Elyon; Monjoronson; Unknown; Michael - The Gift of Grace - Nov 01, 2009 - North Idaho
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2009-11-01
Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson, Unknown Source, Michael
T/R's: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

    Elyon: [Mark] Greetings once again my friends, I am Elyon here to enjoy with you basking in the glow of spiritual comfort. I would offer a few words borrowed from the topics just discussed and discuss for a moment this wide variety of human experience and the gift of grace that it represents. If you all will recall about many episodes in your life, it was so very real, powerful and connected with you so positively that it registered with you as one of your many accumulated experiences that combine to bring the unique flavor of individualism to the experience.

    This is a great gift of grace because there will be no two whose journey is identical and each and every one of you, as you go about harvesting your different life experiences and combining them into your overall ascension career, then have this unique [selection] and growth accumulation that is yours and yours alone to offer to share with the First Source and Center and bring your experiences as a contribution to the Supreme. In so doing you provide the experience that was furnished, back to the One who created the experience for you with your simple awareness of offering to share what you have collected to yourself throughout your journey.

    This speaks to the value of sharing your individual "takes" on your current experiences because hearing how others interpret their experiences based upon their accumulation of life experience enables you to broaden your experiential base without having to personally earn this effort for yourself. This is true and obvious when you come out of a movie and feel as though you have had a valid and real experience and you have registered this and it will be combined in  your experience base and bring some new balance to the pool of collective wisdom.

    So in the same direction of thought, if everyone is meant to have an individual and unique experience be shared and honored, then it can truly be said that in accordance with your own individual journey, there are no wrong answers. There may be situations which you determine are not profitable or meaningful for you but your individual set of choices is what brought you the unique combination that you are and then one day to fuse with this Fragment from the First Source and Center of all that is.

    Thank you for allowing me to join you in your conversation today. I am always privileged to be invited in to this warm circle. Thank you.

    Monjoronson: Hello my friends, I am Monjoronson here to share a few words with you as well. All this talk about how no two individuals will be identical in their experience follows through to what we are engaged in on a planetary level. No two planets will have exactly the same course of evolution, that by natural variation there will be uniqueness embedded within the process and such certainly is the case we view here with Urantia. There has been much talk about how deviant a planet it is from the normal evolutionary process as has been illuminated in your Urantia text and while it is true there have been defaults and missteps and miscarriages of the divine plan, nevertheless this planet will be brought into the fold just as all others will and most certainly the ride here on Urantia has been and will continue to be most unique in its study of contrasts on route to its eventful up-liftment.

    So not only are you as individual mortals of the realm acquiring your unique in all of time and space perspective on living life on Urantia, we are likewise living a unique experience in time and space as a world. This uniqueness brings with it great potential that may be harvested in large quantities for creating direction with all the surrounding force of change. When there is great movement such as there is currently, it is ripe to create a direction for this movement to go. That is our mission at hand, to have a direction for those who are desiring to move.

    We are all in this together for the ride of an eternity and we will greatly enjoy the moment by moment, day by day exploration of such grace as will be flowing into every aspect of life in these times. I join you all, I am sure, in your gratitude for the process unfolding before our eyes as part of our experience. May we be fully present and able to gather to ourselves all the richness there is to harvest in having such an experience as you provide for us. Thank you, farewell now.

    Unknown: [Cathy]  In the always changing life situation are opportunities for great growth. You, as mortals in time, may not be aware of the full scope of this growth. It is an [incremental] building of layer upon layer. As life experience increases this growth seems to suddenly become visible. In reality, it is decision by decision or act by act. Each opportunity for growth appears and as action is taken, the resulting growth blends with all of the previous soul growth. Each of your unique experiences reaches out to expand the collective experience and has the ability to enhance all others in your field of influence. There is no small action, all intention and action is reflected in the collective experience of all. It is all part of the Creator's plan for us all. Bring joy with you in each moment as you proceed in the small experiences of life.

    Cathy: I'd like to take a minute for us to send some intention for peace and growth on our world.

    Mary: I'd like to share a thought I was having that has to do with all sorts of nourishment being of equal importance and necessary to us as and we go about harvesting our experiences and having our individual experiences, we harvest the nourishment that is vital to the growth of our soul. The same that we take in the water and the food that nourish our physical vehicle, the experiences harvested on the spiritual level of meanings and values as we go about what happens to us every day, that is how we nourish our soul and fertilize it [with experience.]

    Michael: [Cathy] I am with you in every moment. You only need to invite me in. I will uphold you as you find your way in this tumultuous world. It is not that all is in chaos and confusion, we are in control of this process and the direction will proceed in an advantageous way. All works together for good. All is bringing us toward the brotherhood we desire. All will be well. I am with you at every step.