual dimension. As you begin to search and seek within, a pathway opens up for you personally and as it opens up you begin to go down this pathway and then the rest is [your] personal journey. Is this helpful?

Q: Yes it is, thank you.

Inner Voice: Thank you. Are there any other concerns this evening?

Q: Recently we had some comments from Monjoronson about connecting with our Father Fragment, the individual Father Fragment we have been speaking about tonight and I'm just wondering, as we connect with the Father Within between each of us individually with our separate Thought Adjusters, is that what is going to lead us to Light and Life and could you comment about that a little bit?

Inner Voice: Thank you for this thought. Preliminary to Light and LIfe, as individuals, begin to grow with a sense of knowingness from going within. This sense of knowingness helps you make choices and direct your life in a certain way. In time, these individuals who are moving forward within will begin to coordinate their activities on a greater and greater social level. This does not necessarily mean a more dramatic level, this is just simply respecting each other and working for the benefit of each and everyone so that all benefit equally. This will lead man towards Light and Life on a greater level.

You will know that Life and Life is close when some of the behavior patterns within your society begin to give way, things like hated, anger, war, bigotry, violence. When these aspects of human animal behavior begin to disappear on the planet, the time will truly become ripe for the next great series of life events leading up to Light and Life. Light and LIfe is a dimensional living. It demands consciousness, it demands priority, and it revolves around coordinated efforts between and amongst human beings in a social sense.

Any other concerns in this area?

Q: No, I think that answered my question. It does make a lot more sense now. I know that as we make the effort, it is not going to be something magical or dramatic but as we just plod along and try to reflect on the Father Within that we can see that change. It might not happen in our lifetimes but we can make that effort and hopefully from the morontia worlds we can look back and see that space develop.

Inner Voice: This is correct. It begins with an inner consciousness. It takes one individual living his or her live, as they are in Light and Life and as more and more people begin to live and experience life this way, it will reach a threshold dynamic which will change the consciousness of the planet, the consciousness storage so to speak, the mass consciousness, what is available for people to tap into will begin to change. But this is correct, at this level of time, now, it is important to begin to envision, to make decisions to live your own life as if you are already in Light and Life, that you are already conscious of who you are and what you need to do to perform tasks daily which help your brothers/sisters as well as help yourself, that you begin to live and make decisions in life which reflect this consciousness. It is this consciousness being brought into reality by individuals and groups of individuals which will eventually culminate in a reality becoming present upon this planet and within your society. Thank you.

Q: Thank you very much.

Inner Voice: You are welcome. Any other concerns?

Q: How do social groups like twitter or face-book or my-space compare on a basic level to what we're discussing here, about living in the presence of LIght and Life inside ourselves. I'm hearing you say this, how we can learn to function using the tools that are going to come eventually that will help us communicate this awareness of internal Light and Life. Is there a Mystery Monitor/Father Fragment en-circuitment that we create progressively as we live    that way akin to a twitter feed, a flock of Thought Adjusters all inhabiting mortals who are living that way? That seems like a strange analogy but could you comment on something like that?

Inner Voice: Not really. Yes, in a certain sense you are not creating an identity but on the other hand, in a certain sense you are. You will experience within these genres of expression, that you are presenting yourself in a tremendously transparent fashion so that there is nothing that you present that you cannot deal with because you present it in a way which is correct. It is the way it is. It is this truth and honesty which will lead to the greater safety net, that it creates for others [a way] to feel that they can be honest, truthful and reflect a greater aspect of who they are.

It is not necessarily dogma, everyone will have their own personal dogma and as you well know, you can get tangled up in dogma and the adjectives of dogma. So it is best to present yourself in a way which doesn't use dogma but reflects something within, a surety, a certainty, a knowingness. In this sense, even in an electronic expressive age in which artificial means of communication are necessary, you can still reflect a greater sense of being and reality within these circuits. Does that make sense?

Q: Yes it does, thank you. To be functional then...

Inner Voice: Correct, in other words, if there is an agenda, your agenda is purely honest. You present yourself as a person who is willing to move forward and help, basically because it is like everyone is holding a piece of string, this giant ball of string that has been unravelled and everyone has a hand on it and the string is all knotted up. What needs to be done, a way needs to be found to unknot this string so we can be brought back to its original shape. That analogy is kind of like what is going on in society. People are bumping into each other, they are confused by each other. We are limited by language and try to express thoughts and ideas in language is tremendously difficult. You know, we may be implying many things by the words we use to express ourselves but other people are reading something else into them.

Of course, though you are not responsible how others are reading you, you want to project yourself in a way which certainly leaves no doubt or leaves little doubt as to how to read this so that others begin to see correctly. Of course these are general terms but it speaks to not so much the specific details of what you do but it does speak to the how to and how would you do things, how you represent yourself, your style, how you present yourself. These are certain areas which may not seem tremendously overwhelming in a spiritual sense but will lead to potentially, especially if it is your intention to guide and lead a greater majority of your constituency along with you as you grow because what good does it do one person to be all alone in a certain knowingness and not be able to share it so that others can come out of the safety of their homes and begin to create this safety in public. Right now, society is so polarized that the society feels tremendously vulnerable in public, you know people can take a verbal crack at you, verbal shot, people judge you and do all these different things to each other. So gradually, how do we create a safe environment in which we can all be? Just some thought.

Other thoughts about this? Are there any more?

Q: I think I have taken my turn enough.

Inner Voice: This is an open forum. You are welcome to speak and ask as long as you need to. This is why we are here, to help us all understand a little bit about moving forward and how we can move forward in a way which doesn't lead us back to the same mess and confusion but leads us to the garden, leads us into something refreshing and something that we all can benefit from.

So again, are there any more concerns this evening? If not, we thank you for coming this evening and sharing this space with us, thoughts. Go forth and have a great week all of you and we will see you again next time when we return to Lightline. Thank you and good evening.