Destiny Guardians - Criteria For Soul Development - Jan 02, 2010 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, January 2, 2010.
Destiny Guardians.
Subject: “Criteria for Soul Development.”
Received by George Barnard.
Destiny Guardians: “We are the Seraphim early in the lifetime of this receiver of messages appointed to be his Guardian Angels, and with his attainment of a level of soul progress, we are now re-classified his Destiny Guardians.  It is so, that all things being as they should be, we will also farewell this earth as and when our human charge makes his ascend to Mansonia One, where we can be more effective as his teachers than is the case on this evolutionary world.
“Especially on this world, Seraphim pairs can spend many human lifetimes guiding individuals, before they may ascend with their charge.  Patience to the extreme is a gift we are endowed with from the moment of our creation, and our ability to absorb new complex information leaves behind the most advanced of your geniuses.  In our tasks of watch-carers we have been able to gather a great deal of knowledge about the Midwayers involved in interaction with humans.
“Today we consider soul development and the prime criteria for the individual to be time prompted by the 1,111, and we shall remind you of the common saying, ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’  Mark this well; your good works are amply repaid, as an abundant harvest will be the result.  The universe, however, generally extends no credit, and here, once again, there are exceptions, and in these days of the Correcting Time, there are daily exceptions and interventions.
“You may well ask why it is that some humans are 11:11 time-prompted when all they respond with is scorn about the reality of the prompts.  Sure, there are unrealized innate fears about anything new, but our Midwayers and others may well be uninformed about the likely human response, whilst the Thought Adjuster in question may not yet be ‘heard’ by the human through soul-felt contact.  Evolution, remember, allows right and wrong for the eventual good of all.
“Even so, at times, it is that after decades such a slow one catches up, and is ‘reborn into becoming’ a valued contributor, whilst often the most strongly worded denouncements elicit praise from others, and most importantly, action.  Midwayers can indeed sound an alarm heard through human ears.  More commonly their messages are delivered through their thought impact on the mind surrounding the human speech centers.
“A veritable new milestone is reached when they can converse with the mid-mind, your very soul, when this soul through right living and constant nurture by the Thought Adjuster overrides all excuses, justifications, false rationalizations, and pretexts, to become attuned to absolute virgin truth.  A good grasp of obvious truth, a celebration and appreciation of beauty, and the doing of good works to all kin, are the needed criteria for soul progress – your very reason for being.
“Be assured that coming from a world of endemic untruth and half-truth, deceit and manipulation, those of even slight soul-growth find grand rewards in the hereafter.  Our love goes out to you all.”
George: “Thank you both.”
© 11:11 Progress Group.
Although we are two, we go by the single name, Juliette.
We are ever so pleased to be noted – Destiny Guardians,
January 2006.